NineSigma Request

Making Wood Hydrophobic

NineSigma, representing a National Supplier of Composite Construction Materials, invites proposals for reducing the absorption of water by powdered wood composites. When a composite material is cut, the wood particles are exposed to the elements, leading to swelling and loss of mechanical and aesthetic qualities. Finding a treatment that is compatible with existing production methods is the key to success.

This invitation is not a complete description of the project. More information is available in the Request for Proposal (RFP) document online at (or click here to go directly to the web page). The final submission date for Proposal Briefs is Friday, June 14, 2013.

If after reviewing the full RFP document you would like more information, you may post questions or comments online at NineSights using the RFP link above. In addition, you may contact me by email and reference RFP# 69387 in the subject line. When you submit a proposal, please use the response template downloaded from the link below:


David Feitler, Ph.D.
Program Director, Ohio Open Innovation Initiative
NineSigma, Inc.
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