National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Institute of Genetics and Cytology Held Travelling Media Event Dedicated to Implementation of Union Country Program “DNA Identification”

On February 21, 2020, the NAS of Belarus and National Press Centre of the Republic of Belarus held a travelling media event on “Scientific Progress of Belarusian Scientists in Genogeographic and Genome Technologies of Personal Identification. Implementation of Union Country Program “DNA Identification”.

Representatives of the republican and Union mass media listened to a report from the NAS of Belarus presented by Alexander Kilchevskiy, the Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the NAS of Belarus, research supervisor of the “DNA Identification” Union Program from Belarus, and Sergei Borovko, the Head of Forensic Biological Examination Department of the Main Directorate of Forensic Medical Examination of the State Forensic Examination Committee of the Republic of Belarus. According to Alexander Kilchevskiy, Belarusian scientists work on determination of genetic mechanisms of risk of common diseases, as well as on development of DNA technology of psychoemotional state determination. “We are fulfilling six projects related to cardiovascular, endocrine, autoimmune, musculoskeletal, oncological diseases and noncoronary heart disease. Genetic traits of patients with thyroid gland nodules and diabetes mellitus 2 were determined, which allows for assessment of risks, customization of approaches to prevention, diagnostics and treatment. The markers providing identification of proneness to thrombogenic diseases were found”, said Alexander Kilchevskiy.