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United Institute of Informatics Problems takes part in informatization of largest in the country children's polyclinic

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04.07.2016 The country's largest children's polyclinic, designed for 480 visits per shift, was opened on July 1, 2016 in the capital residential area Kamiennaja Horka-2. The opening ceremony of the 4th City Children's polyclinic was attended by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Natalya Kochanova, President Assistant — Chief Inspector for Minsk Aleksandr Yakobson, Deputy Minister of Health Igor Lositsky, Chairman of Minsk City Council of Deputies Vasily Panasiuk and Chairman of the Frunze district administration in Minsk Boris Vasilyev.

The main distinguishing feature of the new clinic is the creation of intelligent electronic health care institution and the provision of high-grade electronic services to the population and medical staff.

Experts from the United Institute of Informatics Problems of NASB have contributed to implementation of modern information technologies to the institution.

Children's polyclinic is fully computerized. There is an electronic scoreboard that reflects the schedule of pediatricians and other specialists in real time. It’s possible to book ticket either at the reception and on the phone or via the Internet or electronic registry (infokiosk). The clinic implemented the electronic queue system that automatically distributes flows of patients. Computerization will allow doctors to conduct electronic ambulatory patient card in which the doctor will record the results of the inspection, diagnosis, prescribed treatment. In the general electronic database you can also find the results of the research, information about appointed medications.

Information system in this polyclinic (for the first time in the country's health system) built on the use of a hardware terminal "thin client" that will allow:
- significantly reduce the cost of system maintenance (2 times);
- significantly reduce power consumption (5 times);
- to improve the reliability of data storage and information security.

Vladimir Lapitski, Deputy Director General at the United Institute of Informatics Problems of NASB, reported to Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Natalya Kochanova and President Assistant Aleksandr Yakobson about the creation of the modern e-clinic and the role of the academic institution in this.

It plans to open this year two new clinics in the residential areas Kamiennaja Horka-3 and Druzhba-1, where the United Institute of Informatics Problems of NASB will also create an electronic clinic.

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