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Problem Council Meeting in Department of Biological Sciences of NAS of Belarus to be held on 5 March

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04.03.2019 A Problem Council Meeting in the Department of Biological Sciences at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus will be held on 5 March at 10:00.

The meeting’s agenda includes a scientific analytical report “The problem of the efficient and environmentally safe use of secondary material resources (waste) of brewing and alcohol biotechnological industries in the Republic of Belarus.”

Speaker: head of the laboratory of plant growth and development at the V.F.Kuprevich Institute of Experimental Botany of the NAS of Belarus, academician Nikolai Laman.

There is an acute problem of recycling of waste generated in the processing of food products in the Republic of Belarus. About 3 thousand tons of malt sprouts, 70 thousand tons of raw brewer's grain, more than 1 thousand tons of protein sludge and 3.6 thousand tons of residual brewer's yeast are produced in the brewing industry in a year. The country produces about 110 million liters of alcohol, which is accompanied by 1.5 million tons of waste-post-alcohol bards. 4.3 million tons of hydrolysis lignin has been accumulated at the sites of the Bobruisk biotechnology plant and Rechitsa experimental hydrolysis plant (currently not functioning). There are no comprehensive technological solutions for its utilization to date. These wastes are not safe for the environment and complicate the environmental situation around the enterprises.

The Department of biological Sciences of NAS of Belarus invites all interested persons to take part in the work of the Problem Council.

Date: 5 March 2019, beginning at 10.00.

Venue: Minsk, 27 Akademicheskaya St., room 141, the assembly hall of the V.F. Kuprevich Institute of Experimental Botany of the NAS of Belarus.

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