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POLYMER MATERIALS AND TECHNOLOGY : International scientific journal

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International scientific journal

Published by V.A. Belyi Metal-Polymer Research Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Gomel, Belarus

corresponding member of NAS of Belarus, D.Sc., Professor Stepan S. PESETSKII, (department heard V.A. Belyi Metal-Polymer Research Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus)

Publishing quarterly
Articles in Russian. Summaries in English

ISSN 2415-7260
Published since 2015

Associate Editors-in-Chief: academician of RAS V. M. Buznik, corresponding member of NAS of Belarus N. R. Prokopchuk

Executive Secretary: PhD, associate professor Elena N. Volnyanko

Editorial Board: V. E. Agabekov (Belarus), А. V. Bildyukevich (Belarus), S. S. Ivanchev (Russia), O. A. Ivashkevich (Belarus), V. V. Kovriga (Russia), V.I. Kolesnikov (Russia), L. P. Krul’ (Belarus), Ya. V. Kudryavtsev (Russia), N. K. Myshkin (Belarus), A. A. Okhlopkova (Russia), O. P. Parenago (Russia), A. V. Rogachev (Belarus), Yu. V. Saveliev (Ukraine), A. I. Sviridenok (Belarus), E. M. Tolstopyatov (Belarus), V. M. Fedosyuk (Belarus), S. A. Chizhik (Belarus), V. M. Shapovalov (Belarus)

International Advisory Editorial Board: V. N. Aderikha (Belarus), I.M. Bobyr (Belarus), M. V. Burmistr (Ukraine), S. P. Davtyan (Armenia), E. H. Kablov (Russia), А.Р. Krasnov (Russia), E. V. Lebedev (Ukraine), R. E. Levinskas (Lithuania), B. A. Mamedov (Azerbaijan), V. P. Sergienko (Belarus), S. K. Sinha (India), V. A. Smurugov (Belarus), V. E. Starzhinsky (Belarus), K. Fridrich (Germany), V. V. Tsukruk (USA), A.E. Chalykh (Russia), V. E. Yudin (Russia), B. Jurkowski (Poland)

Aims and Scope:
«Polymer materials and technology» is the reviewed international scientific and engineering journal which focuses on the state of scientific research in the area of polymer material science, new technologies for production and processing of polymer materials and their practical applications.

The journal presents the results of fundamental and applied research in polymer material science; physics and chemistry of synthesis, modification and processing of polymeric materials; mechanics, physics and chemistry of polymers and polymer composite materials; calculations and design of parts and tools; advanced engineering; methods and instruments for estimation of the physical and mechanical characteristics of materials; technological methods of quality management, durability and reliability of machines; application of polymer materials in engineering, chemical, electronics, medical and other branches of industry; polymer biomaterials; economic and ecological problems in production and application of polymers.

The journal also publishes the topical reviews and reviews of the new books, the information on major events in various fields of science and engineering in Belarus and abroad, conferences and exhibitions, information on the new efficient technical solutions.

It also publishes marketing information on new technologies, equipment, devices, materials and testing methods.

The Journal has been included in the Catalogue of scientific publications of Higher Attestation Commission of Belarus for publication of the results of dissertation research on the following scientific fields:
– physics and mathematics (mechanics of deformable solids, physics of condensed-matter);
– engineering (all field);
– chemistry (high-molecular mass compounds).

The journal is included in database of Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

Editorial Office: V. A. Belyi Metal-Polymer Research Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 32а Kirov St., 246050 Gomel, Belarus
Telephone: +375 (232) 34-06-36; Fax: +375 (232) 34-17-11


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