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Республиканский Центр Трансфера Технологий

Инженерно-физический журнал, 1997, Том 70, No.2

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Инженерно-физический журнал, 1997, Том 70, No.2


Издатель: Институт тепло- и массообмена имени А.В. Лыкова НАН Беларуси, Минск, Беларусь

Volume 70, Number 2; March--April, 1997

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B.E. Kashevskii, V.A. Kuz'min
The Effect of the Surface State of Particles on Pair Interaction in a Magnetic Suspension. pp. 179

B.M. Gasanov, N.V. Bulanov, V.G. Baidakov
Boiling Characteristics of Emulsions with a Low-Boiling Dispersed Phase and Surfactants. pp.184

V.N. Babak, T.B. Babak
Two-Phase Film Absorption Complicated by an Irreversible First-Order Chemical Reaction in the Liquid Phase in a Unidirectional Flow Regime. pp.187

A.V. Kuznetsov
Some Energy Characteristics of the Process of Heating of a Porous Layer by an Incompressible Liquid or Gas Flow. pp. 195

G.A. Babadzhanyan, L.E. Danielyan, R.Zh. Mnatsakanyan
Development of Liquid Flow in a Plane Channel with Moving Permeable Walls. pp. 200

A.I. Filippov, O.I. Korkeshko
Study of Space-Time Impurity Distributions Using a "Lumped-Capacitance" Scheme. pp. 205

S.N. Syromyatnikov
Nonlinear Oscillations of a Bubble Under Various Boundary Conditions. pp.211

A.A. Bulatov, N. Kh.Zinnatullin, S.G. Nikolaeva
Evaporation of a Highly Volatile Liquid on a Rotary Disk Surface. pp. 216

V.A. Dlugunovich, E.A. Kruplevich, Yu.A. Kurochkin, V.N. Snopko
Effect of the Surface Structure of a Composite Material on Spatio-Polarization Characteristics of Reflected Radiation. pp. 219

V.M. Borzdov, O.G. Zhevnyak, F.F. Komarov, A.V. Khomich
Monte Carlo Simulation of Electron Heating in a One-Dimensional GaAs-Quantum Conductor. pp.226

V.I. Krylovich, G.N. Byl'
On Modulation of Sound by Sound. pp.230

V.P. Dobrodeev, N.A. Mochalova
Thermodynamic Properties of a Fluid at High Pressures. pp. 236

A.N. Laktyushin, V.L. Sergeev, I.V. Khvedchin
Influence of Plasma-Flux Parameters on Raw-Material Melting in the Production of Mineral Microfibers. pp.239

V.N. Borisyuk, S.V. Goncharik, L.E. Krat'ko, A.S. Olenovich, L.P. Podenok, L.I. Sharakhovskii, V.D. Shimanovich, O.I. Yas'ko
Dependence of Thermal Destabilization of Electric-Arc Plasma in an Air Flow on Discharge Conditions. pp. 246

T.V. Laktyushina, O.I. Yas'ko
Influence of the Size Factor on the Accuracy of Volt-Ampere Characteristics of a Vortex Electric-Arc Plasmatron with Tubular Electrodes. pp.252

L.N. D'yachkova, E.V. Zvonarev, V.M. Shelekhina, M.A. Isupov
On Reaction-Sintering Production of Silicon Carbide Materials. pp. 260

E.I. Nesis, S.E. Nesis
Magnetotemperature Waves in Electrically Conducting Media. pp. 264

V.A. Babenko
Evolution of Homogeneous Turbulence in a Density-Stratified Medium. 2. Asymptotic Analysis of a Final Stage of Decay. pp. 268

A.A. Avramenko, S.G. Kobzar', A.A. Khalatov
Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Taylor--Gortler Instability in the Boundary Layer on a Concave Surface. pp. 279

V.A. Dutka
The Effectiveness of Using one Variant of the Finite-Element Method for Solving Nonlinear Nonstationary Heat-Conduction Problems. pp. 284

V.P. Kravchenko, N.I. Shut
A Method for Solving the Heat Conduction Problem for Continuously Discrete Rod Systems. pp. 290

V.I. Eliseev, Yu.P. Sovit
Conjugate Heat Transfer in Moving Filament Bundles with Arbitrary Biot Numbers. pp. 296

A.M. Timofeev, A.A. Fyodorova
Modeling of Rolled-Sheet Cooling. pp. 303

S.V. Frolov
On the Freezing Time of Cylinders and Spheres. pp. 308

S.D. Algazin
An Efficient Method for Solving Diffusion Equations. pp. 314

O.N. Shablovskii
Conservation Laws and Shock Waves in the Theory of Relaxation Heat Transfer. pp.318

A.S. Okhotin, L.I. Zhmakin
On the Mechanisms of Energy and Momentum Transfer. pp. 326

V.I. Nikolaev
Modeling of Temperature Field of "Besser" Concrete Blocks Under Standard Fire Conditions. pp. 330

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