National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

BAMBALOV Nikolay Nikolaevich

BAMBALOV Nikolay Nikolaevich

Nikolai Nikolaevich Bambalov (03.06.1938 - 02.06.2020), biogeochemist. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1994; corresponding member since 1989), doctor of agricultural sciences (1985), professor (2013).

He developed a theory of decomposition and humification of organic matter in a bog environment of different genesis. Established the general patterns of mineralization and transformation of soil organic matter, revealed the relationship between the environmental conditions of soil formation, chemical composition, molecular structure of organic compounds and their mineralization rates. He identified ecological-genetic groups of peat soils and developed differentiated methods for their use and protection, ensuring the preservation of organic matter and the prevention of air pollution, surface and groundwater by products of soil destruction. He established the peculiarities of the biogeochemical cycles of carbon and nitrogen in soils and swamps and proved that bogs perform the function of a transitional link between the biogenic and geological cycles of these elements. He developed the scientific foundations of a new branch of science and the economy of bogs. Develops ways and methods of biosphere-compatible use of natural resources of wetlands and soils, taking into account their planetary functions.

Author of more than 350 scientific papers, incl. 5 monographs, 25 copyright certificates and patents for inventions.

Major papers:

  1. Баланс органического вещества торфяных почв и методы его изучения. Мн.: Наука и техника, 1984.
  2. Биосферно-совместимое использование лесных и болотных экосистем (мировые тенденции и опыт Беларуси). Мн.: Поликрафт, 2003 (в соавт.).
  3. Роль болот в биосфере. Мн.: Белорусская наука, 2005 (совм. с Раковичем В.А.)