National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

BURAKOV Viktor Semenovich

BURAKOV Viktor Semenovich

Victor Semenovich Burakov (25.03.1931 - 01.03.2020), physicist. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1986; corresponding member since 1980), Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences (1977), Professor (1978). Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the BSSR (1980).

Works on quantum electronics and plasma spectroscopy. He developed methods for studying the parameters of lasers, increasing their efficiency, and obtained special modes for their operation for plasma spectroscopy; discovered the interaction processes of high-power laser radiation with a low-temperature plasma, the nature of the nonlinear effects observed in this case; developed methods of intracavity spectroscopy and expanded areas of its application. Together with the Physicotechnical Institute named after A.F. Ioffe of the USSR Academy of Sciences investigated high-temperature plasma in Tokamak installations using the method of resonant laser fluorescence. Carried out the development of new methods of spectral analysis and their introduction at the enterprises of the republic.

He was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1976), Fatherland III degree (1999), and a medal.

The author of more than 400 scientific papers, 11 copyright certificates and patents.

Major papers:

  1. Практическое руководство по спектральному анализу. Минск, 1960; Oxford, 1964 (в соавт.);
  2. Физика плазмы и плазменные технологии в Беларуси. Минск, 2001 (в соавт.);
  3. Time-resolved spectroscopy and imaging diagnostics of single pulse and collinear double pulse laser induced plasma from a glass sample // Specrochim. Acta, Part В. 2008. Vol. 63, N 1 (в соавт.);
  4. Комбинированный газожидкостный источник плазмы для синтеза наночастиц // Журн. приклад. спектроскопии. 2016. Т. 83, № 4 (в соавт.).