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International Agreements on Cooperation

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The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus constantly expands geography of international cooperation and actively develops the partnership relations with Academies of Sciences and other scientific organizations of foreign countries, and also participates in activity of the international scientific and scientific and technical organizations and associations. At a level of NAS of Belarus governing bodies, a lot of contracts, agreements and protocols on cooperation with the foreign and international scientific organizations, governmental bodies and authorities in the field of science and technology is signed and realized. A list of bilateral agreements for international cooperation currently in force with marking the year of signing is presented below.

The Arab Republic of Egypt The Czech Republic The Democratic People's Republic of Korea The Federal Republic of Germany The French Republic The Islamic Republic of Iran The Kingdom of Bahrain The Kingdom of Belgium The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia The Kingdom of Spain The Kingdom of Sweden The Kingdom of the Netherlands The Kyrgyz Republic The People's Republic of China
    The Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences (HAS) (2001)
    The Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences (HAAS) (2006)
    The North-East Innovative Center of China on Agricultural Science and Technologies (2005)
The Republic of Armenia The Republic of Austria The Republic of Azerbaijan The Republic of Bulgaria The Republic of Chile The Republic of Cuba The Republic of Estonia The Republic of Finland The Republic of Hungary The Republic of India The Republic of Indonesia The Republic of Kazakhstan The Republic of Korea The Republic of Latvia The Republic of Lebanon The Republic of Lithuania The Republic of Macedonia The Republic of Moldova The Republic of Montenegro The Republic of Poland The Republic of Serbia The Republic of Slovenia The Republic of South Africa The Republic of Tajikistan The Republic of Turkey The Republic of Uzbekistan The Romania The Russian Federation The Slovak Republic The Socialist Republic of Vietnam The State of Kuwait The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland The United States of America Ukraine International Organizations

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