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NASB Presidents Since 1928

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The 7th President - Vasilii F. KUPREVICH

Kuprevich, Vasilii Feofilovich (24.01.1897- 17.03.1969), botanist, state figure. Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of USSR (1953), Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1952), Doctor of Biological Sciences (1942), Professor (1950). Was conferred the title "The Honoured Figure of Science of BSSR" (1967). The participant of the October Revolution. In 1954-1969 was the Deputy of the USSR Supreme Body, in 1951-1955 the Deputy of the BSSR Supreme Body. The Hero of Socialist Labour (1969). Was awarded two Orders of Lenin (1967, 1969), Order of the Labour Red Banner (1957), Order "The Mark of Honour" (1953), some medals.

Graduated from the Institute of Improvement of Professional Skill of the Staff of National Education in Moscow (1931). In 1934-1938 worked in the Institute of Biological Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of Byelorussian SSR. In 1938-1949 Senior Scientist, Head of laboratory. In 1949-1952 the Director of the Botanical Institute the Academy of Sciences of USSR. In 1952-1969 the President of the Academy of Sciences of Byelorussian SSR, simultaneously from 1953 the Head of department of the Institute of Biology of the Academy, from 1958 Head of the Department of Physiology and Systematics of the Lowest Plants of the Academy of Sciences of BSSR.

Works on physiology of the patient of a plant, systematics of mushrooms, soil enzymology. Has found out the out-cell allocation of enzymes in obligate parasites and has put forward a hypothesis about progressive reduction and specialization enzymatic device of parasitic mushrooms during their evolution. For the first time has proved that the plants can acquire for photosynthesis carbonic acid, which gets in root system together with water from ground. Has opened out-cell enzymes selected by roots of higher plants, and it has proved an opportunity heterothrophic feed of higher plants in natural conditions. Has proved an opportunity of use of activity of soil enzymes as the parameter of biological activity of ground, has put a beginning to a new direction in study of ground - the soil enzymology.

Has published more than 100 scientific works, including 7 monographs. Has trained for some Candidates of Sciences and Doctors of Sciences.

Main Works:
1. Physiology of the patient of a plant in connection with general questions of parasitism. Moscow-Leningrad, 1947.
2. Soil enzymology. Minsk, Nauka i tekhnika, 1966 (in co-authorship with T.A.Shcherbakova).
3. The Works. In 4 Vols. , Nauka i tekhnika, 1971-1974.

1. Academician V.F.Kuprevich: Materials of an anniversary session of the NASB devoted to a century from his Birthday. Minsk, 1997.
3. Problems of Experimental Botany: To the Centenary Jubilee of V.F. Kuprevich (In English).

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