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Penazkov O.G. Academician Oleg G. PENYAZKOV

Born on January 3, 1961 in Minsk. Thermophysicist, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2014, Corresponding Member since 2009), Doctor of Physics and Mathematics (2004).

Dr. Penyazkov graduated from the Belarusian State University named after Vladimir I. Lenin (1987). Since 1984, he has worked at the A.V. Lykov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of the BSSR Academy of Sciences (since 1991, of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, and since 1997, of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus) as Head of Laboratory (2001), Head of Department (2005), Deputy Director for Research (2006), Director of the A.V. Lykov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2011). He has been Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Engineering Physics and Thermophysics (since 2009), and of the International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer (since 2010, USA). His scientific works consider problems in the field of high-temperature thermophysics, gas dynamics, physics of combustion and explosion. He received fundamentally new results on the evolution of detonation waves structure in gases; formulated criteria for the limits of detonation and deflagration in pipes; determined regimes and mechanisms for the propagation of rapid combustion in heterogeneous systems, regimes and critical conditions for the ignition of gases in collisions of shock waves; defined kinetic characteristics of high-temperature oxidation and decomposition of gaseous and liquid fuels; developed original methods for diagnosing fast processes, including in turbulent flows and low-temperature plasma. The results of his research are of great importance for the development of theoretical concepts of nonequilibrium processes in chemically reacting inhomogeneous flows, as well as for the solution of practical problems of creating direct-flow supersonic, detonation engines, internal combustion engines, burners, in the field of fire and explosive safety.

Oleg G. Penyazkov is a member of the International Combustion Institute, the International Shock Waves Institute, and the International Center for Heat and Mass Transfer. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the International Institute for Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems.

He is the author of over 270 scientific works, 6 monographs being among them (including chapters in collective monographs), and of 8 patents.

He was awarded:

  • the Academician V.A. Koptyug Prize of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2009) for the series of research works on physical and mathematical description of ignition and combustion in homogeneous, heterogeneous and porous media;
  • the Academician A.V. Lykov Prize of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2012) for the series of works on theoretical and experimental studies of radiation-gas-dynamic processes in case of pulse-impact on a substance;
  • the Medal “For Merit” of the Federation of Cosmonautics of Russia (2014);
  • the Tsuyoshi Asanuma Medal of the Japanese Visualization Society (2016) as a recognition of outstanding achievements in the field of visualization of flows.

    Main Publications
    1. Dynamics study of detonation-wave cellular structure: 1. Statistical properties of detonation wave front // Shock Waves. 2002. Vol. 11. N 4 (в соавт.).
    2. Autoignition of surrogate fuels at elevated temperatures and pressures // Proc. Combustion Institute. 2007. N 2 (в соавт.).
    3. Продукты сгорания жидких и газообразных топлив: образование, расчет, эксперимент. Минск: Беларус. навука, 2010. – 305 с. (в соавт.).
    4. High temperature measurement in fast phenomena by spectrometry of photoelectrons. // High temperatures – High Pressures. 2012. Vol. 44, N 5 (в соавт.).
    5. Droplet evaporation on a substrate at the final stage of Low Pressure Spray Pyrolysis and the final morphology of nanoparticles. // Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer. 2014. Vol. 78.
    6. Self-ignition and explosion of a 13-MPa pressurized unsteady hydrogen jet under atmospheric conditions. // Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 2015. Vol. 40, N 16.
    7. Analysis of the actual thermodynamic cycle of the detonation engine // Applied thermal engineering. 2016. Vol. 107 (в соавт.).

    1. Олег Глебович Пенязьков (к 50-летию со дня рождения) // Инженерно-физический журнал // 2011. Т. 84, N 1.

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