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NASB Presidents Since 1928

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The 5th President - Anton R. ZHEBRAK

Zhebrak, Anton Romanovich (27.12.1901 - 20.05.1965), geneticist and selectioner. The academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (1940), Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor (1936). Was conferred the title "The Deserved Figure of Science of BSSR" (1944). The deputy of the BSSR Supreme Body in 1947-1951. Was awarded the Order "The Mark of Honour" (1940), Order of the Labour Red Banner (1944), Order of the Red Star (1945).

Graduated from the Moscow Agricultural Academy (1925), Institute of Red Professorate (1929). In 1934-1948 Head of the Chair of Genetics of the Moscow Agricultural Academy. In 1940-1947 Member of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of Byelorussian SSR. In April-October, 1947 the President of the Academy of Sciences of BSSR. From 1949 Head of Chair at the Moscow Pharmaceutical Institute. In 1957-1965 supervised over works on experimental polyploidy in the Institute of Biology of the Academy of Sciences of BSSR, from 1963 in the Department of Genetics and Cytology of the Academy of Sciences of BSSR.

The scientific works are devoted to hybridization, polyploidy and selection, mainly of wheat and buckwheat. For the first time in the world has received the hybrid prolific forms from crossing of many kinds of wheat. Has analyzed phylogeny of wheat and conducted perspective wheat selection on increase of immunity to illnesses and wreckers, on increase of the contents of fiber, grain sizes of an ear.

He published over 70 works, including 5 monographs, and prepared about 20 Candidates of Sciences and Doctors of Sciences.

Main Works:
1. Synthesis of new kinds of wheat. Мoscow, 1944.
2. Poliploidnye vidy pshenits. Мoscow: Izd-vo Akademii SSSR, 1957.
3. Handbook on Botany. Мoscow: Medgiz, 1959.

1. Kuptzow A.J. Anton Romanovich Zhebrak, 1902–1965 // Journal of Heredity. Vol. 56, No. 5.
2. Anton Romanovich Zhebrak (To the 100th Anniversary) // Vestsi NAN Belarusi. Ser. Biol. Sci. 2001, No.4.
3. Academician A.R. Zebrak. Minsk, 2001.

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