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Chizik S.

Academician Sergei Chizhik

Sergei Chizhik (born on May 28, 1959, Osmolovo Village, Nesvizh District, Minsk Region), a scientist in the field of micro- and nanoscale surface mechanics, nanodiagnostics. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (2014, Corresponding Member since 2009), Doctor of Technical Sciences (1998), Professor (2007).

Sergei Chizhik was educated at the Belarusian State University (graduated in 1980). In 1980 he joined the NASB V.A.Biely Institute of Mechanics of Metal-Polymer Systems, since 1999 he was head of laboratory, since 2002 - head of division. Since 2002 Acad. Chizhik was head of laboratory, since 2005 - head of division, since 2007 - Deputy Director at the NASB A.V.Lykov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute. In 2008 he was appointed NASB Deputy Chief Scientific Secretary, from 2009-2012 served as Chief Scientific Secretary of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Since 2012 he occupied the position of Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. In the meantime he was head of laboratory at the NASB A.V.Lykov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute. In accordance with the Decree by the President of the Republic of Belarus № 201 dated May 2, 2014 Acad. Chizhik was appointed Vice-Chairman of the NASB Presidium. He is a member of the editorial boards of the journals “The NAS of Belarus Reports”, “Mechanics of Machines, Mechanisms and Materials”, “Mechanical Engineer”.

The focus of Acad. Chizhik is research in the field of precision contact tribomechanics, physics and mechanics of surfaces at the micro- and nanoscale level, nanostructure materials technology, nanodiagnostics of materials by atomic force microscopy. He identified the fundamental regularities of formation and functioning of precision friction contact, developed the statistic models of contact in layered surfaces under the effect of surface forces, which were used in the design of the working surfaces of magnetic recording systems, microtweezers and micro-electromechanical systems. Under his leadership and with his direct participation methods were developed and theoretic models and unique equipment were created for comprehensive analysis of surfaces at the nanoscale level. New procedures in atomic force microscopy were developed: lateral force spectroscopy, oscillating tribometry, nanodragging and nanodrilling. Technologies for membrane-capillary transport, for creation of nanomanipulator probes based on carbon nanotubes, controlled formation of single-unit nano-objects (particles, wires, filaments of nanotubes) at the tip of the probe followed by evaluation of their physical-chemical properties were designed. New areas are developing: nanotomography of surface layer and cell nanomechanics. Under his leadership and with his direct participation the Nanotop and Nanotester series atomic force microscopes were created and began to be manufactured for the first time since 1994. The microscopes are used in tens of research and industrial laboratories of the Republic of Belarus as well as exported abroad.

Acad. Chizhik is the author of more than 280 research papers, including 2 monographs and 7 patents.

Main papers:
1. Mechanics of discreet friction contact. Mn.: Navuka i tekhnika, 1990 (co-author). 2. Atomic force microscopy in assessment of the state of the synaptosomal membrane. Mn.: BSU Publishing Centre, 2002 (co-author).

1. Y.M.Pleskachevsky. The way into micro- and nano- // The way into science: Features on Doctors and Professors of Universities and Research Institutes of the Gomel Region. Number 3.2006

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