National Academy of Sciences of Belarus


Representatives of NASB Nominated for “Stars of the Commonwealth” Interstate Award

Eight countries put forward their nominees for the main humanitarian award of the CIS “Stars of the Commonwealth” in 2020. This year, the award nominees from Belarus are Alexander Mrochek, the Director of the Republican Cardiological Centre, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences, as well as a team of authors comprising Alexander Tuzikov, the General Director of the United Institute of Informatics Problems, Sergei Zolotoy, the Director of the Geoinformation Systems, and Sergei Korenyako, the Head of the Department of the United Institute of Informatics Problems.

The “Stars of the Commonwealth” award was established by the CIS Humanitarian Cooperation Council and the CIS Interstate Humanitarian Cooperation Fund in 2010. The award is presented in three nominations: for achievements in science and education, culture and art, and humanitarian activities.