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Team of Belarusian and Siberian scientists wins Academician Valentin A. Koptyug Award of 2016

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27.05.2016 A team of Belarusian and Siberian scientists has won the annual Academician Valentin A. Koptyug Award for the series of works "Optical Spectroscopy and Electronic Structure of Ge / Si Nanostructures with Molecules of Quantum Dots Ge". The decision was taken at the meeting of the NAS of Belarus Presidium on May 27, 2016.

Among laureats on the Belarusian side there are a Senior Researcher, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics Alexander Mudry and a Junior Researcher Vadim Zhivulko, both being the scientists of the Scientific and Practical Materials Research Center.

On the Russian side the winners are the scientists of the A. V. Rzhanov Institute of Semiconductor Physics of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, namely Anatoly Dvurechensky being the Deputy Director for Science, the RAS Corresponding Member, professor, the USSR State Prize Laureate, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Vladimir Zinoviev being a Senior Researcher, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics and Zhanna Smagina being a Researcher of the Institute, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics.

The scientists of the two scientific organizations of Belarus and Russia have got wide experience in study of physical properties of semiconductors and various structures that are created on their base and that experience contributed to the successful implementation of joint projects. The series of scientific works, nominated for the Award, deals with a new type of Ge / Si nanostructures with quantum dots Ge and comprehensive study of their physical properties. Such nanostructures are essential for creating efficient light-emitting materials which operate at room temperatures and for development of silicon optoelectronics.

Academician Valentin A. Koptyug Award was established in 1998 to encourage researchers of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation for the achievement of outstanding results in joint researches in the framework of interstate programs, as well as in joint scientific works which are important for science and practice. The prize (only one) is awarded annually alternately by the NASB and SB RAS Presidiums. This year the competition was conducted by the Presidium of the NAS of Belarus.

Valentin A. Koptyug (1931–1997) was an outstanding scientist, the Russian Academy of Sciences Academician and Vice-President, the Chairman of the Sibirian Branch of the RAS, a foreign member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and Lenin Prize Laureate.

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