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NAS of Belarus delegation tаkes part in celebration of 23rd Belarusian Written Language Day in Rogachev

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07.09.2016 On September 3-4 the NAS of Belarus delegation took part in celebration of the 23rd Belarusian Written Language Day in Rogachev and held the scientific and practical conference “Rogachev Readings 2016” there.

The Conference was held at the Culture House of Rogachev. The Vice Chairman of the NASB Presidium, Academician Aleksandr V. Sukalo opened the Conference. Scientific reports devoted to the study of historical and cultural heritage of Rogachev region, namely toponymy and anthroponymy, folklore and ethnography, history and archeology, language, literature, arts and music, were presented by the NASB Corresponding Members Aliaksandr A. Lukashanets and Sciapan S. Laushuk, Director of the Yakub Kolas Institute of Linguistics Ihar L. Kapylou, Ph.D Tatsiana V. Valodzina and Tatsiana G. Mdzivani and other scientists of the NAS of Belarus and different universities of the country.

The conference gathered large audience of local intelligentsia, namely teachers, local historians, journalists, museum and library workers, and also students of educational institutions of the district.

The Belarusian Written Language Day is a national holiday in Belarus, it is celebrated every year on the first Sunday in September. Small towns which used to be centers of culture, science, and printing in ancient times are selected to be capitals of the Written Language Day. The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the Ministry of Information, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education are co-organizers of the celebrations.

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