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Republican round table "Philosophy of Aristotle and Modernity" to be held at Institute of Philosophy on 28 December 2016

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26.12.2016 On December 28, 2016 Republican round table "Philosophy of Aristotle and Modernity", dedicated to the end of the Year of Aristotle under the auspices of UNESCO, will be held at the Institute of Philosophy of the NAS of Belarus.

The round table is planned to consider the most important aspects of the scientific legacy of Aristotle, which remain relevant in the organization of the philosophical research process and education in our days. The influence of Aristotelian to modern research in fundamental cosmology, physics, logic and theory of knowledge, social philosophy and philosophy of law would be taken up. The roundtable participants, representing not only the Institute of Philosophy, but also a number of higher education institutions of the Republic, will discuss the experience and outcomes of thematic events dedicated to the Year of Aristotle, to develop a program of joint activities aimed at promoting philosophical knowledge for the next year, which is in the Republic of Belarus declared the Year of Science.

This year the international philosophical community celebrates the 2400 anniversary of the birth of this great scientist and thinker. Aristotle's work has had a decisive influence on the strategy of philosophical knowledge in the era of high and late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Modern period. Scientists of the Arab East and thinkers of Central and Eastern Europe have relied on his writings. It is not accidental Aristotelian traditions take a significant place in the history of philosophical thought of Belarus.

The event will take place at the address: Minsk, 1 Surganov Street, Build.2 (the building of the Department of Humanities and Arts of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus), room 510 (5th floor). Beginning at 12:00.

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