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Ministry of Justice of Republic of Belarus announces contest named after Uladzimir D. Spasovich

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03.04.2017 The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus announced an annual contest for the prize named after Uladzimir D. Spasovich, an outstanding Belarusian lawyer, publicist and literary critic.

The contest aims at promotion of the legal statehood formation in Belarus; improving the level of citizens’ legal culture, as well as the role and importance of law; popularization of the profession of a lawyer.

The contest is held in the following categories:

  • court
  • public prosecution
  • investigation
  • execution proceeding
  • advocacy
  • notary system
  • science and law
  • economy and law
  • legal service of the organization
  • law and journalism
  • student science

    The contest is applicable for lawyers, journalists, students mastering the higher education in the field of law both individually and as part of the authors' team, mass media and other organizations bringing information concerning law to the attention of citizens.

    The works (materials) submitted for the contest should meet the following requirements:

  • they should cover the most pressing issues in the field of law, the professional activities of lawyers, their positive experience in protecting the rights, freedoms and legal interests of citizens, non-standard solutions to legal situations, the historical development of the law of Belarus, other aspects of lawmaking and law enforcement;
  • the same work (material) can not be presented in different nominations;
  • works (materials) presented in foreign languages should be translated into Russian or Belarusian, have subtitles or simultaneous translation and meet the content of the nomination specified in the application.

    The works (materials) can be submitted for the contest in the form of books, brochures, articles, television (radio) programs (broadcasts), news blocks, commercials.

    Works (materials) are submitted on paper and (or) electronic media. The works (materials) published in the press can be submitted in the form of copies.

    To participate in the contest, it is necessary to submit to the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus by April 7, 2017:

  • an application for participation in the contest according to the approved form;
  • works (materials) submitted for the competition, released through publication or coverage on air or on television or in any other way during 2016.

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