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Days of Belarusian Science, Innovations, Investments to be held at EXPO-2017 in Kazakhstan

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22.06.2017 On 5–6 July 2017, the Days of Belarusian Science, Innovations and Investments will take place at the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO 2017, which is being held in Astana (the Republic of Kazakhstan) from June 10 till September 10, 2017.

The purpose of the Days is to present promising areas of scientific research of the Republic of Belarus, exchange experience and hold talks between current and potential partners from Belarus and Kazakhstan in order to work jointly on addressing sci-tech tasks and commercialization of innovations in the following areas:

• the future energy development and the use of renewable energy;
• green economy and environmental protection;
• human ecology and medical science potential;
• eco-friendly farming;
• new materials and technologies;
• progressive technologies of hydrocarbon searching.

Seven organizations of the NAS of Belarus will take part in the Days of Belarusian Science, Innovations and Investments, namely: the Scientific and Practical Materials Research Center; the Scientific and Practical Center for Agriculture Mechanization; the Scientific and Practical Center for Bioresources; A.V. Lykov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute; the United Institute of Informatics Problems; the Center for System Analysis and Strategic Research; and the Physical-Engineering Institute.

The NASB organizations are now conducting preliminary work on inviting potential partners from Kazakhstan and other countries for the participation in the Days of the Belarusian Science, Innovations and Investments.

The whole exposition of EXPO-2017 has a single strategic task to demonstrate the need for active participation of the exhibition visitors in the development and implementation of a plan for energy-efficient production and efficient use of energy resources.

The Belarusian national exposition at the EXPO-2017 features 54 NASB projects in energy, environment and energy-saving. As part of the Days, leading specialists and scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus will present eight reports on future energy on 5–6 June 2017.

The Program of the Days of Belarusian Science, Innovations and Investments at EXPO-2017 is available here.

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