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Regional Round table "Bio-Bridge Initiative" starts its work in National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

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26.02.2018 On 26 February 2018, a Regional Round Table "Bio-Bridge Initiative" for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the Central Asian republics started its work.

The round table was organized by The Secretariat of the Convention on biological diversity in cooperation with the Institute of Genetics and Cytology of the NAS of Belarus and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Belarus. Representatives of 20 countries take part in the Round table.

In accordance with the Action Plan on the Bio-Bridge Initiative for 2017-2020 years, the Secretariat had launched an outreach program in order to promote the Bio-Bridge Initiative and encourage Parties and partner organizations for enhanced technical and scientific cooperation for achieving targets for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity adopted in Aichi. The participants will discuss potential opportunities for consolidating projects implemented with the assistance of the Bio- Bridge Initiative by attracting additional support from the relevant initiatives and mechanisms such as the Global Environment Facility, the Green Climate Fund, the Center and the Climate Technology Network, the Standards Development System and Trade Development and the private sector.

It is expected that following the round table participants will be better informed about the Bio-Bridge Initiative and prepared to make active use of its tools and services to alert their technical and scientific needs and priorities, identify and access opportunities, identify potential providers of technical assistance and establish contacts with them, and create partnerships to promote technical and scientific cooperation for the effective implementation of the Convention and its protocols.

The round table will be held from 26 to 28 February 2018 in the assembly hall at the address: Minsk, vul. Akademičnaja 1.

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