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Chief Scientific Secretary Alexander Kilchevsky makes a report at Azerbaijan NAS Genetic Resources Institute

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11.11.2015 The NASB Chief Scientific Secretary Alexander Kilchevsky has visited the Institute of Genetic Resources, Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences, where he met Director of the Institute, ANAS Corresponding Member Zeynal Akparov. The meeting was held within the framework of the 70th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences celebrations.

Zeynal Akparov told Alexander Kilchevsky about the history of establishment and structure of the institute, its research activities, the achievements of the institute’s scientists as well as the projects implemented in cooperation with Belarusian institutes.

Alexander Kilchevsky expressed his gratitude for the hospitality and long-standing cooperation, told about the improvements in the material and technical basis of the research institutions of Belarus, in particular, the NASB Institute of Genetics and Cytology, as well as about new modern laboratories being established and the research being conducted. Alexander Kilchevsky put special emphasis on the research activities being carried out using new generation sequencers at the NASB institutes and the ANAS Genetic Resources Institute. Also the possibilities of collaboration in the area of complex and comparative research and efficient use of genetic resources in breeding were discussed during the meeting.

Alexander Kilchevsky also got acquainted with the National Gene Bank of Azerbaijan, departments and laboratories of the Genetic Resources Institute and gave a report “Development of Genome Biotechnology in the Republic of Belarus” at the Institute.

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