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Contest for the best philosophical work among students and undergraduates is announced on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the Institute of Philosophy of the NAS of Belarus

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03.02.2016 The Institute of Philosophy of the NAS of Belarus announces the Republican contest for philosophical works (essays) for young researchers. The contest invites students and undergraduates of higher education institutions and the Researchers Training Institute of the NASB of all specialties to participate in it. Organizers expect from the participants historical and philosophical studies, creative ideas in the field of social philosophy, science and technology philosophy, philosophy of culture and ask to share their vision of the place and role of philosophical knowledge in structural transformations of modern society at both national and global levels. Winners will be awarded with diplomas, gifts and the right to publish their work in scientific publications of the Institute of Philosophy. The information concerning conditions, procedure and deadline for materials submission can be found on the website of the Institute of Philosophy at

The results of the contest will be announced at the anniversary conference which will be held in the NAS of Belarus in April, 2016.

The contest is timed to the 85th anniversary of the Institute of Philosophy of NASB which is celebrated in 2016. Scientific forums, publishing projects, presentations intended to highlight the historical path of the Belarusian academic school of philosophy, bright milestones of its biography, its contribution to the spiritual culture of the nation and the state, as well as the challenges which the philosophy faces in our country at the current stage will also be timed to this event.

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