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Design Organizations

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Republican Unitary Enterprise

4 Fedyuninsky Street, Gomel BY-246007, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (232) 57-14-18. E-mail:

Founded 1968

Director: Sergei G.KUDYAN, tel.: +375 (232) 57-64-76, +375 (232) 57-14-18

Field of Activities: development of technologies and production of the following equipment: for sorting and recycling secondary polymeric materials; grading and recycling glass waste; disposal of building wastes; manufacture of non-woven fibrous-porous materials and polymer filtering materials; painting of metallic components of any shape or configuration by polymeric powder materials

Equipment: a complete complex of metal-working machinery

Production and Services: equipment for sorting solid domestic wastes, baling presses, crushing machines, sharpening devices, equipment for washing secondary polymeric materials, agglomerators, driers, molding machines, granulators, production lines for polymeric pipes. Fiber shredders, film-hose aggregates, equipment for manufacture of non-woven fibrous-porous materials and polymer filtering elements, lines for breaking glass containers, equipment for application of polymeric power coatings, sections of dispatcher panels with a set of mnemonic circuits intended for on-line information display of all levels of electric supply, setups for building refuse disposal. Manufacture of off-standard metal structures; filtering elements for fine purification of diesel oil; cleaning of air and solutions for water wells; aerators for cleaning wastewater; sorbents for collecting oil and oil products; thermoplastic polymer components (from recycled materials including); pipes from polyethylene, key cases for non-departmental guard; polyethylene hose film, packets and so on.; deposition of polymer powder paints on metal components

Design and Production Republican Unitary Enterprise "CKB"

20 Logoiski Trakt, Minsk BY-220090, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (17) 283-91-55. E-mail:
WWW Home Page:

Founded 1970

Director: Aleksandr I. SOLOVEI, tel.: +375 (17) 283-91-55
Chief Engineer: Leonid A. SHELUKHOVSKII, tel.: +375 (17) 283-91-52

Field of Activities: metal-working, instrument manufacturing, optical production

Subdivisions: pilot mechanoerecting plot, plot of optical products, production and technical bureau, a group of logistics and co-operation, laboratory of electrophysical measurements, services of technical control, metrology, standardization and information

Production and Services: carrying out experimental-design works in the field of instrument manufacturing; hydro instruments for the installation of "Izoprofleks" pipelines; development and production of devices, its parts and details according to the agreements; manufacturing optical products due to customer documentation; turning, milling, grinding, boring, mechanical and other works; the examination of wirings reliability

Investment Proposal: Creation of production of lighting products of 100,000 units per year

Design and Production Republican Unitary Enterprise

Build.88, 99 Akademika A.K.Krasina Street, Minsk BY-220109, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (17) 299-43-36. E-mail:
WWW Home Page:

Founded 1973

Director: Aleksander E. KORZUN, tel.: +375 (17) 299-43-43, 299-44-32
Deputy Director: Aleksander V. LUKASHEVICH, tel.: +375 (17) 299-46-27

Field of activities: Experimental development and manufacturing of the energy machinery building in the field of science and scientific service; manufacturing, building and exploitation of die equipments of experimental and productive workbenches and plants, including bodies being under jurisdiction of the State Department of Supervision for safety work in the nuclear-power engineering and industry; improvement of processing technique, welding and controlling of components and assembly units made from noncorrosive steel and alloys

Main subdivisions: machine shop, welding-assembly shop, design departments, technological division, division of the technical control and metrology, chemistry laboratory of the incoming control of the metal, laboratory of the mechanical test, gaging laboratory

Production and Services: producing the complex installation for scientific investigations, development and producing of the non-standard equipment, including working under pressure and high temperature; equipment for production and processing spirit and alcohol productions pumps for food and chemical industry, seals; air reservoir, vessels, including working under pressure; plants and equipment testing

Design Republican Unitary Enterprise
"Scientific Instrument-making"

1/3 Academician V.F.Kuprevich Street, Minsk BY-220141, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (17) 267-61-94. E-mail:
WWW Home Page:

Founded 1975

Director: Valery P. YAKOVLEV, tel.: +375 (17) 267-61-94
Deputy Director: Galina N. TIKHOMIROVA (Mrs.), tel.: +375 (17) 267-46-50

Field of activities: design, manufacturing, installation, replicating of technology equipment for the automation of production processes in various sectors of the economy; modernization of domestic and imported equipment, which was established on the basis of computer technology; manufacturing of experimental designs and fabricating of small series (on the orders of companies) of own-producing developments; training and the necessary measures jointly with industrial enterprises to put on the production of high technology products for sale on the domestic and foreign markets

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