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Production Organizations

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19 Sharangovich Street, Minsk BY-220018, Republic of Belarus
Faxes: +375 (17) 313-45-40, 259-06-90. E-mail:

Scientific and Production Republican
Unitary Enterprise "SPA "CENTER"

19 Sharangovich Street, Minsk BY-220018, Republic of Belarus
Faxes: +375 (17) 313-45-40, 259-06-90. E-mail:
WWW Home Page:

Founded 1981

Director General: Vladimir I. BORODAVKO, tel.: +375 (17) 259-06-90

Field of Activities: Development and manufacture of crushing, grinding and classifying equipment to process and concentrate ore and non metallic materials, development of technologies based on the equipment the plant produces. Development and manufacture of technological, medical and laboratory centrifuges, attractions, plasma and water jet cutting machines, manufacture of non standardized equipment

Subdivisions: scientific and technological, research, manufacturing, promising projects development, standardization and certification

Production and Services: Crushers and mills of impact-centrifugal effect of different productivity, air cascade-gravity classifiers and centrifugal classifiers to perform size-separation of the ground product into several fractions or to separate the product of a particular size. Milling and classifying complexes on the basis of crushing and classifying equipment, technological and medical centrifuges, plasma and waterjet cutting complexes. Technologies to concentrate and process minerals, technologies and equipment to process the screenings of crushing and sorting industry, technologies to obtain cubical shape crushed rock, technologies and equipment to obtain mineral admixtures from the black sand

Republican Unitary Enterprise

52 Fr. Skariny Street, Minsk BY-211440, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (17) 268-69-42, 268-69-88. E-mail:
WWW Home Page:

Founded 1984

Director General: Ivan S. SUSHKO, tel.: +375 (17) 267-02-05
Deputy Director General of Commerce: Anatolii T. KATSORA, tel.: +375 (17) 267-02-05

Field of Activities: Development and manufacturing of scientific devices and equipment, agricultural technique

Subdivisions: associated companies "Nuklon", "Labora", "Optron-CYCLO"

Production and Services: optical elements, equipment for greenhouses, greenhouse management, controlled contactless DC motors, agricultural equipment, fire barrel, galvanic coverages, welding works, metal-workingness, including high-fidelity

Investment Projects: Development ad Mastering in Series Production the Standard Series of Lantern-Planetary Gear Motors with Adjustable Motor


41 Platonov Street, Minsk BY-220005, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (17) 210-05-74. E-mail:
WWW Home Page:

State Scientific Institution

41 Platonov Street, Minsk BY-220005, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (17) 210-05-74. E-mail:
WWW Home Page:

Founded 1972

Director: Corr. Mem. Alexander F. ILYUSCHENKO, tel.: +375 (17) 292-13-25
Scientific Secretary: Cand.Techn.Sc. Alexandr M. YARKOVICH, tel.: +375 (17) 231-54-69

Field of Activities: Investigations and design of new materials in the field of powder metallurgy and ceramics, composite, nano-size and super hard materials, protective coatings, welding, including with use of dynamic and pulse methods of load. Production of pilot sets of articles from construction, antifriction, electro-technical, friction, porous and others materials. Training, post training, attestation of workers and specialists in the field of powder metallurgy, deposition of protective coatings, welding

Subdivisions: departments of machine-building materials; porous materials; investigation and testing of materials; standardization and metrology; pilot plant; separated self-supporting subdivisions Institute of Welding and Protective Coatings; Scientific-research Institute of Pulse Processes with Pilot Plant

Centers of Common-Use Facilities and Equipment: Center of Investigation and Testing of Materials accredited in State Standard of the Republic of Belarus, which allows execute the investigations and the control of materials during their design and execute the certification of production

Postgraduate Studies in the field of: 05.16.06 Powder metallurgy and composite materials; 05.03.06 Technology and equipment for welding fabrication (under the agreement with the Belarusian National Technical University)

Postdoctoral Training in the field of: 05.16.06 Powder metallurgy and composite materials; 05.03.06 Technology and equipment for welding fabrication (under the agreement with the Belarusian National Technical University)

Production and Services: Construction, tribotechnical and special materials and articles from them; materials and articles for electrical engineering and radio-electronics, technical ceramics, tools on the base of superhard materials, natural and artificial diamonds; porous filtering and capillary-porous materials, articles on their base; materials and technologies of implants production; materials and technologies of friction coating s deposition; devices and equipment for investigation and control of structure and properties of materials. Metallographic investigations, mechanical tests, chemical analysis, and indestructible control, tests of equipment and products of welding; certification of uniform welding production, materials, equipment and welding production. Design of quality control system in welding production; training, post-training attestation of welders, operators of plasma cutting, contact welding, operators of heat treatment and of indestructible control by national and international standards; certification of welding production specialists and indestructible control. Design of electrical arc welding, ultrasonic, gas-flame equipment, control systems and means for mechanization and automation of welding production. Design of software for automation of welding processes, defectoscopy and quality control in welding. Welding by explosion of bi-metallic and multi-layer compositions of metals and alloys. Detonation synthesis and percussion-wave consolidation of nano-structure powders of superhard and diamond-like materials. Demontage by explosion of constructions and buildings, utilization military purpose articles. Punching by explosion of great-sized parts from sheet materials. Pulse treatment of ceramic and metal materials. Manufacturing of articles from superhard and refractory powders, hydraulic pressing

Production Republican Unitary Enterprise

130 Kupala Street, Molodechno BY-222310, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (1773) 324-00. E-mails:,
WWW Home Page:

Founded 1984

Director: Guenadiy S. SYROEZHKO, tel.: +375 (1773) 324-98
Chief Engineer: Aleksandr N. PLISKO, tel.: +375 (1773) 323-22

Production and Services: Products from antifriction and constructional materials: pinions, ratchets, cams, levels, rings, washers, gags, caps, covers, flanges, bearing bodies, collapsible friction bearings, shock-absorbers for cars and lorries, commutators and inserts of starters of different types, sheaves and naves of water pumps of cars, electrical contacts, different devices and furniture fittings, structural parts used in home appliances and motor-car industry. Friction parts for automotive units and tractor equipment, transmitting torsional force from the engine to the executive elements (safety clutches, brakes, gearbox), friction discs. Heatsinks (refrigerants) based on heat pipes for efficient cooling of power semiconductor devices (thyristors), which are elements of power installations of electric power stations, hydroelectric power stations, electric power stations of railway, starting aviation engines operation, used in electric machines for cooling the rotors and stators of motors, generators, and winding of transformer, in the welding technique for cooling molds for casting, stamping with glass and plastic tableware, aluminum casting parts. Atomized bronze powder of different grades: with non-spherical shape for flame spraying of parts, with a high percentage of spherical particles for the manufacture of filter elements, for surfacing. Filter elements made of porous powder material for the separation of gases and liquids from impurities, to clean fuels, oils, resins, lacquers, molten salts and polymers, filtration of liquefied and compressed gases, use as a silencer, performed in the form of discs, plates, cylinders, cups, cones, etc.

Republican Fiscal Enterprise

Dobrush-6 BY-247050, Gomel Oblast, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (2333) 310-31. E-mail:
WWW Home Page:

Founded 2003

Director: Mikhail A. SIDOROV, tel.: +375 (2333) 310-31

Field of Activities: Organization and fulfillment of works on utilization of artillery and engineer ammunition (aviation shells) and artillery gunpowders

Production and Services: production, realization and storage of industrial explosives, sales of iron-and-steel and nonferrous metal scrap, obtained during the utilization of ammunition, elaboration and realization of technical documentation, regulating the utilization of ordinary types of ammunition; utilization of artillery and engineer ammunition (aviation shells), artillery gunpowders

Republican Fiscal Enterprise

Gorodok BY-221573, Vitebsk Oblast, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (2139) 507-96. E-mail:

Founded 2003

Director: Serhei V. BATSENKO, tel.: +375 (2139) 507-95

Field of Activities: Organization and execution of works for utilization of aviation means of destruction (some types of artillery and engineer ammunition)

Production and Services: manufacturing, realization and keeping of industrial explosives, realization of scrap of ferrous and non ferrous metals, obtained in the process of ammunitions utilization, design and realization of technical documentation which regulates the utilization of usual ammunitions; utilization of aviation means of destruction (some types of artillery and engineer ammunitions)

Republican Production Unitary Enterprise "ACADEMPHARM"

5/3 Academician V.F.Kuprevich Street, Minsk BY-220141, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (17) 267-63-64. E-mail:
WWW Home Page:

Founded 2009

Director: Mikhail V. GAVRILOV, tel.: +375 (17) 263-62-61

Field of Activities: Development of ready-made forms and pilot production of proprietary pharmaceutical products, commercial production of medicines and other pharmaceutical products, vitamins, vitamin-mineral and metabolic systems; pharmaceutical research laboratory; pharmaceutical contract manufacturing; development and manufacturing of medical products and laboratory supplies

Subdivisions: departments of marketing; logistics; technology; quality control; production of pharmaceutical products; shop plastificated products; laboratory of development; microbiology laboratory

Production and Services: multivitamin, vitamin-mineral and metabolic systems; medicines for the treatment of gastrointestinal and metabolic disorders, diseases of the cardiovascular system, diseases of urogenital organs, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, neurological diseases and disorders of the sense organs, other medicines; pharmaceutical laboratory research; contract pharmaceutical manufacturing; production of medical devices and laboratory supplies

Republican Production Affiliated Unitary Enterprise

Ozertsy BY-211072, Tolochin District, Vitebsk Oblast, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (2136) 311-43. E-mail:
WWW Home Page:

Founded 1906

Director: Anatolii V. ANYUKHOVSKII, tel.: +375 (2136) 311-43

Field of Activities: Manufacture of fruit and grape wines, potato starch, pasta, cultivation of potatoes, cereals, legumes and oil cultures; industrial horticulture; retailer

Subdivisions: shop for production of starch, shop for bottling wine, industrial horticulture, machine-tractor base

Production and Services: fruit and grape wines, potato starch, pasta, confectionery (candy), mayonnaise, mustard, ware and seed potatoes, grain and oil cultures, fruits and berries

Open Joint Stock Company

54 Chehova, Bobruisk BY-213800, Republic of Belarus
Fax: +375 (225) 44-72-58. E-mail:
WWW Home Page:

Создан в 1936 г.

Director: Sergei N. BAKUN, tel.: +375 (225) 43-40-55
Chief Engineer: Yury M. KORNEENKOV, tel.: +375 (225) 43-40-77

Field of Activities: Production of ethyl alcohol, fodder yeast, carbon dioxide, fuel briquettes from lignin, non-food alcohol containing products, antifreeze, medicines, veterinary drugs, biological plant protection agents, delivery of products for export

Production and Services: rectified ethyl alcohol from food raw material, technical, and ethyl alcohol denatured, yeast, carbon dioxide, solid and liquid, pellet fuel from the lignin concentrate de-icing fluid, automotive glass-fluid of "Outlook" series, antifreeze, antiseptic medicines, veterinary drugs, biological agents plant protection, delivery of finished products in the Republic of Belarus and the export

Republican Unitary Enterprise

vul. Kuprevicha, 10/7, 220141, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
Fax: (17) 268-85-12. E-mail:

Created in 2016 г.

Director: Cand.Techn.Sc., Yuri F. JATSYNA, тел.: (17) 369-77-61
Deputy Director for Research: Aliaksandr A. SHCHAWLIEW, тел.: (17) 268-85-12
Scientific Secretary: Juryj I. SIAMAK, тел.: (17) 268-85-12

Field of Activities: research and development in the field of unmanned aircraft systems, robotic ground (surface) and underwater devices, small manned aircraft; production and organization of multifunctional unmanned systems, their components, and other specialized equipment serial production; the maintenance of multifunctional unmanned systems, monitoring of the earth (water) surface, ground targets from the air

Subdivisions: system design and mathematical modeling department, introduction of scientific and technical developments and scientific support for research and development department, organizational and planning department, production technology department, engineering department, design and installation of on-board equipment department, engineering communications and installation of ground equipment department, testing and technical support department

Products and services: unmanned aerial vehicles, ground control stations, gyrostabilised opto-electronic systems, antenna-mast devices, hardware-software and flight and navigation systems, simulators, sources of infrared radiation; provides technical training and maintenance (warranty) service of its products

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