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Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House

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The Republican Unitary Enterprise "Publishing House "Belarusian Science" was founded in 1924 as an editorial and publishing department of the Institute of Belarusian Culture. Since 1929, it has subordinated to the Academy of Sciences (since 1932 as the Academy of Sciences of BSSR Publishing, since 1963 as Navuka i Tekhnika Publishing, since 1996 as Belaruskaya Science Publishing). On February 2005, it was reorganized to the Publishing House "Belarusian Science". The main activities of the company are the publication of scientific, scientific-methodical, scientific popular, reference and other literature, the issue of scientific journals and newspaper, founded by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, as well as printing services.

Belaruskaya Navuka

Over the years, the Publishing House issued a collection of works by the classics of Belarusian literature Maksim Bogdanovich, Yanka Kupala, Mikhas Lynkov, monographs about the works and life of Yanka Kupala, Yakub Kolas, Maksim Bogdanovich, Maksim Goretsky, Kandrat Krapiva and others, a number of fundamental research in the field of linguistics and literature, ethnography and folklore, history, arts and cultural studies, hundreds of volumes of scientific, technical, medical, academic and other literature. Since late 2005, the Publishing House publishes such fundamental publications as "Architecture of Belarus" in 4 volumes, "Maksim Tank. Collection of Works" in 13 volumes, "History of Belarusian Literature of the XI-XIX centuries" in 2 volumes, the Encyclopaedic reference book "Contemporary Belarus" in 3 volumes. In 2007, the Publishing House began to issue the 20-volume collected works of a classic of Belarusian literature Yakub Kolas.

In addition to books, the Publishing House "Belarusian Science" publishes a number of scientific journals such as Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (a series of humanitarian, biological, physical-mathematical, physical-technical, chemical, medical and agricultural sciences), Agrarian Economics, Vestnik of the Foundation for Fundamental Research, Science and Innovations, the scientific-informational and analytical newspaper of Belarus "Vedy". The Publishing House "Belarusian Science" has its own printing production with modern machinery, which allows to issue small editions, as well as orders from third parties for the printing of brochures, booklets, leaflets and other printed products.

Contact Information:

Director: Aleksandr I. STASHKEVICH, tel.: +375 (17) 263-76-18, 263-64-02
Deputy Director: Stanislav A. NICHIPOROVICH, tel.: +375 (17) 284-26-34
Chief Editor: Aleksandr M. DUDIK, tel.: +375 (17) 263-37-00
Realization and Marketing Department: tel./fax: +375 (17) 263-23-27

Mailing Address: 40 Fr. Skaryna Street, Minsk BY-220141, Republic of Belarus
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