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Proceedings of the Institute of Forest

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Published by the Institute of Forest of NAS of Belarus, Gomel, Belarus

Commenced publication 1932

Publishing annually
Articles in Russian

Aims and Scope:
The first issue of the Proceedings was published in 1932, in two years after the Institute foundation. The collections was issued for different years under the various titles (Forestry science and practice -- in 1970-80s, Problems of forest management and forestry -- since 1992). In the Proceedings, the main results of research on forest management, forestry, plants ecology, reforestation, forest genetics and selection, investigation of unwood production of forests, problems of Chernobyl accident, etc. are published. The collection of scientific papers is aimed to the experts -- forestry specialists, ecologists, researchers, scholars and students.

Editorial Board Address: 71 Praletarskaya Street, Gomel BY-246654, Republic of Belarus
Telephone: +375 (232) 53-53-89

Rules for authors (in Russian)

Current Tables of Contents

  • Issue 71; 2011

Past Issues

  • Issue 70; 2010
  • Issue 69; 2009
  • Issue 68; 2008
  • Issue 67; 2007
  • Issue 66; 2006
  • Issue 65; 2006
  • Issue 64; 2005
  • Issue 63; 2005
  • Issue 62; 2004
  • Issue 61; 2004
  • Issue 60; 2004

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