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Doklady of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 1996, Vol.40, No.6

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Doklady of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 1996, Vol.40, No.6

(Doklady Akademii Nauk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Volume 40, Number 6; November--December, 1996

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Kuprevich Vasilii Feofilovich (1897 -- 1969) (To Centenary of His Birthday). pp. 5--6


Zakrevsky A.D., Zakrevsky L.A.
Diagnostics of EXOR-circuits. pp. 7--11

Summary: The problem of EXOR-circuits testing is considered. A method for minimum test generating which covers all diagnosable stuck-at faults is proposed. An exact algorithm for diagnostics is suggested.

Saigo M., Kilbas A.A.
Compositions of generalized fractional integration operators with Fox H-function and a differential operator in axisymmetric potential theory. pp. 12--17

Summary: The explicit composition formulae of the generalized fractional integration operators with Fox H-function of general form and a differential operator of axisymmetric potential theory on McBride's spaces of tested and generalized functions arc proved. Similar results for the generalized fractional integrals with Gauss hypergeometric function are given and applications to solving the linear differential equations are indicated.

Rovba Ye.A.
Approximation of functions differentiated according to Riemann--Liouville by rational operators. pp. 18--22

Summary: Fourier S2n(x, f) and Vallee--Poussin V8n-2(x, f) rational operators are built for the functions given at the final segment [a;b]. The above approximations estimations are found by these function operators possessing the arbitrary of order r, r > 0, according to Riemann -- Liouville.

Lebedev A.V.
C*-algebras related to the normally acting groups of automorphisms. pp. 23--26

Summary: The structure of a C* algebra C*(A, Tg) generated by a C* algebra A and a unitary group {Tg}g Î G such that TgAT*g = A, g Î G in the situation when the automorphisms T^g = Tg(·)T*g of A act topologically freely is well known (and is given by the cross-product). The article presents the structure of C*(A, Tg) in the situation when the automorphisms T^g, g Î G do not act topologically freely but only normally.

Gladkov A.L.
The Cauchy problem for the porous medium equation with strong convection in infinity. pp. 27--30

Summary: The existence and uniqueness theorems of the solution of the Cauchy problem in the classes of growing functions for the porous medium equation with strong convection are proved. The behaviour of the solutions for large time is also considered.

Vasyuk G.B., Yanchevsky V.I.
On 2-torsion of Bauer group of local elliptic curves with a good reduction defined over the field of 2-adic numbers. pp. 31--33

Summary: Let E be an elliptic curve defined over the field of 2-adic numbers Q2 and E(Q2) be its subgroup of Q2-rational points. The presentation of the group 2BrE by unramified central simple algebras over the function field Q2(E) of curve E having a good reduction is obtained.

Melnikov O.V.
Profinite groups with finitely generated Sylow subgroups. pp. 34--37

Summary: It is proved that a profinite group G with a finite number of prime divisors of the order of G and finitely generated Sylow subgroups has an open pro-nilpotent normal subgroup. The result is used in an investigation of profinite groups with the maximum condition for subgroups.

Kruger A.Ya.
Strict epsilon-semidifferentials and differentiation of set-valued mappings. pp. 38--43

Summary: A notion of strict epsilon-conjugate set-valued mapping is introduced on the basis of the notions of strict epsilon-semidifferentials and strict epsilon-normals. The main formulas of calculus of strict epsilon-semidifferentials are stated. The results concerning "differentiating" a superposition of set-valued mappings and a marginal function, and also the covering theorem are formulated.



Dostanko A.P., Pogrebnyakov A.V., Sheng Y.K., Levinsen M.T., Freltoft T.
Minimum in the voltage dependence of the resistance of thin YBa2Cu3O7-x microbridges. pp. 44--48

Summary: A differential resistance minimum at zero bias voltage was observed in the characteristics of YBa2Cu3O7-x thin film microbridges of 10 µm in length (L) and 1µm in width (W), or L = 3 µm and W = 2 µm which had no supercurrent at the temperatures above 4,2 K. Possible causes of the minimum appearance are discussed.

Grushevskaya G.V., Gursky L.I., Komarov L.I., Krylov G.G.
Non-sphericity of electron density distribution and polarization effects in solids. pp. 49--53

Summary: The correction to self-energy for Fermi systems, namely to exchangecorrelation energy, am to non-sphericity of the electron density distribution on atoms of solid state clusters has been calculated, based on the temperature Green function technique.

Kazachenko V.P., Rogachev A.V., Yegorov A.I.
Structure and optical properties of vacuum polymeric coatings. pp. 54--56

Summary: Surface analysis methods were used for determining the chemical composition and the structure of boundary layers of single-, multilayer- and composite thin films (about 1 µm) of polytetrafluorethylene, polyethylene and dispersed dye. Optical properties of such systems are presented.



Gaponik N.P., Shchukin D.G., Sviridov D.V.
Photocatalylic oxidation of sulphur (IV) oxide on the cadmium sulphide modified by polyaniline deposition. pp. 57--60

Summary: The photocatalytic activity of CdS suspension in the reaction of sulphur dioxide oxidation in acid medium has been substantially improved by deposition of polyaniline on the semiconductor particles. It has been shown that such modification results not only in the considerable (ca.3-fold) increase in the efficiency of photocatalytic conversion of SO2 into sulphate but also suppresses of the CdS photodissolution.

Makarevich N.A.
Equation of isotherm and differential heat of associative adsorption. pp. 61--66

Summary: Isotherm of adsorption and differential heat taking account of adsorbent -- adsorbate interactions and lateral ones, as well as molecular association in the adsorption layer was obtained. Theoretical calculations are given.

Kabo G.Ya., Govin O.V., Kozyro A.A.
Thermochemical conventional environment and additivity of chemical exergies of alkanes. pp. 67--71

Summary: A new environment model for calculations of chemical exergy based on products of combustion in calorimetric studies of combustion enthalpy was proposed. On the basis of the offered model chemical exergies of alkanes were calculated and the opportunity of additive calculations of chemical exergy was investigated with various additive schemes.



Tarutina L.A., Khotyleva L.V.Mishin L.A., Poskannaya S.I., Kapusta I.B.
Relation between heterosis and nonalletic interaction in hybrids of the first generation of hothouse tomato. pp. 72--75

Summary: The role of epistasis in genetic determination of heterosis was studied in F1 hybrids of hothouse tomato. Epistasis of a complementary type caused by one or several parental forms was shown to be present in genetic control of traits determining fruit yield, and the heterosis level in hybrids with the participation of these forms did not always depend directly on this type of the genic effect.

Sidorovich E.A., Rak L.D., Bozhko L.V.
Structural and functional characteristic properties of pine assimilation apparatus in technogenic environment. pp. 76--79

Summary: Investigation of structural and functional state of assimilation apparatus of Pinus sylvestris L. revealed some changes of its anatomical structure and physiological functions resulting from the releases of Novopolotsk City oil refinery.

Pikulik M.M., Sidorovich V.E.
Seasonal prevalence in otter reproduction and amphibian availability. pp. 80--83

Summary: In Belarus and Eastern Europe as a whole, otter (Lutra lutra) reproductive timing and family group distribution in a cold period depend on the possibility to feed on the common frog (Rana remporaria). Regularity is discussed in aspect of structural and functional relationships in natural and anthropogenic ecosystems.

Alekhnovich A.V.
Patterns of quantitative characters variability in prawn. 84--87

Summary: Present mechanisms of the regulation of the body length variation are directed to conservation of a given parameter unchangeable. This feature of variability is proposed to be used as a criterion of an estimation of natural conditions of a population or a group of individuals at the period of their growth.

Buloichik A.A.
Variability in virulence of the population Puccinia triticina Erikss., widespread in Belarus area. 88--91

Summary: The difference between wheat leaf rust populations from Vitebsk and Mogilyov regions in the frequency of occurrence of virulence genes p1, p2a and p24 was shown. Gene Lr2a was effective only in Vitebsk region. Genes Lr1, Lr9 and Lr19 could provide the highest resistance to Belarusian population of the pathogen.



Avtushko M.I., Matveev A.V., Nechiporenko L.A.
Linear dislocations shown by radon concentrations in covering deposits within the Volozhin graben area. pp. 92--94

Summary: The research carried out suggests the recent tectonic activity of the Naliboki and Oshmyany regional faults bounding the Volozhin graben, as well as of several subregional and local linear dislocations found within this structure.

Konishchev V.S.
Asymmetry of the structure, oil and gas possibilities of salt domes. pp. 95--99

Summary: Most salt domes are shown to be asymmetric and their old and steep slopes have more oil and gas pools.

Poroshin V.D.
Hydrogeochemical evaluation of spreading catagenetic halite formation in deposits of salt-bearing sedimentary rock basins and its practical significance. pp. 100--104

Summary: A wide spread of catagenetic halite within subsaliferous and intersaliferous deposits is shown on the basis of hydrogeochemical monitoring during the development of the oil fields of Belarus. Dissolution of the halite due to using water of low salinity for formation pressure maintenance while oil extracting leads to considerable increase in volumetric and filtration properties of oil reservoir rocks.

Parfenova O.V., Guseva E.V., Naidenkov I.V., Arkhipova A.A.
Petrochemistry and genesis of pre-Cambrian enderbites and charnockites (Belarusian crystalline massif as an example). pp. 105--109

Summary: A new classification of rocks of enderbite -- charnockite series has been developed. Enderbites are shown to be formed as a result of the allochemical metamorphism of basic granulites, while charnockites are formed under regional granitization conditions of granulitic facies.



Vityaz P.A., Kaptsevich V.M., Kusin R.A.
The model structure regularity in porous powder materials. pp. 110--115

Summary: The model of porous powder material with an irregular structure describing the relation between maximum and mean pore sizes, regularity parameter and geometric sizes of a porous sample is developed. Conformity of computation results as to the proposed model and experimental studies is revealed.

A list of papers published in the Journal "Doklady of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus" 1996. pp. 116--121

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