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Doklady of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 1997, Vol.41, No.5

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Doklady of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 1997, Vol.41, No.5

(Doklady Akademii Nauk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Volume 41, Number 5; September--October, 1997

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Zakrevsky A.D., Zakrevsky L.A.
Synthesis of minimum Reed--Muller expansions for multi-valued logic schemes. pp. 5--9

Summary: A problem of representing multi-valued logic (MVL) functions by minimum Reed -- Muller expansions is considered. A specific class of such representations, called superoptimal, is dealt with. The proposed method offers a superoptimal solution for a given system of weakly specified MVL functions.

Gorokhovik V.V., Semenkova E.A.
Step-linear functions on the finite-dimensional vector spaces. Definition, properties and their connection with hemispaces. pp. 10--14

Summary: On the finite-dimensional vector spaces we introduce a new class of real-valued functions which we call step-linear. We study some properties of step-linear functions and show that any hemispace (convex set whose complement is also convex) can be analytically represented by means of step-linear functions. We also prove the following separation criterion: two convex are disjoint if and only if they can be separated by a step-linear function.

Zhevnova N.G.
w-Local formations with boolean lattice of w-local subformations. pp. 15--19

Summary: The goal of this paper is to describe w-local formations with boolean lattice of w-local subformations.

Lepin V.V.
The number of subhypergraphs in random hypergraph with even number of edges. pp. 20--24

Summary: Two new invariants of a hypergraph related to the number of induced subhypergraphs with even number of edges are introduced. Recursion relations for these invariants are provided.

Tunitsky D.V.
On global solutions of hyperbolic Monge -- Ampere equations. pp. 25--28

Summary: The article is devoted to solvability of a Cauchy problem to hyperbolic Monge -- Ampere equations, in particular, to quasilinear equations with two independent variables. It is proved that the problem under consideration has the unique maximal solution in class of multi-valued solutions. A multi-valued solution is a Legendre submanifold of a corresponding contact space. A multi-valued solution is an analog of an integral curve of an ordinary differential equation. Maximal multi-valued solutions have the following characteristic property of completeness. Fix an initial curve, two points on it and line through this points two characteristics of different families along a corresponding direction. Then either these lines intersect or for both families of characteristics the set of the lengths of characteristics that are lined along the same direction through the points of the segment that connects our two fixed points is unlimited. The completeness is an analog of the property of a non-prolongable integral curve of an ordinary differential equation to tend to the frontier of a definition domain.

Barabanov E.A., Vishnevskaya O.G.
Exact bounds of Liapunov's exponents for linear differential perturbed systems with integrally restricted perturbation matrices on the semiaxis. pp. 29--34

Summary: The infimum of lower characteristic Liapunov's exponents and the supremum of higher characteristic Liapunov's exponents for linear differential perturbed systems with integrally restricted perturbation matrices on the semiaxis are determined, starting from the Cauchy matrix of a given linear differential system.

Alekhno A.G.
The non-homogeneous Riemann's boundary-value problem with infinite index in the case of multilateral vorticity. pp. 35--43

Summary: A discussion of basic results concerning the theory of nonhomogeneous Riemann's boundary value problem with infinite index of arbitrary power order in the case of multilateral vorticity is given.

Ibragirnov V.A., Makhnach V.I., Shved O.L.
The method of p-analytical representations in mixed boundary-value problems on elastic-plastic state of polygonal areas. pp. 44--48

Summary: The method for reducing the nonlinear antiplane elastic-plastic problem for a polygonal areas to a linear boundary-value problem for p-analytical function is suggested. The example of exact solution is given.



Boiko B.B., Zubovich G.K., Uvarova N.N., Shipilo V.B.
The effect of laser radiation on impurity inclusions in diamond crystals. pp. 49--51

Summary: The possibility for disposal of graphite and some metal impurities introduced into the near-surface layer and in the crystal by action of IR-laser radiation pulses has been demonstrated experimentally.

Rogovtsov N.N.
Analytical expression for radiation power emitted by dispersion media of a different form. pp. 52--57

Summary: The analytical method for calculating radiation power emitted by homogeneous nonconcave dispersion media with isotropic internal sources is proposed. A number of asymptotic expressions for this quantity for the case of nearly conservatively scattering optically thick dispersion medium that occurs in the form of non-concave body, spheroid and infinite circular cylinder is obtained.



Chaplanova Zh.U., Agabekov V.E., Sharendo E.V., Kuznetsov A.E.
Light-sensitive films produced by thermal deposition of bromine-modified polycyclohexadiene. pp. 58--61

Summary: The possibility of light-sensitive thin film production at thermal vacuum deposition bromine-modified polycyclohexadiene has been shown. It has been established that thermodeposited film has olygo-p-phenylene structure. Presence of developed chain of conjugation in film structure is confirmed by film paramagnethism. During UV-irradiation the processes of structuring and photooxidation take place in film.

Streltsov E.A., Osipovich N.P., Ivashkevich L.S., Lyakhov A.S.
Electrochemical deposition of multilayer periodic structure in Pb -- Se -- Te system. pp. 62--65

Summary: The possibility of electrodeposition of multilayer periodic structures in Pb--Se--Te system in pulse potentiostatic mode from aqueous acidic solutions, containing Se(IV), Te(IV) and Pb(II), has been demonstrated. It is found that electrodeposited multilayer periodic structures consist of PbSe/PbSe0.64Te0.36 planar layers. It is established superlattices with periods L = 2.5-10 nm may be formed.

Gaponik P.N., Karavai V.P., Grigoriev Yu.V.
Synthesis of 1,4,5- and 1,3,5-trisubstituted tetrazolium salts by alkylation of 5-monosubstituted tetrazoles with dimethylsulfate. pp. 66--68

Summary: 1,3,5- and 1,4,5-trisubstituted tetrazolium salts can be easily synthesized by alkylation of 5-monosubstituted tetrazoles with dimethylsulfate. The obtained isomer ratio depends essentially on the nature of the substituent at position 5 of the tetrazole ring.



Mazhul V.M., Konev S.V., Lobanok E.S., Levin V.I.
Phosphorescence analysis of structural and dynamic state of membrane proteins during interaction between HLA-antibodies and lymphocyte receptor-determinants. pp. 69--72

Summary: The influence of antilymphocytic HLA-antibodies on structure-dynamic state of membrane proteins was studied on human peripheral blood lymphocytes by the tryptophane phosphorescence method at room temperature. Alterations in the equilibrium large-scale intramolecular dynamics of lymphocyte membrane protein were recorded. These changes are regarded as one of the earliest events in antigen-receptor interaction during realization of immune reaction. It was shown high informativeness of TFRT kinetic data for screening of separate antigen on lymphocytes of the peripheral blood and anti-lymphositic antibodies in blood serum.

Sholukh A.M., Baranova L.A., Artamonov I.D., Volotovsky I.D.
Tyrosine kinase activity of ROS axoneme of bull's eye. pp. 73--75

Summary: The influence of metal ions, colchicine and vinblastine on ROS axoneme protein tyrosine kinase was studied. The optimal concentration of Mn2+ for the reaction is 5 mM; Km values for ATP and poly(G,T)n are 4.3 µM and 31 mg/ml, respectively. Ca2+, colchicine and vinblastine were shown to inhibit axoneme PTK.

Abramchik L.M., Savehenko G.E., Chaika M.T.
The effect of levulinic acid on biogenesis of light-collecting complex in plants. pp. 76--80

Summary: It was shown that photoinduction of the CPC 2 apoprotein synthesis cannot be directly bound up with chlorophyll pigment accumulation. Partial or complete inhibition of the chlorophyll formation process by LA action is not a barrier to synthesis of some CPC 2 apoprotein at early biogenesis stages in light.

Gorbunova N.B., Kalyunov V.N.
Submaxillary salivary glands (SSG) as a major supplier of nerve growth factor to blood during psychosocial stress. pp. 81--84

Summary: Using two-site IRMA, it was found that 0.5 h uniting of male mice after 14 days of their separate maintenance led to a statistically significant decrease in b-NGP concentration in the SSG, as compared with intact and isolated animals, which was gradually recovered in the post-stress period. Adenosialectomy sharply decreased the content of the factor in circulation during psychosocial stress. The SSG are probably the main supplier of serum b-NGF and perform endocrine function in respect to it, providing hormone-like effects of the factor.

Kraskovsky G.V., Migolenya T.I., Manina E.Yu., Pashatskaya T.V.
Change in immunological status of organism on ablating tumor in mice. pp. 85--89

Summary: An increased level of immune complexes remains in blood serum for 30 days after complete surgical operation of AH22a in Af strain of mice. Beginning from the 8th day after tumor operation a complex of free tumoral antigens, specific for tumor, disappears, antitumoral antibodies emerge and antitumoral resistance that is more expressed on 8 -- 30th days following tumor operation, develops. In 25 -- 30% of mice AH22a reinoculated in this period regresses completely.

Bagel I.M.
The effect of ionizing radiation on alkaline phosphatase activity and Ca-45 transport under hypothyreosis conditions. pp. 90--94

Summary: The experiments with 2-month-old hypothyroid male rats (mercasolil 10 mg/kg per os during 21 days) have shown that total gamma-irradiation (0.5 Gy) caused a decrease in Ca-45 transport in the duodenum and reduction in the activity of thermolabil isoenzyme of alkaline phosphatase in blood serum.



Pavlovskaya I.Ye., Simakova G.I., Yakubovskaya T.V.
New sections of the Alexandrian interglacial deposits in eastern Belarus. pp. 95--99

Summary: New locations of Alexandrian (Holsteinian) deposits were revealed in eastern Belarus on Goretskaya morainic plain. Preceding works in this region indicated the existence of two Middle Pleistocene morainic horizons -- Dnieper (Saalian) and Sozh (Varthe) morains. New findings show that lacustrine formations are covered by deposits of the unique glaciosedimental cycle including one morainic horizon.

Kiselev P.A.
New dependencies of the water flow calculations between underground water horizons. pp. 100--104

Summary: The equations for determining the water flow between underground water horizons were proposed. The water flow was evaluated in some sites of Belarus.

Monkevich K.N. †, Tsalko P.B., Tolstosheev V.I., Makarenko V.M.
On prospects of creating underground gas storages in the Pripyat Trough. pp. 105--109

Summary: It was shown that sandy deposits of the Mytva suite of the Middle Carboniferous and the Koreni suite of the Lower Triassic of the Vasilevichi inter-dome uplift of the Pripyat Trough are favourable reservoir-layers to create underground gas storages.



Yashcheritsyn P.I., Shipko A.A., Kheifets M.L., Kozhuro L.M.
Technological and operational bartiers in surface layer under high-intensive metal treatment. pp. 110--113

Summary: The paper shows expediency of using the technological and operational barriers for laminated differentiation of part material properties. Barriers were proposed to be marked by impulse derivatives of matter and energy in depth of surface layer.

Komarov F.F., Labuda A.A., Siderko A.A., Sapun I.P.
Mechanical stresses in films of doped silicate glasses . pp. 114--117

Summary: The results of experimental investigation of the mechanical stresses in the films of doped silicate glasses used as planarization interlayer isolation for the integrated-circuit production have been presented. A complex relationship between this parameter and the dopand concentration, deposition temperature, thermal annealing mode has been found.

Matusevich Yu.I., Krul L.P.
Intermolecular interaction and efficiency of cryogenic dispersion of thermoplastic material. pp. 118--121

Summary: Dispersing ability of thermoplastic materials was investigated under cryogenic conditions. Dispersivity was shown to decrease with a rise in intermolecular interaction energy.

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