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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 1999, Vol.43, No.2

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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 1999, Vol.43, No.2

(Doklady Natsionalnoi Akademii Nauk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Volume 43, Number 2; March--April, 1999

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Goglev V.V., Yanchevskii V.I.
Unramified Brauer groups in the function fields of local elliptic curves with non-slate multiplicative reduction. pp. 5--6

Summary: Let K(E) be the function field of a local elliptic curve with non-split multiplicative reduction in split case of Weierstrass equation. In terms of unramified central simple algebras over K(E) a description of generators of two-primary torsion part of unramified Brauer group of K(E) is obtained.

Mozhey N.P.
Locally transitive affine actions in low dimensions. pp. 7--8

Summary: This paper is devoted to the study of locally transitive affine actions in low dimensions. We classify locally transitive subalgebras in the Lie algebra of three-dimensional affine space. We pick the subalgebras having finite number of orbits and find their decompositions into orbits. Also, a classification of finite orbit decompositions of connected affine transformation groups in space is obtained.

Sobolevsky S.L.
Sets of non-singylarity points for first order autonomous differential equations. pp. 9--12

Summary: Full description of sets of initial data ruling out the sole solution of Cauchy problem for first order autonomous differential equations has been presented.

Zhestkov S. V., Zabreiko P.P.
Non-local theorems on solvability of the Cauchy problem for systems of ordinary differential equations. pp. 13--17

Summary: In this article some natural sufficient conditions of solvability of the Cauchy problem on the semiaxis for essentially nonlinear nonautonomous systems of ordinary differential equations are presented. These conditions are based on differential inequalities theorems for systems of ordinary differential equations (usually called Kamke -- Picone -- Wazewski comparison principle).

Minyuk S.A.
The problem of optimal control for lagging systems. pp. 18--22

Summary: The exact solution algorithm for the problem of transferring trajectory of linear stationary lagging system to the set function at minimum quadratic functional has been suggested.

Kilbas A.A., Raina R.K., Saigo M., Srivastava G.M.
On solution of multidimensional hypergeometric integral equations of the Abel type. pp. 23--26

Summary: A solution is given in a closed form of multi-dimensional integral equations of the first kind with the Gauss hypergeometric function in the kernel over special pyramidal domains. Necessary and sufficient conditions are found for solvability of these equations on spaces of summable functions. The results generalise those for multi-dimensional Abel type integral equation and for the corresponding one-dimensional hypergeometric equations.

Emelichev V.A., Yanushkevich O.A.
A linear criteria convolution in problems of lexicographic optimization. pp. 27--30

Summary: We present necessary and sufficient conditions for solvability of the vector lexicographic optimization problem in class of linear criteria convolution algorithms.

Chernyak A.A.
Dual reliability problems of k-uniform hypergraphs. pp. 31--32

Summary: The complete hierarchy of algorithmic complexity of the dual fundamental reliability problems concerning k-uniform hypergraphs with bounded vertex degrees is given.



Rubinov A.N., Afanasyev A.A., Volkov V.M., Efendiev T.Sh.
Numerical simulations of the kinetics of dynamic DFB laser with a binary dye mixture under travelling wave conditions. pp. 33--36.

Summary: Kinetics of a DFB laser with a binary mixture of dyes (molecules of a donor and an acceptor) under travelling-waves conditions was examined. It is shown that nonlinear absorption of radiation by the molecules of the acceptor can lead to a considerable (several times) shortening of the duration of the output pulse.

Dymont V.P., Novikov V.P., Nekrashevich E.M.
Raman spectroscopy of electrolytically deposited carbon films. pp. 37--39

Summary: Raman spectra of carbon films at various annealing temperatures are investigated. We found that nanocrystalline diamonds are generated in the films at 300 °C.

Lukhvich A.A., Churilo V.R.
Shimming of the permanent magnet for NMR-tornograpf. pp. 40--43

Summary: This paper presents a method reducing the complexity of a computational problem involved in passive shimming of permanent magnet in NMR imaging system.



Nefyodov L.I., Uglyanitsa K.N., Soldatov V.S., Smirnov V.Yu., Zhavrid Ye.A., Istomin Yu.P., Karavai A.V., Alexandrova E.N., Ledneva I.O., Prokopchik N.I., Motylevich Zh.V., Borodinsky A.N., Gorenstein B.I., Karaedova L.M., Kuvaeva Z.I., Kurbat N.M., Fustochenko B.P., Bondareva O.M., Lopatik D.V.
Mechanisms of metabolic action of antitumor low-molecular-weight peptides -- L-glutamine derivatives. pp. 44--47

Summary: The mechanisms of metabolic action of Deglutame (DG), anticancer low-molecular-weight L-glutamine(Gln)-derived peptide, on rat tumors W-256, SM-1, SM-45 and PC-1 has been investigated. It was demonstrated that action of DG was realized by "antiglutamine" mechanism only after its peroral administration. The metabolic effects of the preparation depend on actual concentrations of Gln and amino acids competing with the latter for common transport system.

Potkin V.I., Knizhnikov V.A., Netchai N.I., Tychinskaya L.Yu., Kaberdin R.V.
Synthesis and reactions of 1,1-bis(benzotriazol-1-yl)-2,4-dinitro-3,4-dichloro-1,3-butadiene. pp. 48--51

Summary: It was found that interaction of 1,3-dinitrotetrachloro-1,3-butadiene with benzotriazole leads to 1,1-bis(benzotriazol-1-yl)-2,4-dinitro-3,4-dichloro-1,3-butadiene. Reaction of obtained bis(benzotriazolyl)diene with piperidine proceeds by substitution of benzotriazole groups. The interaction ofbis(azolyl)diene with binucleophiles--ethylenediamine and ethanolamine results in the formation of the corresponding 2(1,3-dinitro-2,3-dichloro-2-propenyliden)-substituted derivatives of imidazolidine and oxazolidine.

Streltsov E.A., Osipovich N.P., Ivashkevich L.S., Lyakhov A.S.
Electrosynthesis of oriented PbTe films. pp. 52--55

Summary: Cathodic electrodeposition of PbTe from acidic water solutions containing Te(IV). Pb(II) and Cd(II) was investigated. It was found that |100| oriented growth of PbTe crystallites takes place in certain concentration range of Pb(II) and Cd(II). Electrosynthesis was performed by UPD of Pbad and cathodic reduction of Te(IV). It was established by CVA method that UPD of Cdad on Te atoms also takes place at PbTe electrodeposition potential E = -0.3 V (Ag/AgCl). Adsorption of Pbad and Cdad is irreversible due to formation of chemical bonds Pbad--Te and Cdad--Te. It was presumed that mechanism of Cd(II) effect consists in selective adsorption of Cdad on faces of PbTe crystals and inhibition of Pbad UPD.



Vasilenko V.Yu., Petruchuk T.A., Gonrine V.N.
Comparative analysis of linear and threshold thermal sensitivity of neurons in rat hypothalamic slices. pp. 56--59

Summary: Extracellularly recorded firing rates of neurons in the anterior hypothalamic slices of rats were thermally and pharmacologically tested. Threshold warm-sensitive neurons were found to display much higher thermal dependence of the firing rate than warm-sensitive neurons with linear temperature-activity correlation in a wide temperature range, indicating the importance of threshold neurons for the maintenance of normal brain and body temperature. Unlike linear neurons, threshold cells were not affected by synaptic blockade and GABA agonists and antagonists. Bombesin and interleukin-1b trials showed that linear warm-sensitive neurons appear to be involved in the development of bombesin-induced hypothermia, while threshold warm-sensitive ceils could be responsible for the shift and control of temperature during interleukin-induced fever.

Melnikova A.M., Martynova M.A., Skorinko E.V., Levko A.V., Matus V.K., Konev S.V.
Accumulation of ATP by C. utilis yeast under O3-induced stress. pp. 60--63

Summary: It was shown that O3 action on aquatic suspension of yeast cells C. utilis of logarithmic and stationary growth stages leads to accumulation by them in treatment medium of considerable ATP quantity. The dose dependences of change activity of endogenous respiration had different character. The respiration of cells was stimulated by low O3 doses but high one was inhibited. ATP level was increased with growth at O3 doses and was reached of maximum only by considerable inhibition of cellular respiration (on 50% and higher). The data are discussed with position O3 influence bioenergetics processes in cell. It is suggested that they may be used in biotechnology for ATP receipt on the base of yeast biomass.

Chaplinskaya E.V., Kalyunov V.N.
Effect of insulin on the level of nerve growth factor in some murine tissues. pp. 64--67

Summary: The content of NGF in some tissues of mice after 4-day daily treatment with insuline (1 U/animal) was studied using the ELISA method (enzyme-linked immunoassay). Artificial repeated hyperinsulinemia was found to affect the distribution of NGF in the body. The growth protein level significantly increased in blood serum and showed a marked tendency to rise in the submaxillary salivary gland and heart, being much less pronounced in the brain. Oppositely directed shifts were observed in the spleen, skeletal muscles and liver, reaching statistical significance in the latter. The amount of NGF remained unchanged in the kidneys.

Khmara M.E., Nikandrov V.N.
Production of thermostable enzymatic complexes as the new factor controlling cell proliferation. pp. 68--71

Summary: It is supposed that oligomeric protein complexes displaying RNAase and peroxidase activities, are induced in cells by damaging factors. These complexes protect cells from stronger damaging factors and, perhaps, they are one of essential (but not the sole) stages of tissue malignation.

Kruk N.N., Parul D.A., Galievsky V.A., Bokut S.B., Dzhagarov B.M.
Kinetic parameters of human hemoglobin oxygenation reaction in presence of fluorescent probe 1,8-anilino-naphthalene sulfonate. pp. 72--74

Summary: Optical time-resolved spectroscopy has been applied to study oxyhemoglobin dissociation and the subsequent oxygen rebinding with heme iron. It has been shown that the fluorescent probe 1,8-ANS probe does not change the kinetic parameters of the hemoglobin oxygenation and therefore it can be used to investigate dynamics of conformational changes in this transport protein.

Mikulich A.I., Limborskaya S.A., Popova S.N., Slonimsky P.A., Tsybovsky I.S., Shadrina M.I.
Use of polymorphic DNA markers to solve problems of ethnic anthropology and human genetics. pp. 75--78

Summary: In recent years methods of DNA analysis were initiated to study humans, in addition to other living species. New samples were taken in Belarus, Russian, Bashkir and Udmurt regions. Comparative evaluation allowed to reveal geographical trends in changes of DNA traits among tested populations. These investigations have been carried out to detect distribution norms of new DNA markers in East European ethnic groups. The data may be helpful for personal identification, for assessment of adaptive norms and/or ecological dependence.

Yemelyanova A.V., Sinyavskaya M.G., Pfosser M., Davydenko O.G.
Chloroplast and mitochondrial DNA inheritance in rye-wheat hybrids. pp. 79--82

Summary: Mitochondrial and chloroplast DNA of rye-wheat hybrids are biparentaley inherited. It is followed by segregation of parent organelle DNA in further generations. Genotypes which possess wheat chromosomes and organelle DNA are more competitive. Plants with such genotype become prevalent in later generations.

Alexeichuk G.N., Domash V.I., Zabreiko S.A.
Effect of swelling conditions on activity of proteolytic system during seed germination. pp. 83--86

Summary: It was established that procedures of seed hydration-dehydration-rehydration and seed osmoconditioning in PEG solutions or polyacrylamide hydrogel stimulated the proteolytic activity in process of seed germination. This phenomen is likely to relate with the stress conditions of seed swelling.



Garetsky R.G., Dankevich I.V., Karataev G.I.
Earth crust density in Belarus. pp. 87--89

Summary: The map characterizing density of Earth crust matter in whole Belarus region was originally charted using geophysical data bank. Main density heterogeneities were found to be concentrated in upper and lower crust while the middle part is relatively homogeneous. Fennoscandia and Sarmatia segments having minor density differentiation are characterized by compressed crust. The junction area -- Central Belarus zone is distinguished by heterogeneous density. It was concluded that crust density may serve an indicator of processes responsible for tectonic architecture of the region.

Makhnach A.A.
Geochemical assessment of anhydrite-gypsum transformation mechanism. pp. 90--93

Summary: It is shown that strontium and sulfur isotope ratio distribution observed during replacement of anhydrite by gypsum is evidence of metasomatic nature of the process. It involves simultaneous dissolution of anhydrite and gypsum formation,

Myasnikov O.V.
Retrospective model of the Pripyat Trough structure in the Liven age. pp. 94--99

Summary: Metric matrix areal data and their computer processing have been used. Paleoreconstructions of disjunctive, plicative and injective dislocations, strain analysis and unconventional non-linear interpretation of the results have been carried out. The developed actual retrospective models of the Pripyat Paleorift evolution in the Yevlanov-Liven age differ qualitatively from logical constructions.

Pap A.M.
Metasomatic transformations in crystalline rocks of North-Western Belarus. pp. 100--102

Summary: Traces of skarn formation and other secondary metasomatic transformations of Precambrian rocks in Belarus would enable to use such evidence as indicators for prospecting commercial ore minerals.

Sokolick G.A., Ovsyannikova S.V., Kilchitskaya S.L., Eismont E.A., Zhukovich N.V., Kimlenko I.M., Duksina V.V., Rubinchick S.Ya.
Migration of 137Cs, 90Sr, 239,240Pu and 241Am in the chain soil--soil solution--plant. The soil--soil solution link. pp. 103--109.

Summary: The mobility of 137Cs, 90Sr, 239,240Pu and 241Am in the link "soil -- soil solution" is analysed for different soil types on the basis of radionuclide distribution coefficients between solid and liquid soil phases. The distribution coefficients allow to differentiate soils in correlation with radionuclide migration rate from the solid phase to the soil solution. The reasons of different radionuclide mobility are considered.



Lishtvan I.I., Maiko L.P., Strigutsky V.P., Prokhorov S.G., Tsaryuk T.Ya., Bokaya G.M.
Mechanism ensuring synergistic effect of protective compositions based on oil-dilutable surfactants. pp. 110--112

Summary: Efficiency of EPR-spectroscopy for studies of intermolecular interactions in three-phase colloidal systems was originally demonstrated. Direct evidence was obtained that synergistic effect of protective compositions based on oil-dilutable surfactants is accompanied by weakened molecular interactions promoting generation of labile systems.

Krul L.P., Brazhnikov M.M., Brazhnikova L.Yu., Yakimtsova L.B.
Rheological properties of butadiene-styrene latex reinforced with sodium carboxymethylcellulose. pp. 113--115

Summary: Effect of abnormally high decrease of dynamic viscosity with shearing rate increase has been revealed for butadiene-styrene latex BS-50A reinforced with sodium carboxy-methylcellulose as compared to the control.

Makushok E.M., Kharchenko V.V.
Possibility to control modifications of metal structure during molding. pp. 116--119

Summary: The model based on the idea of plastic-elastic metal deflection from the container walls has been offered to explain uniform-shear deformations resulting from cross-lateral molding. Possibility of triggering uniform-shear and simple-shear in molded parts by direct or reverse pressing using special dies has been demonstrated.

Borodachev N.M., Tarikov G.P.
Construction of the weight function for a circular crack in an elastic layer. pp. 120--122

Summary: The weight function is obtained for an internal circular crack in an elastic isotropic layer of an infinite thickness.

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