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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 1999, Vol.43, No.3

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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 1999, Vol.43, No.3

(Doklady Natsionalnoi Akademii Nauk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Volume 43, Number 3; May--June, 1999

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Dmitruck N. M., Kirillova F. M.
Optimization of control systems with state constraint. pp. 5--8

Summary: An algorithm for solving a linear optimal control problem with state constraint is described.

Astrovskii A. I.
Uniform point observability of linear time-varying sistems. pp. 9--12

Summary: The relations between uniform observability, uniform point observability and strong uniform point observability for linear time-varying system of ordinary differential equations are established. The necessary and sufficient conditions of uniform point observability are obtained.

Lipnitsky A. A.
2-Torsion of Brauer groups of elliptic curves with good monocomponent reduction defined over real formal power series. pp. 13--16

Summary: 2-Torsion of Brauer groups of elliptic curves with good reduction defined over real formal power series by unramified central division algebras has been presented.

Tikhonov S. V.
Brauer groups of elliptic curves defined over complex formal power series. pp. 17--20

Summary: The presentation of 2Br(E) and 3Br(E) by unramified division algebras is obtained for an elliptic curve E with good reduction defined over complex formal power series field.

Timoshenko L. M.
Rationality of diverse semisimple algebra groups over p-adic fields. pp. 21--24

Summary: The rationality of semisimple group variety G defined over p-adic field and lacking simple components of An, 2Dn type has been proved.

Shiryaev V. M.
Finite commutative filtering semigroups. pp. 25--28

Summary: It is proved that a finite commutative semigroup S is filtered if S is decomposed into a semilattice of nilpotent extensions of the groups of order 1 or 2, the elements of the same group acting equally on underlying components.

Selkin V. M.
Existence of minimal local normally hereditary non-B-formations. pp. 29--31

Summary: It is proved that if Á Í/ Ã, where Á is a local normally hereditary formation and à is a local normally hereditary formation of classical type, then Á contains a minimal local normally hereditary non-Ã-formation.

Zabreiko P. P., Kovalenok A. P.
Algorithms for calculating zero index of pseudomonotonous vector fields in Hilbert spaces. pp. 32--35

Summary: The article presents a general algorithm to calculate index of degenerate zero for pseudomonotonous vector fields in Hilbert spaces.

Rogosin S. V.
On solvability of nonlinear conjugation problem of power type. pp. 36--40

Summary: The solvability of nonlinear conjugation problem of power type in the classes of analytic functions vanishing at some points of the contour is investigated.

Yemelichev V. A., Berdysheva R. A.
Stability and quasistability of vector trajectory problem of sequential optimization. pp. 41--44

Summary: Two types of stability of vector trajectory problem of sequential discrete optimization are investigated.



Goncharenko A. M.
Rates of optical data processing and transfer. pp. 45--46

Summary: The potentially possible data rate of optical processing and transmitting information has been estimated.

Sotsky A. B.
Integral-differential equations describing modes of wave channels with uniaxial anisotropy. pp. 47--51

Summary: The system of integro-differential equations has been formulated to describe both guided and leaky modes of inhomogeneous channel waveguides with uniaxial anisotropy.

Voitovich A. P., Kulminsky A. M., Loyko Yu. V.
Effect of light polarization on pulse generation dynamics in class B lasers. pp. 52--56

Summary: Nonlinear dynamics of vector Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) has been investigated. It is shown that vectorial degree of freedom in such class B lasers gives rise to chaotic behavior affecting the amplitude and polarization of the emitted mode. Such polarization chaos is found to occur through period-doubling cascade.



Balabanovich A. I., Levchick S. V., Lesnikovich A. I.
Effect of substituents on thermal stability of 5-aminotetrazole derivatives. pp. 57--58

Summary: Using non-isothermal kinetic data, thermal stability of 5-aminotetrazole derivative was calculated in the temperature range 200--250 °C. The influence of inductive and mesomeric effects on the stability of 5-aminotetrazole ring was investigated. It was established, that the substituents in position "1" of 5-aminotetrazole ring, having negative inductive effect, decrease its thermal stability, while the substituents showing positive inductive effect increase it.

Losev Yu. P., Fedulov A. S., Mezen N. I.
Inhibitors of lipid peroxidation with intramolecular synergism. pp. 59--61

Summary: Comparative efficiency of thiophosphoric-acid amide series as inhibitors of lipid peroxidation has been studied.



Pisarchick A. V., Kartel N. A.
Promoter functions of simple sequences (AC)n and (AT)n. pp. 62--65

Summary: A possible role of simple sequences for transcription control in eucaryotes was assessed. For this purpose a number of constructions was developed. These constructions contained insertions of simple sequences instead of enhancer or core of the 35S promoter as well as insertions downstream of transcription terminator. Deletion of 35S promoter core that initiates transcription reduced phosphynotricin-acetyl-transferase (bar) gene expression to zero. Insertions of (AC)n and (AT)n sequences restored gene expression to some extent. These results are first direct evidence that simple sequences can initiate transcription in genomes of eucaryotes. This fact forces us to look at the importance of simple sequences in genome functioning in a new fashion. Insertion of (AC)20 sequence downstream of transcription termination site led to an increase of bar gene expression in plasmids containing 35S promoter core and to a decrease in constructions containing (AC)n and (AT)n sequences instead of it. A possible cause of these differences is low specificity of transcription initiation by simple sequences in comparison with 35S promoter.

Lyskova T. I., Fedorovich S. V., Konev S. V.
Effect of acidosis on activity of cytoplasmatic superoxide dismutase in cerebral synaptosomes. pp. 66--69

Summary: Presence of specific superoxide dismutase (Cu2+, Zn2+-SOD) activity in rat brain synaptosomes was shown. It was found that pH shift in incubation medium of synaptosomes to the acid zone (pH 6.5--5.0) induced irreversible inhibition of enzyme activity. It is suggested that decrease of SOD activity leads to increased superoxide radical levels which could be one the causes of acidosis-induced increment of TBA-reactive products.

Lemesh V. A., Malyshev S. V., Khotyleva L. V.
Application of molecular markers to assess flax genetic diversity. pp. 70--72

Summary: The method of polymerase chain reaction with randomized primers (RAPD-PCR) was chosen to evaluate application prospects of molecular markers for studies of genetic diversity of Linum genus. 20 Randomly selected primers differing in nucleotide sequence and GC-make-up have been tested. 9 Primers revealed polymorphic fragments in 12 flax accessions. The trials have demonstrated that RAPD analysis may be used to study genetic polymorphism of flax cultivars (L. usitatissimum) and differentiate wild species of Linum genus hardly distinguishable by morphological traits.

Konoplya E. F., Chanturiya A. V., Popov E. G.
Effect of incorporated caesium-137 on androgen reception and cell ultrastructure of rat testes. pp. 73--77

Summary: Biochemical analysis (androgen reception) and electron microscopy of rat testes were undertaken after peroral incorporation of caesium-137 (320 kBq per animal). The data revealed dose-dependent (132, 196, 251, 260 mGy) effects of irradiation upon all populations of testicular cells, especially manifested in Sertoli. Local exposure effects are assumed to be potentiated by shifts in neurohormonal control mechanisms.

Galkovskaya G. A., Mityanina I. F., Zarubov A. I., Gorelysheva Z. I.
Modifying effect of consument factor on growth and morphological structure of experimental populations Scenedesmus acutus Meyen. pp. 78--80

Summary: Biovolume and the relative amount of multicellular cenobia of alga Scenedesmus acutus were found to rise with the increase of the initial growth rate.

Bagel I. M., Shafranovskaya E. V., Gorokh G. A, Markova A. G.
Effect of ionizing radiation on catalytic properties of Ca2+-ATPase from sarooplasmatic reticulum of skeletal muscle. pp. 81--84

Summary: Total external gamma-irradiation at doses 0.5; 4 and 8 Gy by changed kinetic (Vmax, Ka) and thermodynamic (Ea, breakpoint) characteristics of sarcoplasmic reticulum membranes of skeletal muscle. These alterations are probably correlated with disbalance of hormonal regulation of intracellular calcium metabolism and changes in membrane structure and functions.

Kraskovsky G. V., Mironova G. I., Gorobetz L. V. †, Rosetskaya S. D., Fedorova M. V.
Complex protection-repair of induced genetic and cancerogenic damages. pp. 85--88

Summary: Administration of nicotinamide (1% 0.6 ml) before urethan (1.5 mg/g) and thymaline after it induces pronounced effect of protection-therapy (repair) of chromosomal lesions in bone marrow and tumor genesis in mice lungs.

Semenenya I. N., Gourine A. V., Semenovich A. A.
The cationic composition of the cerebrospinal fluid and blood serum of rabbits in huperthermia induced by Freund's complete adjuvant. pp. 89--91

Summary: The present paper contains the results of studies on the role of cations of the cerebrospinal fluid and blood serum of rabbits in the development of hyperthermia induced by application of Freund's complete adjuvant containing killed and dried Mycobacterium butyricum. It was found that in the febrile phase of the hyperthermic response the liquor had a lower concentration of Ca2+ and higher ratios of Na+/Ca2+ and K+/Ca2+. On the contrary, the content of Ca2+ in the blood serum increased and the Na+/Ca2+ ratio decreased. In the subfebrile phase, the content of cations and their ratios in the cerebrospinal fluid and blood serum did not differ from the control values. These data are indicative of differences in the mechanisms of thermoregulatory disturbances in the febrile and subfebrile phases of the hyperthermic response induced by Freund's complete adjuvant.



Aizberg R. E., Garetsky R. G., Starchyk T. A.
Geodynamics and mineragenesis in Belarus paleorifts. pp. 92--95

Summary: Geodynamic characteristics of the paleorift structures of various age found in the territory of Belarus were described and compared. It was demonstrated that different kinds of deep rifting mechanism were responsible for geodynamic peculiarities of paleorifts formation and mineragenesis.

Makhnach A. A., Mikhailov N. D., Kolosov I. L., Gulis L. F., Shimanovich V. M., Demeneva O. V.
Sulfur isotopes in sulfate--sulfide system of chloride and sulfate type halogenesis basins. pp. 96--99

Summary: It has been shown that patterns of sulfur isotope distribution in chloride and sulfate type evaporite basins are essentially different. Sulfur isotopic composition of sulfate minerals in sulfate type basins becomes lighter from the gypsum stage to the chloride one. An opposite trend occurs in chloride type basins. Sulfur isotope ratio of pyrite formed at the chloride stage in sulfate type basins is much lower with respect to the initial sulfate than in chloride type basins. The differences are explained in the terms of chemical systems that are open or closed with respect to sulfur during the sulfate reduction process.

Loginov V. F., Sachok G. I.
Regional structural-functional analysis of Belarus landscapes. pp. 100--103

Summary: The original concept of structural-regional Belarus landscapes analysis, based on system ideology, qualitative methods and scientific-research processes computerization has been stated.

Urban G. I., Levashkevich V. G., Zuy V. G., Belyashov A. V.
Geotemperature field of Zhlobin saddle. pp. 104--107

Summary: The terrestrial temperature pattern of the Zhlobin Saddle is rather contrast ing. Reduced temperature values higher background correspond to the Zhlobin Kimberlite Field located inside the Saddle area. Diatremes are mainly not detected in the geothermal field down to the tested deep protile. The observed field zonality is conditioned by conjugated fractures.

Velichkevich F. Yu.
First evidence of species Potamogeton sukaczevii Wieliczk. in Neopleistocene flora of Poland. pp. 108--110

Summary: The extinct Neopleistocene species Potamogeton sukaczevii Wieliczk., described from Muravian-Early Poozerian flora of Cherikov on the Sozh was first found in Poland in profile Horoszki Duze and recently in two profiles of Central Poland (Golkow, Bedlno). These new finds extend the known range of this species more than 250 km westward and allowed us to evaluate thoroughly its morphological variety in Polish populations.

Matveyev A. V., Nechiporenko L. A.
Regional distribution of lineations detected by space surveys and charts in Belarus. pp. 111--114

Summary: The structures of two orders are distinguished based on distribution of linear dislocations. Their arrangement is conditioned by geodynamical processes taking place the Baltic and Carpathian regions. The impact of Carpathian orogen on Belarus territory started to wane during the Quarternary period, giving way to Baltic tectonic strain.



Chichko A. N., Sobolev V. F., Zazhogin A. P.
New approaches to determine silicon in alloys Al--Si--Fe--Mg--Cu based on nuclear emission spectra. pp. 115--118

Summary: The method of selecting spectral emission lines for determination silicon in Al--Si alloys characterized by different structure is proposed. It is shown that for determination of Si in Al--Si alloys with the structure of 97-solid solution the most informative are lSi7 = 288.157 nm emission lines and for eutectoids -- lSi9 = 288.157 nm.

Struck V. A., Oparin D. A., Medvedz A. V.
Heterocyclic thiocarbonyl derivatives as a new class of polymer modifiers. pp. 119--122

Summary: The possibility of using heterocyclic thiones as modifiers of polymeric material has been studied. It was established that some thiones are effective antioxidants of polyethylene.

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