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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2001, Vol.45, No.2

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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2001, Vol.45, No.2

(Doklady Natsionalnoi Akademii Nauk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Volume 45, Number 2; March--April, 2001

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Tikhonov S. V., Yanchevskii V. I.
On algebraic form of meromorphic functions in Tale uniformization of local elliptic curves with split multiplicative reduction. pp. 5--7

Summary: An algorithm of finding of algebraic form of meromorphic functions in Tate uniformization of local elliptic curves with split multiplicative reduction is obtained.

Bakhtin V. I.
The Perron-Frobenius dynamical systems. pp. 8--11

Summary: In this paper we explain an abstract scheme how to construct invariant measures and to prove probability limit theorems in case of discrete dynamical systems generated by certain continuous mappings.

Gabasov R. F., Dmitruk N. M., Brillova F. M.
Sliding observation of dynamic systems behavior. pp. 12--16

Summary: A problem of observation of the linear nonstationary system behavior is under consideration. At every moment of time the observation signal of fixed length is being processed. A fast algorithm for constructing linear estimates of a posteriori distributions of the system's current state is described.

Bobr V. V., Yadchenko A. A.
Invariant subgroups of p-solvable irreducible linear groups of relatively small degree. pp. 17--18

Summary: The invariant tests of Sp-subgroup H of p-solvable irreducible complex linear group of degree less then 2|H| are obtained.

Makarov E. K., Rachkovski N. N.
On arcwise connectedness of maximal point set for convex compact. pp. 19--21

Summary: We prove that the efficient point set of a compact convex set in Hausdorff topological vector space is arcwise connected.

Kovalionok A. P.
Rotation of pseudomonotone vector fields and Dirichlet's problem for elliptical equations. pp. 22--26

Summary: The paper deals with the Dirichlet's problem for the 2nd order elliptical equations whose solutions depend at least on three variables. Sufficient conditions for solvability and existence of the second solutions for such problems are presented. They are based upon the Sobolev spaces embeddings and theorems for calculating the index of zero and asymptotic index of pseudomonotone vector fields.

Zabreiko P. P., Lysenko Y. V.
Exact formulas for higher order derivatives for inverse functions in banach spaces. pp. 27--30

Summary: The paper presents exact formulas for higher order derivatives for inverse mappings in Banach spaces. These formulas are generalizations of the well-known Ostrovski formulas of derivatives of scalar inverse functions. The basic method is based on the passage from the problem of calculating higher derivatives for inverse functions to special problems concerning transformations of trees.

Krasovskaya T. G., Khramtsov O. V.
On infinitely differentiable linear systems with set of Perron lower exponents of positive measure. pp. 31--34

Summary: The linear system x = A(t)x, x Î Rn, t ³ 0, with infinitely differentiable bounded coefficients and their bounded derivatives of any order, that the set of lower Perron exponents of this system is [-1; 0], is constructed.

Tsegelnik V. V.
On formulas of biunique correspondence between solutions of two nonlinear differential equations. pp. 35--37

Summary: Formulas are received, which defines the one-to-one correspondence between the solutions of the fifth Painleve's equation in case if d = 0 and also between the solutions of the nonlinear differential second order equation (which permits linearization) by different sets of values of parameters entered into it.



Cheremisinova L. D.
PLA bi-partite folding. pp. 38--42

Summary: This paper presents some results of PLA area optimizing by means of its column and row folding. A more restricted type of PLA simple folding is considered. It is introduced by Egan and Liu and called as bi-partite folding. An efficient approach is presented which allows to find an optimal bi-partite folding reducing exhaustive computational efforts.

Bibilo P. N.
Logical synthesis of Weinberger Array. pp. 43--46

Summary: The problem of area optimization of the Weinberger array realizing a sum-of-products system is considered. The method of minimization of its column number is presented.



Zhestkov S. V., Kuvshinov V. I.
Generalization about Hirota's method on the systems of coupled nonlinear Schroedinger random order equations. pp. 47--50

Summary: The one-soliton solution for common system of coupled nonlinear random order Schroedinger equations is constructed. The necessary and sufficient conditions of existence of this solution are obtained.

Ras B., Tolstik A. L., Feranchuk I. D.
Operator representation for situations of single-mode quantum field. pp. 51--54

Summary: The operator representation is considered for the eigenvectors of arbitrary linear and quadratic combinations of the operators a and a+ . This allows us to introduce generalized coherent and squeezed states which may be useful for the description of several processes in quantum optics.

Goncharenko A. M., Sinitsyn G. V., Khodasevich M. A., Yasyukevich A. S.
Energetic efficiency of information transmission through communication channels with pulse-position modulation. pp. 55--58

Summary: Within the framework of the number-state model the limiting effeciencies of information transmission through communication channels with pulse-position modulation both in classical and in quantum limits are considered. The main attention is paid to the latter because it corresponds to the optical channels in most casses. Taking the photon counting systems as an example we show that the current estimations of their characteristics are considerably worse in comparison with limiting values that are determined within the framework of the number-state model.

Andreev A. D., Borzdov V. M., Galenchik V. O., Komarov F. F.
Modeling of influence of impact ionization on electrons transport in submicron MOSFET: particle method. pp. 59--62

Summary: The results of statistical simulation of electron transport in submicron MOSFET channel are presented. Modeling is provided by means of particle method with account of impact ionization according to two varieties of Keldysh model. The original algorithm of estimation of electron charge in the channel is developed.



Arsenov D. V., Babitskaya S. V., Kisel M. A., Strelchyonok O. A.
Synthesis of mycelle-generating phosphoethanolamides of unsaturated fat acids. pp. 63--66

Summary: A universal method for preparation of water-soluble analogs of anandamide has been developed. Phosphorylated ethanolamides of linoleic, linolenic, g-linolenic, arachidonic, eicosapentaenoic, docosahexaenoic, all-trans-retinoic, and 13-cis-retinoic acid have been synthezised. The values of critical mycelle concentration of compounds prepared have been estimated.

Shmanai V. V., Vinokurova L. G., Nikolaeva T. A.
New polymer matrixes with improved properties for solid-phase immunochemical analysis. pp. 67--70

Summary: Polymer supports based on formylated polystyrene beads containing various functional groups for covalent immobilization of reagents in immunoassay were developed. Carriers modified with hydrophilic functional polymers, such as polysaccharides and derivatives of polyacrylic acid, allow cite-directed immobilization of antibodies and create optimal microenvironment for coupled proteins.

Soldatov V. S., Sosinovich Z. I, Korshunova T. A.
Fast potentiometric titration of ionites. pp. 71--75

Summary: The conditions for the fast potentiometric titration of gel type ion exchanger in one-sample experiment were determined. This method allows to obtain its equilibrium titration curve. It was found that direct and back titration of concentrated immersion of finely ground ion exchanger in the electrolyte solution with 20-minutes intervals between additions of titrant of high concentration gives coinciding results, identical to the results of the batch experiment. This means that it is possible to obtain equilibrium potentiometric titration curves in one working day and use this method for express control of properties of ion exchangers.



Fradkin L. I., Domansky V. P., Oster U., Kolyago V. M., Rudiger V.
Albuminous supramolecular complexes of photosynthetic system of etiolation leaves. pp. 76--79

Summary: Nondenaturing gel electrophoresis of unstacked barley chloroplasts and etioplasts disintegrated with digitonin (Dg-PAGE) and Western-blotting were performed. It was shown that Dg-PAGE isolates ATP-synthase, ribulose-bisphosphate carboxylase-oxygenase (RubisCO) and cytochrome b6f complex as high-molecular complexes. Dg-PAGE of etioplasts, described here for the first time, confirmed that ATP-synthase, RubisCO and cytochrome b6f occur in etiolated plants as supramolecular complexes.

Lobanok L. M., Luksha L. S., Mikhalovskaya N. P.
Dilative responses of aorta in conditions of hypoxia and anoxia. pp. 80--83

Summary: NO-mediated dilative responses of arterial vessels to carbachol in conditions of low pO2 decrease. NO-inmediated responses of vessels to isoprenaline with hypoxia grow, and with anoxia are reduced.

Reutsky V. G., Gigolashvili T. S.
Aqueous homeostasis of anabolic tissue Solanum Tuberosum L. under in-and ex vitro conditions. pp. 84--85

Summary: The structural organization of water homeostasis and its role in the high plant viability maintenance under different conditions is presented in the paper.

Trukhanovets N. L., Ruban V. V., Ilchenko V. P., Khotyleva L. V.
Ontogenetic development of fiber cells of various fibre flax genotypes. pp. 86--88

Summary: Ultrastructural organization of fiber cells was studied in fibre flax genotypes differing in their fiber quality. The differences in formation of cells and cell walls of fiber depending on genotype and developmental stage were revealed.

Perebityuk A. N., Konyushkevich L. N.
Genetic and physical analysis of recombinant plasmids RP4: :TOL. pp. 89--92

Summary: A series of hybrid plasmids RP4: :TOL (pANP) was obtained under in vivo recombination. As a result of physical mapping of the plasmids it was established that all of which contain TOL plasmid pWWO DNA segment on RP4 replicon corresponding with transposon Tn4651. Even distribution of transposition sites indicates a low transposition specifisity of the present catabolic transposon. As a result of Tn4651 insertion some plasmids have function disturbances in transmissibility, maintenance and inheritance pattern of xyl genes cluster in Tn4651 composition. Dependence of maintenance of xyl genes on Tn4651 transposition site on RP4 was shown.



Savchenko I. E., Rylova T. B.
Biostratigraphic subdivision of Murava and Lower Poozerie Pleistocene deposits in the territory of Belarus (from polynological evidences). pp. 93--98

Summary: New scheme of stratigraphical division of Muravian and Lower Pleistocene deposits of Belarus is suggested in the paper. Regional pollen zones are recognised. The scheme is illustrated by the example of two exposures of stratotype section near village Murava.

Konishchev V. S.
Interaction of differently aged salt strata as a result of halokinesis. pp. 99--103

Summary: The different forms of interraction of salt stata as a result of halokinesis are described. It is shown that secondary salt strata is wide spreaded and sometimes it forms salt domes.

Astapenko V. N., Dovgal G. N., Stadnik Yu. N.
Deep structure of the eastern part of Belarus on the basis of magnetotelluric investigations. pp. 104--109

Summary: Results of deep electromagnetic sounding along geotransect VII are presented and resistivity-depth section of the crust is constructed. The geological nature of conductivity anomalies of the crust of the eastern part of Belarus is discussed.

Karataev G. I.
Palaeodynamics of the gravity field in sedimentation process within the Pripyat Trough. pp. 110--114

Summary: Palaeostructural cross sections and density models of sedimentary deposits are compiled for the main phases of the evolution of the Pripyat Trough during the Hercynian time. Corresponding riftogenesis phases of the gravity field were calculated. The gravity field dynamics which reflects a sedimentation process with in the Pripyat Palaeorift was studied. It was shown that the gravity field dynamics could be used to restore the structure of the Pripyat Palaeorift at the compressional stage, the geologic information on which was absent till present.

Astapova S. D., Vinokurov V. F.
Guide boulders of the regional glacial formations of Belarusian Poozerie. pp. 115--118

Summary: Boulder associations and guide bouldeis of ice-contact features have been studied in the Belarussian Poozerie area. Three associations of guide boulders distinguished within this territory suggest that three ice flows moving in the south-eastern, southern and south-western directions contributed to the relief formation.

Azhgirevich L. F., Krutous E. A., Yakubovskaya T. V.
Fossil flora from amber-containing deposits at the Gatcha field. pp. 119--122

Summary: 166 species are determined according to a study of carpological residuals in the fossil flora from amber containing alluvial-lacustrine deposits at the Gatcha field in the Area of Kobrin of Brest Region. The flora is defined as mixtohronous. The Oligocene, Pliocene and Quarter species are presented in the fossils. Re-deposition and blending of plant remains has occurred together with a dislocation of amber during the long period of time in the Late Cenozoe.

Makhnach A. S., Veretennikov N. V.
The Vendian of Belams as one of the priority stratotypes of the Vendian system of the East European Platform. pp. 123--126

Summary: The Vendian of Belarus is the most suitable sequence as stratotype of the Vendian system of the East European Platform. All three horizons are well represented in the Vendian of Belarus. These are the Laplandia Horizon (including the glacial Vilcha and the volcanogenic Volyn Series), the Redkino and Kotlin Horizons.



Marukovich E. I., Branovitsky A. M.
Three-dimensional heat model for continuous casting process of bimetallic billets. pp. 127--132

Summary: Mathematical simulation of the solidification process of rectangular bimetallic billets during horizontal continuous casting is made. The large set of parameters when describing the process of casting allows modeling of a wide spectrum of tasks of the given sort. The developed program enables to make analysis of dependence of solidification on many constructional and technological parameters.

Roman O. V., Andilevko S. K., Karpenko S. S.
On ultradeep penetration of microparticles into non-metals. pp. 133--135

Summary: The results of experiment shown that the ultradeep penetration can be realized for non-metallic materials are being firstly published.

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