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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2002, Vol.46, No.1

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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2002, Vol.46, No.1

(Doklady Natsionalnoi Akademii Nauk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Volume 46, Number 1; January--February, 2002

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Rabtsevich V. A.
On strongly increasing solutions of Emden-Fawler equations with advanced argument. pp. 5--7

Summary: For generalised Emden -- Fowler differential equation, necessary conditions to have nonoscillatory strongly increasing solutions are established. Upper asymptotic estimates of the solutions are obtained.

Zabreiko P. P., Lysenko Yu. V.
Exact formulas of high-order derivatives of implicit functions. pp. 8--12

Summary: A paper presents exact formulas of higher-order derivatives for implicitly defined maps in Banach spaces. The basic method is based on the passage from the problem of calculating higher derivatives for implicitly defined maps to special problems concerning transformations of trees.

Melnikov O. V., Shishkevich A. A.
Pro-p-groupswithdimension-2 Poincare virtual duality. pp. 13--15

Summary: The main result of a paper gives a presentation by generators and relators of planar pro-p-groups. A pro-p-group G is planar, by definition, if G is finitely presented aspherical, and cohomology groups Hq(G,Fp[[G]]) = {0} for q » 2 and H2(G,Fp[[G]]) @ Z / pZ.

Jovanovich B. S., Matus P. P.
Strong stability of second-order differential equations with unbounded operator coefficients. pp. 16--19

Summary: There are obtained a priori estimates for solution of an abstract Cauchy problem for a second-order hyperbolic equation. These estimates imply uniform dependence of the solution on perturbations of initial conditions, right-hand member, and unbounded operator coefficients (strong stability).

Likhoded N. A.
On construction of general parallelizing functions. pp. 20--23

Summary: The sufficient constraints for the construction of scheduling functions (i. e. the functions for the partition of the algorithms into parts which can be implemented in a parallel way) are obtained. The constructive method for the obtaining scheduling functions is presented.

Filiptsov A. V.
On binormal systems of solutions of linear differential systems with exponentially decreasing perturbations. pp. 24--27

Summary: For linear differential systems. Grobman perturbations do not change the number of solutions in binormal systems of solutions with the given Lyapunov characteristic exponent and the characteristic exponent of the corresponding solution of the mutual solutions system of the conjugate system.

Lebedev A. V., Odzievich A.
C*-algebras associated with endomorphisms generated by partial isometry. pp. 28--31

Summary: The paper presents a description of the structure of the C*-algebra generated by a commutative algebra A and a partial isometry U inducing an endomorphism of A by means of the mapping U (•)U* : A ® A.

Tretiakova N. N.
Limit relations between some special functions. pp. 32--36

Summary: The special functions and the diffequations connected with representations of SO(n) and ISO(n - 1) groups are investigated. The limit relations between common type's matrix elements for representations of considerated groups are obtained. As a consequence of it, we have limit relation between some special functions, between some classical diffequations.

Yemelichev V. A., Krichko V. N., Nikulin Yu. V.
Formula for quasistability radius of vector minimax Boolean programming problem. pp. 37--40

Summary: Formula for the quasistability radius of vector minimax Boolean programming problem is obtained.

Gaishun I. V.
Periodic solution stabilization for discrete system over ring. pp. 41--43

Summary: The criterion of periodic solution stabilization for linear discrete system over ring is obtained.

Radyno Ya. V., Ringel D. E.
On mnemonification functor. pp. 44--47

Summary: To study the rings of mnemonumbers, we introduce the mnemofication functor from the category of normed spaces over non-trivially normed field into the category of ultra-metric Banach modules over ultra-metric commutative ring of mnemonumbers that is mnernofication of basic field. We found a complete non-trivially normed subfield in the ring of mnemonumbers isomorphic to the field of formal power series with coefficient in the basic field; so, the ring of mnemonumbers is Banach algebra over it and corresponding modules are Banach spaces.

Miklashevich I. A.
Fractal dimensionality of deterioration based on medium properties. pp. 48--50

Summary: Method of determination of fractal dimension of fracture surface is proposed. The method is based on the representation of crack growth along the geodetic line in the Finsler space.



Lipnitskii S. F.
Mathematical model of recognition of sentence syntactic structure in text processing. pp. 51--54

Summary: The method of recognition of syntactic structure of natural language sentences is suggested. The method is based on mathematical simulation of semantic relations and their properties.



Zhestkov S. V., Kuvshinov V. I.
A remark to dark soliton theory. pp. 55--59

Summary: For common system of second-order coupled nonlinear Schroedinger equations, the dark soliton solution is found. The necessary and sufficient conditions for this solution are formulated.



Kostyuk S. V., Kaputskii F. N., Mardykin V. P., Gaponik L. V., Antipin L. M., Kuzaev A. I.
Quasiliving cationic polymerization of styrene with 1-Phenylethyl chloride (TiCl4) Bu2O. pp. 60--63

Summary: The cationic polymerization of slyrene with 1-phenylethyl chloride/titanium tetrachloride/dibutyl ether has been investigated. It is shown that the application of dibutyl ether causes passing living polymerization. The influence of ether on rate. molecular weight, molecular weight distribution of polymer has been analysed.

Vecher A. A., Voropaev A. G., Gusakov A. G., Zheludkevich M. L., Savitsky A. A.
On some thermodynamic aspects of interaction between atomic gases and materials. pp. 64--68

Summary: The thermodynamic interpretation of mass transfer phenomena in systems with atomic gases ("superpermeability" and "pumping"), based on the fact of increasing atomic gas chemical potential, is provided in comparison with nondissociated (molecular) gas. The possibility of recombination reaction of gas phase atom with crystal lattice atom is shown and the features of copper and silver oxidation by atomic oxygen are explained from this point of view. It is shown that it is necessary to consider the contribution of kinetic energy to chemical potential in accelerated beams of gases.



Yakushev B. I., Korsenko M. N.
Influence of natural radioactive background on growth and development of plants. pp. 69--73

Summary: Influence of radioactive background of the Earth on growth and development of plants in processes of germination of seeds and following sprouts growth outdoors is studied. It is shown that germination of seeds in closed lead chamber decreased their germinating capacity and increased following sprouts growth outdoors.

Orlovskaya O. A.
Plants embryogenesis and regeneration from young triticale hybrid embryos with inclusion of Aegilops. pp. 74--77

Summary: Plants regeneration by somatic embryogenesis from young F2 triticale hybrid embryos including Aegilops chromosomes, their parents -- hexaploid triticale and genome-substitution wheat lines where D-genome was substituted for appropriate genomes of Aegilops was studed. Of 8 cross combinations F2 the green regenerants were obtained in 7 ones.

Ditchenko T. I., Kudryashov A. P., Yurin V. M.
Modification of proton pump activity of plant cell plasma membrane on exposure to 1,2,4-triazole derivatives. pp. 78--82

Summary: The effect of 1,2,4-triazole fungicides derivatives -- propiconazole, tebuconazole, and cyproconazole -- on light-stimulated electrogenic proton pump of intact plant cell plasma membrane was investigated. Electrophysiological analysis of results showed that mechanism of action of tested triazoles concerned direct inhibition of H+-ATPase plant plasma membrane.

Nashkevich N. N., Akalovich S. T., Louneva N. M., Voitenok N. N.
Endothelial form of Interleukin-8: the study of production by human monocytes using monoclonal antibodies. pp. 83--86

Summary: Interleukin-8 (IL-8) plays a central role in neutrophil chemotaxis and activation. Two forms of IL-8 exist, consisting of 72 (IL-872) and of 77 amino-acids (IL-877). IL-877 was reported to be produced predominantly by endothelial cells and is known as "endothelial" IL-8 while IL-872 is known as "macrophage-derived" since it is mainly detected in monocyte cultures. The goal of this study was to develop an immunoassay for detection of 77 a.a. form of human IL-8. Mouse monoclonal antibody was produced that recognized IL-877, but did not react to IL-872. Sensitive ELISA specific to IL-877 was developed using combination of monoclonal antibodies to IL-877 and to both forms of IL-8. Using this immunoassay, the production of IL-877 and IL-872 in the culture of human monocytes was explored. It was shown that the only form of IL-8 produced by monocytes in the first 6 hours of the cell culture was IL-877 while IL-872 was accumulated at later time points. Similar data have been obtained in cell cultures of different cell lines. The accumulation of IL-872 at later time points was prevented by adding protease inhibitors cocktail to the culture indicating that it appeared via protheolytic conversion of previously secreted IL-877. We suggest that IL-877 is main form of IL-8 operating in physiological leukocyte emigration and chemotaxis in vivo.

Palilova A. N., Urbanovich O. Yu., Dolmatovich T. V., Pavlyuchuk N. V., Akhramenko A. D.
Differentiation of potato clones resistant and susceptible to X- and L-viruses using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method. pp. 87--89

Summary: Closely related potato clones differing in stability and degree of resistance to X- and L viruses were studied using PCR method with arbitrary primers. Polymorphism between the resistant and susceptible clones was revealed at the DNA level. Deletions of some amplification fragments have been revealed in the clones resistant to these pathogens.

Sheiko Ya. I., Kvitko O. V., Koneva I. I., Tyurikov A. P.
Analysis of proliferation and differentiation of normal (aging) human and mouse fibroblasts by means of life-time videomicroscopy. pp. 90--94

Summary: Analysis of human and mouse fibroblasts cultivated in vitro by means of life-time videomicroscopy revealed substantial difference in differentiation and proliferation that can be associated with difference in life-span and frequency of cancer transformation in these species.



Levykh N. N., Bulkin Yu. S., Abramenko V. I.
Behavior of some rare-earth elements in Pre-Mid-Riphean weathering crusts developed in crystalline basement rocks in Belarus. pp. 95--97

Summary: The behavior of Sc, Yh, Y, La in Pre-Mid-Riphean weathering crusts developed in the crystalline basement rocks with different composition has been studied. It is shown that these elements are characterized by poor mobility in the crust formation processes (removal is about 30%), with an exception of some sections built by the ripest weathering products when their removal increases up to 50--75% due to their release from less stable minerals. Besides mineral-concentrators and intensive crust formation processes, the secondary processes considerably influence on migration capacity.

Kovderko V. E.
On nature of mountain glaciations. pp. 98--101

Summary: Nature of vertical climatic zonality and mountain glaciations is examined. Negative temperatures in hionosphere are caused by oxygen excitation-atomization-ionization as well as influence of rigid ultraviolet part of solar radiation spectrum. The offered concept is based on analysis of temperature graphic of atmosphere and results of direct experiment.

Konishchev V. S.
Compensation thickness of suprasalt deposits within Pripyat Trough. pp. 102--106

Summary: It is proved that compensation thickness of suprasalt deposits in the Pripyat Trough is 4500 m and it is the same as general thickness of suprasalt deposits.

Aizberg R. Ye., Starchik T. A.
Influence of marginal palate strains on Hercynian structures development in the Southern Belarus. pp. 107--110

Summary: Hercynian tectonics in the Southern Belarus is due to both intraplate rifting processes developed in the Pripyat-Donets aulacogen and effects of external geodynamic strains on the side of the mobile belts of the Teysseire-Tornquist zone, the Carpatian part of the paleo-Thetys and the Pro-Central European foreland.



Usacheva E. Yu., Revyako M. M., Poluyanovich V. Ya., Sitnov A. A.
Structure and properties regulation of foamed polyethylene. pp. 111--114

Summary: Method of foaming high-pressure polyethylene by nitrogendicarbonamid without peroxide combinations is considered. As a structure regulator of foams, different extender agents, such as talc, chalk, kaolin are offered. The influence on process of formation of gas-structured elements and changing physical and mechanical characteristics of compositions is shown (density, water absorbing capacity, thermal diffusivity compression strain).

Chichko A. N., Drozdov E. A.
Computer simulation of alloys thermoelasticity crystallizable in three-dimensional spatial structures. pp. 115--119

Summary: The computer model based on the equations of the theory of thermoelasticity describing processes of formation of deformations and pressure in metal environment in conditions of cooling and hardening is offered. The variant certainly -- difference approximations are offered and the computer calculations of pressure and deformations in a three-dimensional industrial element such as "wedge" are made.

Susin A. A.
Chemicothermally hardened steel structure and submicrostructure and resistance to contact fatigue. pp. 120--123

Summary: On the basis of X-ray diffraction, metallographic, electron-microscopical, and durometric investigation, influence of the structural characteristics of hardened strata on magnitude of resistance to contact fatigue is explained. It is established that in the areas of maximal equivalent stresses, the processes of origin and progressing fatigue microcracks are determined by sub-microstructure and hardness of the hardened strata. It is shown that reason for the resistance characteristic dispersion to depth contact fatigue of the hardened strata with similar hardness is availability of miscellaneous structural components in them (plate and rack martensite, bainite. carbides, and residual austenite).

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