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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2003, Vol.47, No.6

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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2003, Vol.47, No.6

(Doklady Natsionalnoi Akademii Nauk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Volume 47, Number 6; November--December, 2003

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Myasnikovich M. V.
The 75th Anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. pp. 5--9
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Uss A. T.
Riemann--Hilbert boundary-value problem for three-dimensional analogues of Cauchy--Riemann system. pp. 10--15

Summary: Let W is a bounded simply-connected region in R3. A homogeneous system of the four differential equations of order 1 with real constant coefficients in R3 is called Cauchy-Riemann's analog if each solution's component satisfies the Laplace equation in n. It is proved that for any Cauchy--Riemann's analog in W, index of regulizable Riemann--Hilbert boundaryvalue problem is -1.

Kravchuk A. I., Monastyrny P. I.
On composition of unitary difference factorization and method of implicit interations. pp. 16--20

Summary: A method based on the composition of unitary difference factorization and method of implicit iterations are constructed and substantiated for the numerical solution of boundary general problems in case of the three-point net equations with central Hermitian matrix.

Borukhov V. T., Zelenyak D. M.
On geometry of solution set of dissipative inequality for relaxation SISO systems. pp. 21--23

Summary: A geometric structure of the solution set W of dissipative inequality for relaxation SISO systems is investigated. In particular, faces of the polytope conv Pn are described, which belong to W Ç conv Pn. Here, Pn denotes the singular points of maximal multiplicity for the semialgebraic set W.

Barkovich O. A., Beniash-Kryvets V. V.
On the Tits alternative for some generalized triangle groups of type (3,4,2). pp. 24--27

Summary: The validity of the Tits alternative for some generalized triangle groups of type (3, 4, 2) is proved.

Gabasov R., Kirillova F. M., Khomitskaya T. G.
Method of solution of linear-convex optimal control problem and on-line stabilization of dynamic systems. pp. 28--31

Summary: An optimal control problem for a linear nonstationary system is under consideration. The behavior of this system is estimated by the convex performance index of terminal states. A fast algorithm for constructing optimal open-loop controls is developed. It is based on linearization of the optimal control problem and the special finishing procedure. The algorithm described is used for on-line stabilization of dynamic systems by bounded controls.



Bogush A. A.
On three-dimensional quantum vector parameters and generators of the h-deformed group SLh(2. C). pp. 32--36

Summary: It is proposed and formulated in terms of the introduced three-dimensional quantum vector parameters the simple scheme of SL(2. C) ® SLh(2. C) transition. There are established, by analogy with the classical Fedorov's vector parametrization (1958, 1979), and used the simple composition law for the quantum vector parameters as well as the linearity relations, connecting the similarity transformation of quantum matrices with linear transformation of the quantum vector parameters (or Lie algebra generators).

Strazhev V. I., Tregubovich A. Ya., Shalyt-Margolin A. E.
On the halting problem of quantum computer. pp. 37--39

Summary: It is shown that halting of a quantum computer after execution of a certain computation program within the canonical rules introduced by D Deutsch is performed by the irreversible operator U.

Saiko A. P., Markevich S. A.
On the theory of bistable behavior of elastic characteristics of lanthanum man-ganite La0,8Sr0,2MnO3. pp. 40--43

Summary: A model for the bistable lattice to be incorporated into crystal lattice with a complex basis has been developed and the temperature dependence of its statistical and thermal parameters has been determined A physical interpretation of temperature hysteretic behavior of the elastic and thermal properties of lanthanum manganites in the frame of the bistable sublattices is given.



Zelenkovskii V. M., Bezyazychnaya T. V., Soldatov V. S.
Computer modeling of functional group hydration of strong base anion exchangers. pp. 44--47

Summary: Relative positions of the fixed quaternary ammonium group and anions OH-, F-, Cl- , Br-, and I- in systems containing N molecules of water (n = 0, 1,2, ,10) have been computed using the non-empirical quantum chemical calculations in approximation of molecular fragments. Trimethyl-p-ethylbenzylammonium molecule has bean used as a molecular fragment closely imitating the repeated units of a polymeric structure of strong base anion exchangers. In the absence of water, anions Cl-, Br-, and I- are located below the plane of three methyl carbon atoms at the equal distance from them. Waterless complexes of anions OH- and F- of quaternary ammonium base are not realized, because full dehydration leads to a decay of ammonium group. The systems with successively increasing hydration have bean considered. At a high degree of hydra-tion, corresponding to the real ion exchangers, the anion is always separated from ammonium base.

Khlebnicova T. S., Merkushin I. V., Lakhvich F. A.
Synthesis of cationic diammineplatinum (II) complexes of 2-acyl-1,3-cyclopentanedione derivatives. pp. 48--49

Summary: A method for preparing new cisplatin analogues containing fragment of 2-acyl-1,3-cyclopentanediones in acido ligand is developed. The synthesis of cis-diammine-(2-acetyl-1,3-cyclopentanedionato)platinum (II) is described.

Rakhman'ko E. M., Egorov V. V., Okaev E. B., Pomelyonok E. V.
Lipophilic quaternary ammonium salts with improved steric accessibility of exchange center -- selective double-charged anion exchangers. pp. 50--53

Summary: Anion-exchange extraction by lipophilic quaternary ammonium salts with improved steric accessibility has been investigated. Experimental logarithmic values of the exchange constants log(KACl) in a water -- toluene system for a number of ion exchangers have been determined. The data obtained show that improving of steric accessibility leads to levelling in anion-exchange constants for the case when single-charged anions are exchanged by single-charged anions. At the same time, anion-exchange constants strongly increase for the case when single-charged anions are exchanged by double-charged anions.

Agabekov V. E., Adashkevich S. V., Strigntsky V. P., Strigutsky L. V.
On polyconjugated polymers paramag-netism. pp. 54--58

Summary: It was demonstrated that polyconjugated polymers paramagnetism is not a feature of separate macromolecules. It is determined by appearance of breaking p-bonds during solid state formation. Paramagnetic associations production is energetically profitable because of intermolecular interactions enforcement. When SHF-power level enhanced EPR spectra complication is not determined by additional wider signal, but by existence of super-fine interaction with 13C nuclei.

Matulis Vitaly E., Ivashkevich O. A.
DFT study of electronic structure and geometry of anionic copper clusters. pp. 59--64

Summary: Using the developed functional XC, calculations of equilibrium geometry, vertical detachment energies (VDE) and transition energies (Te) from the electronic ground state to excited states of neutral clusters have been carried out for clusters Cu-n (n = 2--10) within DFT model by XC/SDD method The results of calculations have been compared with observed photoelectron spectra (PES) It has been shown that the used method provides a good agreement between the above mentioned calculated and experimental characteristics For anionic clusters Cu-2-10 the difference between calculated and experimental values of VDE and Tt for the most stable isomers does not exceed 0 15 eV Based on both total energy calculations and comparison of experimental and calculated PES, the assignment of previously unknown structures of clusters Cu-6 , Cu-8 , Cu-9 and Cu-10 has been made The electronic sructure of mentioned clusters as well as geometrical and energetic characteristics of low-lying isomers has been studied.



Yarmolinsky D. G., Kartel N. A., Demidchik Yu. E., Figge J.
Alternative splicing of Ret/PTC oncogenes in papillary thyroid cancer. pp. 65--67

Summary: The Ret/PTC oncogenes are frequent cause of papillary thyroid cancer. We have studied an alternative splicing exons, which can be included in Ret/PTC oncogenes, in 13 specimens with Ret/PTC1 oncogene and 7 specimens with Ret/PTC3. Three main forms of Ret/PTC transcripts were shown to be observed, some additional ones were revealed in several specimens. The alternative splicing predominantly affects exons 17 to 21, while exons 12 to 16 are expressed together in most cases. Our results allow us to conclude that several forms of Ret/PTC oncogenes differing in composition of c-ret exons participate in pathogenesis of papillary thyroid cancer.

Titovich O. I., Barai V. N., Zinchenko A. I.
Use of Saccharomyces Cerevisia cells for nucleoside-5'-diphosphate synthesis. pp. 68--70

Summary: A new method for the synthesis of natural and sugar- and/or base-modified nucleoside 5'-diphosphates is suggested. The method consists in an enzymatic consecutive transformation of nucleoside 5'-monophosphates into nucleoside 5'-triphosphates and then, without isolation of nucleoside 5'-triphosphates, into nucleoside 5'-diphosphates employing commercial baker's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) as a biocatalyst.

Davydenko O. G., Silkova T. A., Gorbachenko F. I., Fomchenko N. S., Volotovich A. A.
Combining ability of oil sunflower lines. pp. 71--73

Summary: Combining ability of female forms was determined in the crosses of 10 sterile lines with 2 lines fertility restorers Predominantly non-additive gene effects determined the values of the most productivity traits studied Lines with the high general combining ability by some traits were selected.

Semenchenko V. P., Sushchenya L. M.
Patterns of distribution of zooplankton in littoral zone of eutrophic lake. pp. 74--76

Summary: Diurnal horizontal distribution of zooplankton was analyzed in two types of littoral rones (with and without macrophytes) in the cutrophic Lake Obsterno (Belarus). The night aggregation of cladocerans and copcpods was recorded in the near-shore rone in both types of littoral rones. But the amplitude of fluctuation of abundance was strongly marked only in littoral rones without macrophytes. The main factors that influenced on horizontal distribution of zooplankton arc discussed.

Kulminskaya I. V., Gordei I. A., Ukrainko A. P., Shimko V. E.
Genetic analysis of transgressive vanability in diploid plants grown in progeny of heteroploid crosses of winter rye (Secale cereale L). pp. 77--79

Summary: Heteroploid crosses (4n x 2n) ® (3n x 2n) of winter rye cultivars and self-fertile lines increase the level and range of genetic variability and determine emergence of transgressive genotypes. The paper shows sufficient effectiveness of selection in diploid genotypes with positive transgression of productivity traits in the progeny of variety-line triploid-diploid crosses.

Demidchik E. P., Demidchik Yu. E., Gedrevich Z. E., Fridman M. V., Zhilko A, A., Kondratovich V. A., Kisilev P. G., Kolobukhov A. E.
Medullar thyroid carcinoma. pp. 80--87

Summary: The results of follow up of 178 patients with proven medullary thyroid carcinomas were assessed. By univariate analysis, survival was significantly poor in males, at the age above 60, extrathyroidal tumors, in carcinomas more than 40 mm in largest measurement, and in patients with symptomatic manifestations. The extracted variables were tested in a multivariate analysis using the Cox's forward stepping proportional hazard model. Five parameters were significantly associated with a lower survival function: age (p = 0.013), extrathyroidal extent (p = 0.019), distant metastases (p = 0.0000), lymphogenic metastases (p = 0.068), and the presence of symptoms (p = 0.002). These results emphasize the need for more suitable therapy in patients with worsen prognosis.

Rudenok A. N., Drozdova N. L, Konev S. V.
Stimulatory effect of cyanide on respiratory activity of Candida utilis cells. pp. 88--90

Summary: On is shown that the inhibitors of respiratory chain cytochrome step, antimycin A and cyanide, have different influence on the oxygen uptake rate by starving cyanide resistant Candida utilis yeast. In contrast to antimycin A, cyanide considerably raises yeast cells respiratory activity.



Kakareka S. V., Kukharchik T. I., Kurman P. V.
Polychlorinated biphenyls in the soil and atmospheric emissions. pp. 91--93

Summary: The first results on PCB testing in the soil and emissions on the territory of Belarus are given. High levels of sum of PCB were detected in the soil at location sites of electrical equipment with PCB, which in this case became sources of secondary pollution of waters, ambient air, biotic compounds. It was also detected that PCB are emitted by various thermal processes.

Kuzmin S. I., Yatsukhno V. M.
Role of geomorphological factor m agranan nature management in Belarus. pp. 94--98

Summary: Role of geomorphological factor in agricultural development of Belarus, formed spatial structure of agrarian nature management is analyzed, and the connection of basis land cadastre data with geomorphological groups of agricultural lands is demonstrated. The map of valuability of the territory of Belarus for agrarian use on the base of relief estimation was developed.

Matveev A. V., Nechiporenko L. A.
Geomorphological indicators of present horizontal displacement of the earth's curst. pp. 99--101

Summary: Sharp bends in the extend of river valleys under the certain geological conditions may be considered as possible geomorphological indicators of horizontal displacement of the earthis crust.

Sanko A. F., Rylova T. B., Astapova S. D., Litvinuk G. I.
Age of glacial relief complex on the territory of Minsk. pp. 102--107

Summary: Interglacial sediments at the depth of about 42 m were opened by drilling during engineering and geological study of the upper part of quaternary thicknesses at construction of the National Library in Minsk. Paleontologic data have shown that sediments formed during the Alexandria (Likhvin, Holstein) Interglacial. The complex of overlying glacial sediments, forming the main features of the relief on the territory of Minsk, is related to the Dneper Glacial.

Kudriavets I. D., Aizberg R. Ye., Garetsky R. G., Gribik Ya. G., Starchik T. A., Shkuratov V. I.
Regional CDP seismic profiling m the Orsha Depression. pp. 108--112

Summary: Regional seismic investigations by the common depth point method carried out along the meridional geotransect Cherikov-Orsha-Usviati resulted in obtaining new data on the geological structure of the Orsha Depression. The basement surface in some parts of the depression was found to be deeper by 100--580 m than it has been shown on the tectonic map of Belarus (1976). A set of platform faults has been distinguished with confidence. Data of seismic profiling suggest that the basement surface in the northern part of the Orsha Depression (within Belarus) continuously dips toward the Valdai Graben of the Kretsy Trough.



Burya A. I., Kozlov G. V., Sviridenok A. I., Zaikov G. E.
Structural analysis of epoxypolymer macro- and microexpansion. pp. 113--115

Summary: The interconnection between thermal expansion and structure of polymers in terms of cluster model is shown.

Dorozhkin N. N., Klimenko S. E., Khudoley A. L.
Contact-force compacting of powder coatings. pp. 116--119

Summary: The dependencies allowing to define the value of axial force of a punch pulling are obtained. Pictorial dependence of pulling force on the geometrical sizes of gauging part of the punch and deformation stress of powder layer is constructed.

Yashcheritsyn P. I., Kheifets M. L., Zeveleva E. Z., Akulovich L. M.
Design of mechatronic technological complexes for high-performance processing. pp. 120--124

Summary: The basic design stages of mechatronic technological complexes for high-performance processing are determined: choice of energy sources for an intensification of the technological processes; analysis of reology of the technological environment using streams of energy; allocation of straight lines and feedback in the technological system at intensive influences; the structural analysis of the open industrial system of high-performance processing; structural synthesis of the technological complexes using energy sources; parametrical optimization of technological modules of the complex for high-performance processing; configuration of the flexible industrial module for the combined processing; development mechatronic systems for high-performance combined processing.

Pesetskii S. S., Olkhov Yu. A., Bogdanovich S. P., Pleskachevsky Yu. M.
Effect of cooling rate of polyamide 6 melt on its molecular-topological structure. pp. 125--129

Summary: A method of thermomechanical spectromentry was used to analyze the molecular-topological structure of polyamide 6 block samples prepared from melt at the cooling rates of 2; 100 and 2,000 °C/min. It was shown that the cooling rate influences not only the degree of crystallinity of the polymer but also the parameters that characterize the structure of the amorphous phase. The PA6 which was obtained at the cooling rate of 2,000 °C/min showed the most irregular distribution of the junctions for physical catching to form intermolecular associates (topological blocks) in the amorphous phase.

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