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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2004, Vol.48, No.6

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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2004, Vol.48, No.6

(Doklady Natsionalnoi Akademii Nauk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Volume 48, Number 6; November-December, 2004

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Alehno A. G.
The existence of the analytical function with given indicator and lower indicator in the angular domain. pp. 5--9

Summary: The sufficient conditions for the existence of the analytical function with the given indicator and lower indicator in the angular domani are obtained.

Gabasov R., Dmitruk N. M., Kirillova F. M.
Extremal observation of linear systems. pp. 10--15

Summary: Optimal observation problem with the preposterior analysis is under consideration. Utilising the preposterior analysis, the guaranteed estimation results are obtained. The positional solution to the optimal observation problem is the main aim of the paper.

Erovenko V. A., Marton M. V.
The properties of the essentially semiregular operators and the Apostol essential spectrum. pp. 16--20

Summary: The bounded essential semiregular operators in the Banach space as a generalization of semi-Fredholm operators are discussed. This paper is devoted to the investigation of the stability of the Apostol essential spectrum under commutativity perturbations.

Kulak M. I., Nichiporovich S. A., Nesterovich K. N.
The fractal structure of the information stream in linear management schemes. pp. 21--25

Summary: The article is devoted to the development of the method, allowing one to study the information losses in passimg through levels of the management scheme. The direct purpose of this work is associated with defining the resistance to an information stream for various management schemes. As a result, the dependence of fractal dimensions on the changes in the intensity of the information stream for linear schemes with various extents of controllability and dependence of the information losses on the controllability extent are obtained.

Emelichev V. A., Kuzmin K. G.
The stability radius in the metrics l1 of the Pareto optimal solution of one vector Boolean problem. pp. 26--28

Summary: A vector Boolean problem of finding the Pareto set is considered. Its objectives are the projections onto R+ of linear functions. A formula for calculation of the limit level of perturbations in the space of the problem parameters the with metrics l1 which preserve the Pareto-optimality of the solutions is obtained.

Shemetkov L. A., Shmigirev A. E.
Finite groups with a dense system of subgroups. pp. 29--31

Summary: The description of finite groups with a dense system of F-subnormal subgroups is obtained in the case when F is a saturated S-closed p-nilpotent or dispersive formation.



Varatnitsky Y. I.
The architecture of corporate information web-based systems. pp. 32--34

Summary: A new object-oriented architecture of hierarchical web-based corporate information systems is proposed.



Pilipovich V. A., Esman A. K., Goncharenko I. A., Kuleshov V. K.
Optical signal switching in GaAs waveguides with the Bragg grating. pp. 35--38

Summary: Optical signal switches based on the Bragg reflectors recorded in a GaAs waveguide are considered. In order to achieve a maximal switching contrast and a high operating speed the optimization of the basic parameters of such elements has been carried out. The proposed elements with the optimised structure make it possible to switch the optical channels with a frequency up to 200 GHz and a contrast up to 30 dB with the switching energy reasonable for many applications.

Komarov F. F., Milchanin O. V., Munos E., Yuvchenko V. N., Grechny S. S.
Structural features of carbon nanotubes grown by different methods. pp. 39--42

Summary: Carbon nanotubes (CNT) have been produced by two methods: laser ablation and gas-phase catalytic growth. Detailed structure investigations of CNT samples have been performed by means of transmission electron microscopy. The Measured mean length and diameter of CNTs grown by laser ablation are 0.1 -- 1 µm and 1 -- 15 nm, respectively. The mean length and diameter of CNTs grown by the gas-phase catalytic method are 1 -- 10 µrn and 1 -- 10 nm, respectively. The gas-phase catalytic method allows us to grow more high-quality CNTs with better yield, purity and homogeneity.

Goncharenko A. M.
The problem on the collapse of light bullets. p. 43

Summary: The problem on the collapse of light bullets is discussed.

Sotsky A. B.
Analysis of a reflected beam intensity distribution at prism excitation of a planar optical wavegnide with partially coherent radiation. pp. 44--48

Summary: The solution of the inverse problem on reconstruction of the complex propagation constant of a planar optical waveguide mode from the reflected beam intensity distribution in the prism coupler scheme is obtained for the case of partially coherent exciting radiation.



Nikolaichik A. V., Prokopchuk N. R., Martsinkevich A. A., Krutko E. T.
A new modifier of epoxy-diane resins. pp. 49--52

Summary: The possibility of using a polyamide acid as a modifier of epoxy resins has been studied. The deformation-toughness properties, the mechanical, adhesion and protective properties of prepared coatings are investigated. It is established that a prepolymer of polyimide is an effective modifier of epoxy paintwork systems.

Dikhtievskaya L. V., Markin A. D., Shewtsuk W. W., Krutko N. P.
Surface activity of higher aliphatic amines and their influence on the physical-chemical properties of potassium chloride grains. pp. 53--56

Summary: The surface activity of higher aliphatic amines and their influence on the physical-chemical properties of potassium chloride grains have been investigated. It has been shown that due to the high activity the amines work as hydrophobizating and antilumping agents of potassium chloride grains but in the presence of moisture increase their destruction.

Litvinko N. M., Babitskaya S. V., Kuchuro S. V., Rakhuba G. N.
Phospholipase A2 functions under conditions of interactions with the unsaturated fatty acids during the process of forming of micellar phase. pp. 57--61

Summary: The binding of phospholipase A2 (PLA2) to fatty acid micelles during the process of forming the micellar phase (fatty acid concentration -- 0.5 of CMC; 1.0 of CMC; 2.0 of CMC) was measured by the intensity of the enzyme tryptophan fluorescence (excitation 280 nm, emission 340 nm). After that the level of the activity of the pancreatic PLA2 and Naja naja oxiana snake venom PLA2 have been studied.



Soltanov V. V., Lukashenko T. M., Levkovets V. S.
Responses of medullary neurons of reticular formation and sympathoadrenal system following intraperitoneal injection of lipopolysaccharide e. Coli before and after vagotomy. pp. 62--65

Summary: In acute experiments on rats it was found that intraperitoneal injection of LPS E. coli (10 µg in 0.5 ml pyrogen-free isotonic saline) was accompanied by inhibition of the tonic activity in the gigantocellular reticular formation of the medulla oblongata during 1-- 2 h, by an increase in the content of catecholamines (A and NA) in the blood, spleen, heart, mesenteric lymph nodes and by their decrease in the adrenals. Subdiaphragmatic vagotomy did not abolish the effects, though diminished them , which indicates the involvement of spinal afferent fibres, along with centripetal fibres of the vagus nerve, in the realization of interoceptive influences.

Fomina E. J., Fomin I. K., Vladyko A. S.
Low efficiency of the mismatch extension during reverse transcription of the Moloney murine leukaemia virus genome. pp. 66--68

Summary: The specific feature of the retroviral replication is a high rate of mutations produced during reverse transcripsion. The onset of mutations is linked with the ability of reverse transcriptase to incorporate incorrect nucleotides into growing strand DNA and with the necessity to exchange the template during replication of a retroviral genome. In our work the efficiency of reverse transcription of the Moloney murine leukemia virus genome after the incorrect nucleotide incorporation into growing minus-strand DNA has been studied. The results showed that the efficiency of the minus-strand DNA synthesis on those templates decreased about eight times, as compared to that of intact molecules. These data correlate with the mutation rate of Mo-MuLV and indicate that the ability of reverse transcriptase to mismatch extension could be a limiting factor of the mutation rate in retroviruses.

Kutas E. N.
A clonal method of propagating the selection hybrids of Vacciniacease S.F. Gray. pp. 69--71

Summary: The experimental results on the propagation of the selection hybrids in vitro are presented in this article. The experiments show that the shoot apex has the greatest regeneration potential, and this fact is assumed to be a basis for developing the clonal micropropagation technology of the selection material.



Astapenko V. N., Levashkevich V. G.
Geothermal and geoelectrical models of the lithosphere along the Belorussian-Baltic part of the geotransect "Eurobridge". pp. 72--77

Summary: A model for temperature distributions in the lithosphere of Lithuania and Belarus along the geotransect "Eurobridge" is built. The seismic data, the experimental values of thermal conductivity and heat production of the rocks of the Earth's crust are used. The thermal velocity and geolectrical models of the lithosphere are compared and their specific features are explained.

Starchik T. A., Aizberg R. Ye.
Evidences of "passive" tension in the Pripyat rift formation. pp. 78--81

Summary: The comparison of the available data on the Pripyat trough structure and evolution with the developed rift structure models permits a conclusion that mainly "passive" one-sided tension was dominant in the principle phase of the trough formation. It was preceded by the shift deformation regime.

Aksamentova N. V., Kozhin V. D., Trusov A. I.
Material composition and structural position of the Argelovcsina complex mafite-ultramafite rocks of the crystalline basement in Belarus. pp. 82--87

Summary: The characteristic mineral and chemical composition, the age and structure situation of the early Proterozoic mafite-ultramafite intrusive rocks of the central part of Belarus has been defined on the basis of the new geological data obtained during the last years.



Sheleg V. K., Pyatov V. V., Kovchur A. S.
Extrusion of an anisotropic medium. pp. 88--90

Summary: In the work the problem on the motion of a lengthened particle or a fibre is solved at extrusion of the anisotropic environment, by which is understood a plastic material reinforced with discrete fibres or lengthened powder particles. It can be a composite on a polymeric matrix, a plasticized powder or any similar material. The material is squeezed out by a screw into a cavity of a matrix simultaneously on all ring backlash (axisymmetric problem); through each section for identical time intervals there pass equal volumes of a material; the material goes in such a manner that the hypothesis about flat sections (projections of velocities of the particles being in one cross-section onto the x-axis are equal) is valid; stremlines represent the straight lines dividing in an equal proportion the entrance and exit sections; the movement of fibres is translational together with the center of weights and rotation relative to this center, the velocity of the center of a fibre coincides in size and direction with those of nearby particles, the velocity projections of the fibre ends onto the direction perpendicular to it are equal to those of the corresponding particles onto the same direction; The transverse sizes of a fibre are much less than its length, and its length is much less than the wall thickness of a product. By means of the theoretical analysis it is established that the orientation of a fibre in a material depends on the geometry of a formation zone and the initial position of a fibre. The relations connecting the features of the geometry of the deformation center and the orientation direction of fibres are obtained. These relations can be used for designing an extrusion tool, allowing one to form products with a given orientation direction of fibres and, accordingly, with the improved mechanical properties.

Khasanshin T. S., Poddubskij O. G., Shchamialiou A. P.
Investigation of the sound velocity in liquid 1-alkenes. pp. 91--95

Summary: Using the pulse echo-overlap method the sound velocity in liquid alkenes having even carbon atoms in a molecule from 1-hexene to 1-hexadecene was measured at the pressures up to 100 MPa in the temperature range 303--433 K. A maximal uncertainty of measurements is 0.1%. The experimental data on the sound velocity in liquid 1-dodecene, 1-tetradecene and 1-hexadecene were obtained for the first time. A correlation between the sound velocity and the molecular structure was studied.

Yashcheritsyn P. I., Kheifetz M. L., Tochilo V. S., Kousakin N. A.
Management of special processes of combined treatment of machine parts. pp. 96--101

Summary: The sequence of the technological impact for managing special processes is recommended. The sequence includes the intensity of energy sources, productivity of equipment and scope factors.

Pesetskii S. S., Zhdanok S. A., Buyakov I. F., Bogdanovich S. P., Solntsev A. P., Krauklis A. V.
The structure and properties of polyamide-6 modified in melt by carbon nanomaterials. pp. 102--107

Summary: The effect of carbon nanomaterials (CNM) produced via the plasma reaction of a gaseous mixture (H2, CO, N2) on the crystalline structure and mechanical properties of polyamide 6 (PA6) has been investigated. It is shown that the introduction of CNM into the polymer leads to an approximately 15% increase in the upper limit of the flow and widens the deformation range from 14 to 22% at which values a flow jag occurs. The CNM appears to nucleate the crystallization of PA6, which according to the DSC-data results in an increased crystallization temperature of the polyamide and in a weaker dependence of the polymer crystallinity on a heating/cooling rate of the samples.



Nikitin Y. A.
Delimit of the coiner of false money from similar crimes and the questions of qualification. pp. 108--113

Summary: For qualification of the culprit's actions under article 221 of Criminal Code the degree of similarity of counterfeit and original bank notes (securities) should be such that counterfeit bank notes (securities) were distinguishable with difficulty from original at their usual visual survey in this connection they could come in the circulation. Illegal acquisition of the property or the right to it as a result of selling counterfeit bank notes (securities) should be qualified on a set of the crimes stipulated by articles 221 and 209 of Criminal Code. Payment of services by false money, selling of false money on account of payment of the alimony on the maintenance of children should be qualified on a set of the crimes stipulated by articles 221 and 216 of Criminal Code. Donation of counterfeit bank notes (securities), a loan of money are covered by article 221 of Criminal Code and do not demand additional qualification under article 209 of Criminal Code. Making of counterfeit check-books or checks should be qualified under article 221, instead of article 222 of Criminal Code.

Khatsiaenevich T. G.
Institute of the criminal responsibility release on the basis of special foundations. pp. 114--119

Summary: The subject of the investigation is the position of the criminal law special part standards that regulate release from the criminal responsibility in the system of criminal law. The author considers peculiarities of the criminal responsibility refusal on the special and general foundations. Criminal responsibility release special foundations specific features are revealed in the article.

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