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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2005, Vol.49, No.6

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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2005, Vol.49, No.6

(Doklady Natsionalnoi Akademii Nauk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Volume 49, Number 6; November-December, 2005

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Bakhtin V. I.
Existence of the eigenfunctionals for the positive elements of positive algebras. pp. 5--7

Summary: In the present communication it is proved that for any positive element of the semi-ordered algebra with a monotonic norm there exists a positive linear eigenfunctional on the algebra with an eigenvalue equal to the spectral radius of a chosen element.

Kashevskij V. V.
Estimation of the continuity module of a singular integral with logarithmic singularity. pp. 8--13

Summary: In the given work the upper bounds for a singular integral with the additional logarithm the kernel and its continuity module through partial continuity modules of the density are obtained.

Gabasov R., Kirillova F. M., Yarmosh O. P.
Optimal control of systems with delay. pp. 14--19

Summary: In the article primal and dual methods of calculation of optimal programs for linear systems with delay arc described. To realize an optimal feedback the dual method is used. It is shown that both the primal and dual methods are finite.

Demidenko V. M.
General approach to construction of relaxations of the s produced by subgroups of the symmetric group. pp. 20--24

Summary: A general approach to construct various relaxations of the polytopes generated by subgroups of the symmetric group is offered. Realization of this approach has allowed one to obtain a new relaxation of the polytope of the traveling salesman problem. The polyhedral description of this relaxation contains a factorial number of the inequalities which are defined by generatrices of the boundary cones that generate the initial polytope.

Korzyuk V. I.
Mollifiers with a variable step in the theory of solubility of elliptical problems. pp. 25--28

Summary: Mollifiers with a variable step in the theory of solubility of elliptical problems as well as the proofs of their solubility for elliptic problems for second order equations in domains with a piecewise smooth boundary are used in this article.

Borukhov V. T., Gorbach A. V.
Two classes of the linear inequalities for a relaxation polytope in the space of symmetrical polynomials of two variables. pp. 29--31

Summary: Two classes of the linear inequalities for a set of relaxation polytope facets are obtained. A relaxation polytope is assigned by the convex hull of its vertices in the space of the symmetrical polynomials of two variables of the power no more n for each variable.

Kovalenko N. S., Pavlov P. A.
Efficiency of the systems of competitive processes taking account of overhead expenses. pp. 32--36

Summary: Necessary and sufficient conditions for the efficiency of the equally distributed systems of competitive processes are obtained.



Semashko P. G., Okhrimenko A. E.
Covert radiolocation based on signals of digital television broadcasting. pp. 37--41

Summary: The opportunity of application of digital television broadcasting signals (DVB-T) for outside illumination of targets in a semi-active radar is analyzed. Autocorrelation characteristics of a signal are studied, a computational complexity of various correlation processing algorithms is estimated. It is shown that the digital TV signal allows the radar to achieve a better capability of acquisition and resolution than the analog TV one. A two-phase correlation algorithm offered for processing the DVB-T signal allows one to considerably decrease a required processor speed.



Korshunov F. P., Gurinovich V. A., Zhdanovich N. E., Marchenko I. G.
Formation of radiation-thermal defects with the increased thermostability in p+ - n-structures on neutron-trasmutation doped silicon by means of irradiation and annealining. pp. 42--45

Summary: The results of investigations of thermostable radiation defects (up to 800 °C) and their influence on the minority charge carriers (MCC) recombination rate in the base region of p+ - n-structures manufactured on neutron-transmutation doped (NTD) silicon with the resistivity r = 200 Ohm • cm are presented. The dependences of radiation-thermal coefficient KtT characterizing changes of the MCC lifetime in p+ - n-structures manufactured on NTD Si as a function of annealing temperature for different influences of electrons with an energy of 6 MeV have been plotted. The spectra were recorded and the defects parameters were determined in NTD based structures before and after electron irradiation (E = 6 MeV) and after annealing at a temperature of 700 °C. It is established that the radiation thermal defect with the energy level of Ec--0.53 eV is not annealed up to 800 °C and can be utilized in radiation technology of speed increase of powerful semiconductor devices manufactured on NTD Si.

Burakov V. S., Savastenko N. A., Misakov P. Ya., Tarasenko N. V.
Production of nano-and microparticles by a spark discharge in ethanole. pp. 46--49

Summary: W, WC and carbon nanoparticles were synthesized using a pulsed spark discharge submerged in ethanol. C and W rod electrode pair was used. The liquid was discharge-treated with a 3.5--4.5 A average current at a repetition rate of 100 Hz. Samples were obtained by extracting liquid from the treatment vessel or allowing the liquid to evaporate from the vessel and collecting the residue. The samples were examined by UV/VIS spectroscopy, TEM and XRD. This method permits the synthesis of nanoparticles with an average diameter of 7 nm at a rate of 7 mg/min.

Zhestkov S. V., Romanenko A. A.
Existence of (2 + l)-dimensional soliton solutions of the high nonlinear Schroedinger equation. pp. 50--52

Summary: The solutions of the Schroedinger equation with the nonlinearity order and the graphs of two-dimensional symmetrical solitons are constructed. These results allow one to define the amplitude and the width of soliton in dependence of the nonlinearity parameter.



Bildyukevich A. V., Fenko L. A., Soldatov V. S.
Q-temperature of polycaproamide solutions in dimethy-lacetamide with lithium chloride. pp. 53--56

Summary: The viscosity, refracting index and density of the dilute solutions of polycaproamide in dimethylacetamide with lithium chloride have been studied. The q-temperature for 2.5% lithium chloride in dimethylacetamide has been established using the refracting index and density measurements vs. temperature. The main hydrodynamic parameters of macromolecules have been calculated.

Netchai N. I., Lyakhov A. S., Zapolskii V. A., Potkin V. I., Kaberdin R. V.
Unusual cyclocondensation of l,3-dinitrotetrachloro-l,3-butadiene with vinylethyl ester. pp. 57--60

Summary: It is established that the vinylcthyl ester cycloaddition to l,3-dinitrotetrachloro-l,3-butadicne proceeds unusually with the participation of two ester molecules, the reconstruction of heterocycles forming and leads to the formation of 3.4-dihydro-2,4-diethoxy-6,7,8-tricfiloro-2H-pyrano[3,2-b]pyridine-5-oxide, whose structure is determined by the spectral methods and X-ray analysis.



Voluevich E. A., Buloichik A. A., Borzyak V. S.
Inheritance of brown rust resistance in reciprocal hybrids from crossing the introgressive line Transec with alloplasmic lines of common wheat. pp. 61--63

Summary: Inheritance of wheat and rye translocation T4BS • 4BL--2RL with fungal disease resistance genes and their expression can depend on the genetic features of nuclear and cytoplasmic systems of plants of eu- and alloplasmic common wheat lines used in crossings.

Svirshchevskaya A. M.
Cultivation of sugar beet cells and tissues in vitro for gaining breeding germplasm. pp. 64--69

Summary: The results of several-year investigations aimed at gaining important for breeding sugar beet germplasm -- high yield and high sugar content lines and hybrids -- by in vitro gynogenesis technology are described.

Zadvornova Y. V., Alekseichuk H. N., Laman N. A., Khripach V. A., Groot S. P. C.
Influence of brassinos-teoids on the cell cycle activation at germination of Brassica Oleracea L. seeds. pp. 70--73

Summary: Flow cytometric evaluation of the cell cycle activation has been done on axis nuclei of white cabbage seeds to study the changes associated with the influence of epibrassinolide and homobrassinolide. Exogenous brassinosteroids infused into dry seeds before accelerated aging have arrested the deteriorative processes in seeds under unfavourable conditions of storage. Seeds treated with brassinosteroids resumed their cell cycle activity faster compared to untreated control. It may be related to a more effective reparation of the damages accumulated in seeds during aging or to a less accumulation of those damages because of the protective function of brassinosteroids at aging.



Zhidkov I. V., Danilenko N. G., Sivitskaya L. N., Kushnerevich E. I., Lazjuk G. I., Davydenko O. G.
Mutations in human mitochondrial genome. DNA-diagnostics of Leber syndrome in Belarus. pp. 74--77

Summary: DNA-diagnostics of mitochondrial mutation was carried out in family members of patient with Leber syndrome presumptive. The G11778A mutation in nd4 gene has been found that confirms the diagnosis. The mutation is homoplasmic in patient and heteroplasmic in the proband's mother and sister.

Valuyevich V. V.
Clinical relevance of the autonomously functioning thyroid nodules. pp. 78--81

Summary: The purpose of the research was an estimation of the clinical relevance of a volume of an autonomous tissue in patients with the unifocal (n = 7) and bifocal (n = 7) functional autonomy of a thyroid gland (TG) before and after radioiodine therapy (RIT). It is revealed that the volume of the autonomous tissue <10 ml caused clinically significant changes of the functional condition of the TG in 53% of cases. Moreover, RIT was found ineffective in 2 patients from 38 with the volume of the autonomous tissue from 5 up to 10 ml while in all patients with the volume of the latter more than 10 ml (n = 27) the successful result of treatment was observed. The volume of the autonomous tissue in 4 months (; 5) after RIT decreased by 59%, and the volume of the TG by 29--34%.



Kozhemyakina N. A.
Geochemical peculiarities of tourmaline and tourmaline-embedded rocks of the Okolovo structure zone. pp. 82--86

Summary: Two generations of tourmaline -- metamorphogcnic-meetasomatic and metasomatic are revealed in biotite plagiogneisses and gneisses of the Okolovo series and in the veined granitoids of the Zhukhovichi complex. An analysis of the petrochemical properties of rocks and the gcochemical peculiarities of minerals suggests that the veined granitoids of the Zhukhovichi complex can show promise for rare and nonferrous metals.

Chernysh A. F., Chizhikov Y. A.
Deflation potential of the wind as a factor of the soil erosion on the Belarus territory. pp. 87--90

Summary: The factors (climatic, morphometric, soil- and technogenic and others) that canse the development of wind erosion processes on the Belarus territory have been analyzed. Two major components have been defined, whose contribution to the total dispersion of the values of the erosion intensity exceeds 61%. The first major component is considered as the integrated soil-climatic factor, indicating differences in the size of the total humidity of the territory, its warming, the character of soil cover. The second major component is interpreted as the climatic factor. It reflects differences in the value of the wind regime of the region. Index of the deflation potential of the wind (Bi) has been calculated. Three groups of areas have been distinguished in Belarus: with low, moderate and high Bi.

Yakubovskaya T. V., Savchenko I. E., Badyaj V. V., Kozhin V. D., Fedenya S. A.
Sediments and flora of the Belovezhian interglacial in the eastern Belarus. pp. 91--97

Summary: A new locality of the Belovczhian interglacial deposits found in the valley of the ancient river in the eastern Belarus was studied.

Galkin A. N.
Structural-geomorphological zoning of Belarus. pp. 98--100

Summary: The problems on the interrelation of structures of the base and bedrock topography with a day surface arc considered. A new scheme of the structural geomorphological zoning, which reflects reflects a joint influence of various factors developing on a certain background of newly regional and local neotectonic movements on the structure of the day surface, is presented.



Liopo V. A., Struk V. A., Avdejchik S. V., Kletsko V. V., Ovchinnikov E. V.
Modelling representations of the mechanism of modifying polymers by layered silicates. pp. 101--105

Summary: Physical models of the modifying action of disperse particles of layered silicates of natural origin in polymeric matrixes are considered. Mechanisms of charges formation on surfaces of particles, their influence on a polymeric matrix and formation of nanocomposites with a dope content of a silicate modifier are offered.

Bogdanovich P. N.
Microslip in metal-polymer friction contact. pp. 106--109

Summary: The phenomenon of microslip in shifting from the static contact to the dynamic one is studied. It is shown that the phenomenon regularities are substantially dissimilar for metal--metal and metal--polymer contacts. These differences are attributed to the hereditarily clastic behavior of polymeric material. To confirm this assumption, data are reported on the effect of the rate of shear force application, the polymer layer thickness, and the duration of loading and the normal load on microslip and contact deformations.

Bublievsky A. F., Galinovsky A. A., Gorbunov A. V., Zhdanok S. A., Sharahovsky L. I.
Arc plasma pyrolysis synthesis of carbon nanostructures. pp. 110--113

Summary: The schematic of the experimental setup for nanomaterial synthesis in arc reactors is shown. The results of physical and chemical properties of synthesis products are presented. They have been synthesized using raw material lanthanide concentrates of industrial waste type. As a result of a comprehensive analysis of carbon nanomaterials using various methods it is established that the arc plasma synthesis under the considered conditions allows one to produce fine carbon products with the content of fullerene phases up to 15--20 vt.% and carbon nanotubes up to 3--5 vt.%. The setup capacity (at a power of 90 kW) can reach a level up to 2 kg of nanostructure- containing soot per hour.



Rahimau A. N.
Reasons of migration and peculiarities of adoption of ethnic groups of the peoples of the Caucasus into the Republic of Belarus. pp. 114--120

Summary: Migration process during the last two decades of the 20th century is shown on the basis of official statistics, documents from the Archive of the Committee of Religions and Nations under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, information from mass media. In the last decade the quantity of people from the Caucasus coming to our republic is reducing. The state, in turn, must regulate by law the entry and living of refugees and people without citizenship on the territory of Belarus.

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