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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2006, Vol.50, No.2

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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2006, Vol.50, No.2

(Doklady Natsionalnoi Akademii Nauk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Volume 50, Number 2; March-April, 2006

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Emelichev V. A., Kuzmin K. G.
Stability radius of the vector problem of integer linear programming for the case of l1 metrics. pp. 5--8.

Summary: Lower and upper bounds of the stability radius of the vector problem of integer linear programming are given for the case of l1 metrics in the space of problem parameters.

Slepchenkov N. L.
Nonexistence of entire solutions of the quasi linear elliptic equation. pp. 9--12.

Summary: A quasilinear elliptic equation of the form div(|Du|p-2Du) = k(x) f (u), p > 1 is considered. For this equation new nonexistence conditions of entire solutions are obtained.

Alekhno E. A., Zabreiko P. P., Shevelevich K. V.
Theorems of Hicks and le Chatelier--Samuelson for the equations in ideal spaces. pp. 13--19.

Summary: The article is devoted to the extension of the classical theorems of Hicks and Le Chatelier--Samuelson for non-negative matrices to the case of arbitrary linear positive operators in ideal spaces. A special class of positive operators, for which the results obtained in that direction can be defined more precisely, is distinguished. A positive operator T from a Riesz space E to a Riesz space F is called a band preserving operator if the condition Bx = By, where Bz is a band generated by z, implies BTx = BTy. For a wide class of Banach lattices the criterion that T is a band preserving operator is provided. Here it is given in terms of order-continuous Tn and singular Ts components of the operator T. Moreover, the conditions, by which the operator I-T has a positive inverse operator with T being a positive operator in arbitrary Riesz spaces, are discussed.

Mastyanitsa V. S., Smazhevsky R., Seshko M. A.
Closed-form solution of one class of singular integral equations with the Cauchy kernel of type one. pp. 20--24.

Summary: We found explicit formulas for an exact solution of singular integral equation of type one with some restrictions on the coefficients.

Kovalenko N. S., Pavlov P. A.
Efficiency and optimality of identically-distributed systems of competing processes in the conditions of limited parallelism. pp. 25--29.

Summary: Efficiency and optimality of identically distributed systems of competing processes in conditions of limited parallelism are obtained.

Yadchenko A. A.
Coprime automorphisms and normal subgroups of irreducible linear groups. pp. 30--31.

Summary: In this work some properties of orders of coprime automorphisms of irreducible linear groups are established. Also, some sufficient conditions for existence of normal Sp -subgroups in a p-separable irreducible complex linear group are obtained.



Rylov A. S.
Qualitative evaluation of normalization of characteristic vectors for speech pattern recognition. pp. 32--35.

Summary: The method of qualitative evaluation of normalization of characteristic vectors in speech recognition systems is suggested. It permits one to evaluate objectively the efficiency of applied methods to eliminate additive noices and multiplicative distortions using the introduced normalization coefficient calculated on the basis of information theory.



Pilipovich V. A., Esman A. K., Goncharenko I. A., Kuleshov V. K.
Integral optical vector-matrix multiplier. pp. 36--40.

Summary: The present article considers the structure and principles of operation of the all-optical matrix-vector multiplier based on a matrix of waveguide ring microresonators. The proposed processor allows performing matrix-vector multiplications with parallel data input. At that, the information is processed immediately during its transmission through the optical system performing a calculation procedure. Numerical modeling shows that the speed of proposed optical vector processor exceeds 109 vector multiplications per second, which results in the performance of more than 2 • 1015 elementary operations per second for matrix dimension of 1000 x 1000 elements. The processor permits its realization in integrated form and can be an optical prototype of a modern integrated circuit.

Komarov F. F., Milchanin O. V.
Technology expansion of silicon-based insulator structure formation. pp. 41--45.

Summary: The SOI structures were formed by the hydrogen cut method in this work. The complex procedure of step-by-step ion implantation and low temperature annealing provided SOI wafers with homogeneous interfaces and macro- and microscopic defects -- free layers. A surface microroughness of about 2 nm was determined for our SOI structures without final precision polishing.



Lando D. Y., Fridman A. S., Haroutiunian S. G., Vardanyan V. I.
Representation of binding parameters for dna-ligand complexes using two infinite series characterizig long-range ligand-ligand interaction along the double helix. pp. 46--50.

Summary: A simple solution of the problem of adsorption on DNA of molecules and ions (ligands) that are characterized by long-range interaction of each ligand with its two nearest neighbors has been proposed. In the general case of ligand-ligand interaction that spread to an infinite distance, the solution is expressed using two infinite series. If the energy of interaction reduces to zero or stops to change at any given distance, infinite series reduce to finite ones. A new type of solution for the already known models of adsorption as well as for two novel models for which the mass action law is unknown has been proposed.



Lemesh V. A., Shut M. V., Khotyleva L. V.
RAPD analysis of interspecific genetic variation and phylogenetic relations of flax species (genus Linum L.). pp. 51--54.

Summary: It has been shown that the method of molecular marking of a genome based on RAPD-PCR gives the possibility to reveal specific genome markers which can be used for identifying species genotype, as well as for determining the taxonomic status of the species of the genus Linum and establishing phylogenetic relationships between various species of flax. The purposeful use of species-specific markers allows researchers to reduce the labor and financial expenses needed for the analysis of collection samples.

Mozgova G. V., Orlov P. A., Shlygo N. V.
Peculiarities of chlorophyll formation in albino plants produced by wheat anther culture. pp. 55--58.

Summary: Peculiarities of chlorophyll biosynthesis were studied for the first time in albino plants derived in the wheat anther culture with the analysis of structural proteins of the photosynthetic apparatus being made in leaves of green and albino plants. In albino plants, the enzyme activity was shown to be extremely low at porphyrine sites of the chlorophyll formation process. The most important proteins of light harvesting complexes PS 1 and PS 2 were revealed to be absent in albino plants.

Kvach S. V., Shahbazov A. V., Jarmolinski D. G., Kartel N. A., Zinchenko A. I.
Production of Erwinia herbicola recombinant nucleoside phosphotransferase and its use for synthesis of adenine arabinoside-5'-monophosphate. pp. 59--63.

Summary: Using the shot-gun strategy the gene of Erwinia herbicola coding the nucleoside phosphotransferase (NPT) has heen isolated for the first time. The Escherichia coli clones with more than 100 times higher than the wild strain NPT activity have been isolated. A method for isolation of the recombinant NPT which gave up to a 70% yield of the homogeneous NPT has been suggested. A new method for the synthesis of antiviral nucleotide (ara-AMP) employing the recombinant NPT as a biocatalyst has been proposed. Using this method a high-purity ara-AMP with up to a 94% (based on (the consumed ara-A) yield has been obtained.



Malinovsky G. F.
New approaches to surgical treatment of patients with recurrences of chronic dacryocistitis. pp. 64--66.

Summary: The author of this article informs about 31 cases of re-operation of relapse of chronic dacryocystitis. Analysis of the cases of relapses of the disease after previous surgical treatment is given. All the patients underwent re-operation with the methods worked out by the author using combined drainage for stage by stage draining of anastamosis. Success rate is 96.7%.

Kirillov V. A., Stebenyeva E. E., Demidchik E. P.
Morphometric analysis of thyrocyte aggregates with papillary cancer and its regional metastases. pp. 67--72.

Summary: A comparative morphometric study of thyrocyte aggregates from thyroid gland with papillary cancer and from cervical lymph nodes with metastases was carried out. It was shown that the aggregation degree of primary tumor follicular cells was higher in comparison with normal cells. At the same time, the differences in the aggregate quantitative features of the primary clone malignant cells from thyroid gland and the secondary clone from cervical lymph nodes were less pronounced.



Tochitsky E. I., Milashevskaya I. G., Stankevich E. V., Bondarenko V. P., Sidorenko G. I., Zolotuhina S. F.
Possibility of nanoporous silicon use for determining cholesterin concentration. pp. 73--78.

Summary: Research results of porous silicon electrical characteristics and their changes during cholesterin adsorption are presented. A correlation between "porous silicon -- biomolecule" system electrical characteristic changes and sorbed by porous silicon cholesterin concentration is established.

Sarokin U. U.
Critical fluid flow regime and vortex atomizer characteristics. pp. 79--81.

Summary: The theoretical fundamentals for vortex atomizer characteristics calculation are grounded. The fluid flow regime is found to be critical and governing by maximum flow rate criteria due to the flow structure. Atomizer rate coefficient and jet expansion angle are determined only by a dimensionless rotation ratio for flows with a power-law radius distribution of the rotation velocity. A calculation method for such a vortex atomizer is developed.

Artyukhina N. K., Shkadarevich A. P.
Methods of calculation of zoom mirror objectives. pp. 82--85.

Summary: A mathematical apparatus for calculation of two-mirror zoom systems with a fixed image plane is presented. It is shown that it is worthwhile choosing initial designing parameters and focus distance range from the condition for minimum spherical aberration. Overall dimensions and aberration characteristics of a designed objective that provides a three-fold focus distance drop are given.

Sychevskii V. A.
Calculation of elastoviscous deformation of wood at drying. pp. 86--91.

Summary: A relationship between stress and strain tensors was found for an elastoviscous material made from wood for the state of plane stress. A mathematical model, a method of calculation, and a computer program were developed for drying wood with regard to its elastoviscous deformation. On the basis of calculation, the deformations of elastoviscous material at drying were studied.

Karpov V. A., Kovalev A. V., Ratko A. I., Malchenko N. S.
Thermochemical gas analyzer of elevated sensitivity for monitoring systems and incineration control. pp. 92--95.

Summary: The approach permitting one to raise the accuracy of thermochemical gas analyzers at the expense of temperature changes in a soaking drum by their measuremetn with the use of a compensative unit operating as a renstance thermoelement is considered. Theoretical and experimental studies of the proposed engineering resolution on the sensitivity and additional error in the temperature range up to 200 °C are outlined. Due to such an approach the lower threshold of measurement range in the thermochemical method approximales to a level of electrochemical resources of measurement.



Burakov V. S., Kiris V. V., Kliyachkouskaya A. V., Kozhukh N. M., Karandasheva T. I., Raikov S. N.
Laser spectral, historical and art examination of Hubert Robert easel painting (XVIII century) from the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus. pp. 96--102.

Summary: A complex instrumental, art and historical examination of Hubert Robert easel painting "Landscape of a Pool with Obelisk and Ruins of Aqueduct" stored in the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus is carried out. Both parts of the painting are identified, which promoted its final attribution and restoration. The laser spectrometer allowing one to investigate an element composition of any unique solid-state sample in a mode of practically nondestructive control with minimal sampling is successfully approved. The methodical maintenance of the spectral microanalysis of such specific materials, as pigments and grounds is fulfilled.

Markov A. V.
Innovation policy: jurisdiction. pp. 103--107.

Summary: The article deals with the historical retrospective of appearance of the term "innovational policy" in the sphere of science and innovations, and its essence. It also analyses the aims and objects of innovational policy's practical realisation in the developed countries.

Maroushko D. A.
Influence of information technologies on the concept of the sustainable development in the Republic of Belarus. pp. 108--111.

Summary: The concept of sustainable development was formulated with the intent of improving social and economic development of the world community. The principles of sustainable development create the preconditions for integration of economic, ecological, and social information to the information system for acceptance of administrative decisions. Given information is required for support of administrative processes, coordination of the authorized strategy of development, and also for estimation of achievements of the chosen rate.

Nikitenko P. G., Platonova L. A.
Self-organization and competitiveness on macro-and microlevels in social-economic systems. pp. 112--115.

Summary: A new scientific approach to the problem of competitiveness and a new self-organizing and competitiveness theory are developed. On their basis the competitiveness analysis for 134 countries and a comparative competitiveness analysis of some textile industry enterprises are made.



Karpovich V. F.
Economic evaluation of functioning of a marketing communication system in agricultural enterprises. pp. 116--119.

Summary: The objects of the study are the enterprises of agrarian complex realizing their activity in accordance with the goals and principles of marketing. The subject of the study is determined to be the system of the marketing communication facilities (SMCF) of these enterprises. The purpose of the work is to develop the methods of the SMCF functioning efficiency economic estimation. Dialectical method of cognitions, methods of the system analysis, economic and mathematical modeling and economic analysis found their place in practice and allowed one to define the complex of the quantitative factors and to develop the methods of the absolute economic estimation efficiency of the marketing communication system with the reference to enterprises working at the market of agricultural production and provisions.

Gorchakov V. A.
Feed additions based on microbe proteins of chicks. pp. 120--122.

Summary: As a result of the carried out researches it is established that the use of the fodder additives of both variants in a ration of chicks instead of a part of soya and sunflower meal, fish and flesh-bone promoted an increase in basic zootechnic indices of parameters. The best parameters were established for chicks receiving 5.0% of the fodder additives of the first in feeding.

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