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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2006, Vol.50, No.6

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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2006, Vol.50, No.6

(Doklady Natsionalnoi Akademii Nauk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Volume 50, Number 6; November-December, 2006

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Leonov N. N.
Generalized Haar wavelets on compact hierarchic spaces. pp. 5--8.

Summary: The generalized Haar wavelets on a compact hierarchic space are constructed. It is proved that they form an orthonormal basis.

Irkhin V. A., Matus P. P.
One class of the difference schemes for the transport equation and the parabolic equations. pp. 9--13.

Summary: In the article, essentially new classes of unconditionally stable and exact difference schemes for the transport equation and the following quasilinear parabolic equation du/dt = d/dx (k(u)du/dx), 0 < x < l, 0 < t £ T, that has the solution looking like a running wave with a steady speed, i. e., u(x,t) = y (x - at), a = const > 0 , are constructed and investigated.

Gabasov R., Dmitruk N. M., Kirillova F. M.
Optimal control of a dynamic system with an unreliable feedback loop. pp. 14--19.

Summary: A problem of synthesis of optimal feedbacks for a linear uncertain control system with an unreliable feedback loop is under consideration. The dynamic programming technique and one approach to realization of the optimal feedback in real time are discussed.

Radyno Y. V., Aliashkevich D. N.
p-Adxc Bernshtein's inequality. pp. 20--23.

Summary: p-Adic functions of exponential type and p-adic analogue for Bernshtein's inequality are studied. We prove that the p-adic model of functions of exponential type £ n are local constant functions from L2(Qp) with the parametr of constancy ³ -n.

Bodyagin D. A., Levesly J.
Calculation of fractional measures at convergence for Diophantine approximations on planar curves. pp. 24--27.

Summary: It is proved that in case of convergence of special series, the Lebesgue measure and the Hausdorff s-measure of well ap-proximable points on non-degenerate planar curves are equal to 0.

Starovoitov A. P., Starovoitova N. A.
Pade approximations of one class of entire functions. pp. 28--30.

Summary: The behaviour of sequences elements from the Pade and Chebyshev tables of one class of entire functions is studied.

Vasil'ev A. F., Simonenko D. N.
Formations and products of normal subgroups of finite groups. pp. 31--35.

Summary: Formations of finite groups closed under the products of normal subgroups of finite groups with the given intersection of the factors are investigated. A new characterization of the soluble subgroup-closed n-multiply local formations is obtained.

Belous L. L, Sel'kin V. M., Skiba A. N.
One class of critical w-composition formations. pp. 36--40.

Summary: In this article a description the minimal t-closed w-composition non-h-formations, where h is an arbitrary formation of classical type and t is a subgroup functor such that for any group G all subgroups in t (G) are subnormal in G, is given.



Likhoded N. A., Kishylau Y. V.
Coordinate transformations of multidimensional loops. pp. 41--46.

Summary: Coordinate transformations of nested loops are introduced. An algorithm for obtaining coordinate transformations and revealing the parallelism in fragments of sequential programs is developed and theoretically proved. Based on the proposed algorithm, procedures can be programmatically implemented that reveal resources of parallelism and false dependences that prevent from code parallelization.



Plebanovich V. I., Belous A. I., Chelyadinskii A. R., Odzhaev V. B.
Multistep method of ion implantation doping of silicon. pp. 47--50.

Summary: Transmission electron microscopy investigations have been performed on silicon implanted with boron by the multistep method. Our observations indicate that substitutional B acts as an annihilation center for generated Si interstitials during annealing of implanted silicon. It reduces significantly a number of operations of multistep implantation. For the positive effect, boron atoms must remain in the lattice nodes during every last step of implantation. It may be realized at high densities of ion current (more than 1.0 µA•cm-2).

Tomilchik L. M.
Anomalous blue-shift frequency drift as an effect of the Minkovski space conformal symmetry. pp. 51--58.

Summary: On the basis of the nonisometric transformation subgroup of the SO(4.2) group the nonlinear time inhomogeneity one-parameter conformal transformations are constructed. The connection between the group parameter and the Hubble constant H0 is established. It is shown that the existence of an anomalous blue-shifted frequency drift equal to nH0 Hz/s in the location-type experiments performed under the condition (DtH0 << 1 is the pure kinematic manifestation of the time inhomogeneity induced by the Universe expansion. This conclusion is confirmed via a generalisation of the standard Special Relativity clock synchronisation procedure to the space expending case. The obtained formulae reproduce the observable Pioneer Anomaly effect. The anomalous blue-shifted drift is universal, does not depend on the presence of graviting centers and can be observed on any frequences under suitable experimental conditions.



Serchenya T. S., Sviridov O. V.
Structural changes of antigen and monoclonal antibodies under the conditions of human alpha-1-microglobulin immunoaffrnity chromatography. pp. 59--65.

Summary: Actions of various chemical agents modeling immunoaffinity chromatography elution conditions caused structural changes of the components of human alpha-1-microglobulin (A1M) complexes with monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) G6 or F9. These changes influenced the immunoreactivities and became apparent in the circular dichroism and fluorescence spectra of A1M and both mAbs. The effectiveness of the chemical agents with respect to A1M desorption from immobilized mAb G6 decreased in the following order: 0.1 M glycine-HCl (pH 2.3)+ 1 M NaCl > 0.1 M glycine-HCl (pH 2.3) > 0.1 M NH4OH(pH 11.5) = 0.1 M NH4OH (pH 11.5) + 1 M NaCl > 0.1 M lithium 3,5-diiodosalycilate > 30% propyleneglycol + 1 M NaCl > 30% propyleneglycol > 1 M NaI. The elution activity of reagents disrupting the interaction of mAb F9 with A1M reduced as follows: 0.1 M NH4OH (pH 11.5) = 0.1 MNH4OH (pH 11.5) + 1 M NaCl > 0.1 M glycine-HCl (pH 2.3) + 1 M NaCl > 0.1 M glycine-HCl (pH 2.3) > 0.1 M lithium 3,5-diiodosalycilate. A1M is completely stable at pH 2.3, and structural changes of the protein conformation under alkaline conditions have a reversible character. From the practical point of view, the elution of A1M from the immobilized mAb G6 at pH 2.3 in the presence of 1M NaCl or the desorption of the antigen from the solid phase mAb F9 at pH 11.5 ensure obtaining functionally active human A1M with a high yield and are favorable to a repeated use of the biospecific sorbents in the immunoaffinity chromatography.

Lando D. Y., Fridman A. S., Haroutiunian S. G., Vardanyan V. I.
Calculation of DNA-ligand binding characteristics at infinite radius of interactions of adsorbed ligands using a modified ZGVN method. pp. 66--71.

Summary: The mass action law for infinite radius of ligand-ligand interaction on the DNA molecule has been obtained. A simple solution of the adsorption problem for this type of binding has been found using two infinite series.



Hihiniak Yu. G.
Rate of oxygen consumption of the Antarctic hydrobionts at a negative water temperature. pp. 72--75.

Summary: Data on the rate of oxygen consumption of the Antarctic hydrobionts calculated for representatives of poikilothermic hy-drobionts inhabiting sublittoral of the high latitude Davis Sea (Antarctica) are presented. It is shown that a relationship between the oxygen consumption rate and body mass in Antarctic Anthozoa, Polychaeta, Amphipoda, Isopoda, Pisces (young fish, fry) of the Davis Sea living at a negative water temperature (-1.9 °C) can be presented as the equation R = 0.335W0.78, i. e., individuals of different species of the same body mass consume approximately the same quantity of oxygen and have metabolic rates comparable with other hydrobionts living in high latitude Antarctic regions and also in lower latitudes.

Yakovleva G. A., Manarkhovich S. V., Dubinich V. L., Semanyuk T. V.
Somatic hydridization of cultivated potato with reciprocal hybrids between Solarium brevidens and Solatium etuberosum. pp. 76--80.

Summary: Somatic hybridization was used for overcoming the sexual incompatibility of cultivated potato with nontuberous species of Solarium. Potato somatic hybrids were obtained by chemical protoplast fusion in two combinations with reciprocal hybrids between S. brevidens and S. etuberosum: 48 -- 78563-76cld + (S. brevidens x S. etuberosum) and 4D -- (S. tuberosum x S. chacoense) + (S. etuberosum x S. brevidens). All tested regenerants were identified as true somatic hybrids by using isozyme analyses of peroxidase from the green part of plantlets in vitro. Somatic hybrids of both combinations were evaluated for ability to form tubers in vitro and in vivo, bloom and set berries with true seeds in greenhouse.

Lemesh V. A., Bogdanova M. V., Guzenko E. V., Khotyleva L. V.
Morphogenesis and the regenerative ability of fibre flax cultivars grown in Belarus. pp. 81--83.

Summary: Estimation of the morphogenetic potential and the regenerative ability of twenty fibre flax cultivars of different ripeness groups released in Belarus has demonstrated that these traits greatly depend on the genotype. A high regeneration frequency of the early ripening fibre flax cultivar Vita, M-12, Start, the middle ripening fibre flax cultivars Niva, E-68 and late ripening fibre flax cultivars Belinka, Pramen was revealed. The results obtained make it possible to use these cultivars in breeding and genetic programs with the application of biotechnology and gene engineering methods.

Zaker S. B., Titov L. P., Bakhrmand A. P., Tagikhani M.
Mutability of stability genes to isaniaside and rifampicine in M. tuberculosis of patients. pp. 84--89.

Summary: In the last few years there has been considerable progress in our understanding of the mechanisms of action of the antimy-cobacterial agents and the basis of resistance formation. Resistance to INH is associated with a variety of mutations affecting one or more genes such as those encoding catalase-peroxidase (katG). 38 Belarusian and 28 Iranian of Rif-r and Inh-r cultures were isolated in different regions of the countries. The sizes of the PCR products varied from 411 (rpoB) to 209 (katG) bp. Auto sequencing method was used. The results obtained were analysed by means of MEGA and DNAMAN software. Mutations were found in different regions of b subunit of rpoB gene. In Belarus 85% mutations were detected in codons 510, 523, 526, 531 and in Iran - in codons 510, 523, 526 . In Belarus the most affected codons of katG gene were 315, 316, and 309, and in Iran the most affected codons were 315, 299. The aim of this study was to determine the occurrence and frequencies of mutations in the 81 bp region of the rpoB and katG genes in Rif-r MBT strains as well as katG gene.



Belugin S. N., Belugina O. S., Mifflin S. W.
Modulation with extracellular calcium and simulation of inactivating potassium currents of neurons from NTS at normotension and renal hypertension. pp. 90--95.

Summary: In calcium containing medium inactivating outward potassium currents were decreased in neurons of NTS from HT rats in comparison to neurons NTS from NT rats. No potentiating effect of calcium on inactivating potassium currents in NTS had been revealed for HT rats. Simulated inactivating potassium currents for traces of spontaneous neuronal membrane potential activity were also less in neurons of NTS from HT rats than in neurons of NTS from NT rats. Comparatively lower simulated inactivating potassium currents for neurons of HT rats could properly reflect result of actual membrane conductance and higher excitability of NTS neurons at renal hypertension.



Loginov V. F., Volchak Al. A., Volchak An. A., Parfomuck S. I.
Use of the nonlinear models for stochastic modeling of various kinds of the flow of the basic rivers of Belarus. pp. 96--100.

Summary: Application of nonlinear stochastic models for forecasting long-term fluctuations of various kinds of the flow of 5 basic rivers of Belarus is shown. It allows describing physical mechanisms of cyclicity of long-term fluctuations of the river flow. The method of modeling of artificial hydrological lines is offered by the example of one of the rivers. The developed method shows the best results of forecasting the teleconnection correlation rather than the simple Markov circuit.

Taran L. N., Mikhailov N. D., Kolosov I. L., Kozhemyakina N. A.
Stable isotopes of carbon and sulfur in the black shale complex of the Belarusian crystalline massif. pp. 101--104.

Summary: Palaeoproterozoic high-carbon rocks of the Okolovo suit have been studied by stable isotope geochemistry of graphite carbon and pyrite sulfur. Generally, the isotope composition of graphite is rich in 12C that is characteristic for a biogenic source. The higher values of d13C of graphite from the zones of metasomatic alteration suggest the graphite formation from metamor-phic-magmatic fluids. Differences in the isotope composition of pyrite have been defined by local conditions of deposition and diagenesis.



Zhukova Yu. V., Zhdanov V. L., Isaev S. A.
Influence of guide elements on heat transfer of a circular cylinder in laminar flow at Pr~l. pp. 105--109.

Summary: Results on numerical simulation of enhancement of heat transfer of a cylinder-guide elements system for the Prandtl number Pr~l are presented in the article. The adopted model has been verified. Local heat transfer, thermohydrodynamic efficiency and total heat flux as a function of length and angular coordinate of guide elements are described. The obtained data are compared with those for a single cylinder.

Kuzei A. M.
Transformation of the alloy-solid solution nanostructure at superfast cooling of the Al-8 mass.% Cu alloy. pp. 110--114.

Summary: The a-solid solution structure of the Al-8 mass.% Cu alloy produced by centrifugal atomization of melt has been examined using the methods of X-ray analysis and electron microscopy. The structure of a-solid solution is shown to contain melt structure components. The a-solid solution crystal grows by picking up 2--10-nm size objects that are structure melt components. The mechanism for melt structure formation is suggested.

Kiyavitskaya H. L., Koulikovskaya A V., Routkovskaya C. C, Fokov A Yu., Fokov Yu. G.
Booster subcritical assembly "Yalina-B" driven by external neutron sources. pp. 115--118.

Summary: A brief description of design of booster (cascade) sub-critical assembly "Yalina-B" with fast and thermal neutron spectra, driven by external neutron sources is presented. The results of theoretical and experimental investigations of sub-criticality levels of "Yalina-B" assembly are introduced. The calculated spectra in experimental channels of fast and thermal zones are presented.

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