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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2007, Vol.51, No.2

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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2007, Vol.51, No.2

(Doklady Natsionalnoi Akademii Nauk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Volume 51, Number 2; March-April, 2007

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Davyalova E. V., Zverovich E. I.
Closed solution of the special case of Markuchevich's four-element problem. pp. 5--10

Orlovich Yu., Gordon V. S., Zverovich I. E., Finke G.
Hardness of approximating minimum (or maximum) maximal induced matching graph problems. pp. 11--16

Summary: The minimum (respectively, maximum) maximal induced matching problem asks for a minimum (respectively, maximum) maximal induced matching in a given graph. We show that for any e > 0 the minimum maximal induced matching problem for graphs of order n cannot be approximated within a factor of n1-e in polynomial time, unless P = NP. The result holds even if the graph in question is restricted to be bipartite. For the maximum induced matching problem, it is shown that for any e > 0 the problem cannot be approximated within a factor of (n/2)1-e in polynomial time, unless NP = ZPP. Here, ZPP denotes the class of languages decidable by a random expected polynomial-time algorithm that makes no errors (zero-error, probabilistic, polynomial). Moreover, we show that the maximum induced matching problem is NP-complete for line graphs of bipartite graphs.

Vasiliev I. L., Rulinskii Yu. G.
One condition of representation of entire functions of finite degree of the Fourier integrals of the compact functions of Lp. pp. 17--20

Summary: It is shown that if an entire function of finite degree F(z) and its first derivative satisfy Hoelder's some local conditions on the real axis, then F(z) is the Fourier transform of a compact function that belongs to the class Lp(1 < p < 2).

Radyna A. Ya., Sender A. N.
p-Adic splines as an apparatus for approximation of Qp-valued functions. pp. 21--25

Gaishun I. V., Goryachkin V. V.
Matrix binomial and its application to two-dimensional discrete systems. pp. 26--28

Summary: Some conditions for solvability of two-dimensional discrete systems are obtained.

Velichko M. V., Suprunenko I. D.
Small unipotent elements in representations of the special linear group with large highest weights. pp. 29--33

Summary: For almost all p-restricted irreducible representations of the group An (K) with highest weights large with respect to p, the Jordan block structure of images of small quadratic unipotent elements in these representations is determined. It is proved that if j is an irreducible p-restricted representation of An (K) with highest weight m1w1 +. + mnwn, Sni - 1 mi ³ p - 1, not too few of the coeficients mi, are less than p-1 and n is large enough with respect to the codimension of the fixed subspace of an element z under consideration, then j(z) has blocks of all sizes from 1 to p.



Tomilchik L. M., Molchan M. A.
Dirac oscillator as a phenomenological model of quark confinement. pp. 34--39

Summary: Within the framework of the consecutive geometrical approach based on the application of the D'Alembert generally co-variant equation in conformally flat spherically symmetric metrics of a special form, the D'Alembert-like equation is obtained. The precise solutions of this equation repeat qualitatively and quantitatively the basic results of the hadronisation model, the number of free parameters being reduced to one. It is also shown that the factorization procedure of the obtained equation operator leads directly to the Dirac oscillator model.

Milchanin O. V., Komarov F. F., Plebanovich V. I., Gaiduk P. I., Komarov A. F.
Improvement of the parameters of shallow p+--n-junctions in silicon by additional carbon implantation and step-by-step thermal treatments. pp. 40--45

Summary: In this article carbon co-implantation and step-by-step thermal treatments of shallow p+-n-junctions formation were used with the purpose of extended defect suppression and reduction of boron transient enhanced diffusion. A substantial improvement of the structural and electrical parameters of shallow p+-n-junctions has been achieved by using the additional carbon implantation and step-by-step thermal treatments.



Potkin V. I., Petkevich S. K., Azarko V. A., Kaberdin R. V.
Convenient method of construction of 1,3-thiazine and l,3-thiazole heterocycles on the base of l,l,4,4-tetrachloro-l-buten-3-one. pp. 46--48

Summary: The 2-amino-4-dichloromethyl-1,3-thiazin-6-thion was synthesized by interacting 1,1,4,4-tetrachloro-l-buten-3-one with thiourea in water at 20°C. The 2-amino-5-chloro-4-(2,2-dichlorovinyl)-1,3-thiazole hydrochloride was the product of the reaction in methanol at -40°C. The compounds obtained are capable to form thin photosensitive films and are of interest for studies as materials for microelectronics.

Skorb E. V., Ustinovich E. A., Sviridov D. V.
Photocatalytically active composite coatings based on titanium dioxide. pp. 49--52

Summary: The kinetic study of photodegradation of probing dyes of different polarity on the surface of TiO2 : In2O3 films of different composition has enabled a conclusion that photodegradations of polar and non-polar organic compounds in the air conditions occur through different mechanisms, i. e., via photooxidation with photogenerated hydroxyl radicals and due to direct attack with photoholes, respectively.

Soldatov V. S., Zelenkovskii V. M., Bezyazychinaya T. V., Mosunova N. V., Sosinovich Z. I.
Sorption of copper ions by polymer sorbent with amidopolyamine groups. pp. 53--56

Summary: Copper sorption by ion exchange on the base of polyacrylonitrile with amidopolyamine groups has been studied as a function of the equilibrium solution pH value. High sorption selectivity indicates the formation of a strong complex of Cu2+ with the functional groups. Using the quantum chemical calculations it has been shown that the strong binding of the Cu2+ complex is due to the formation of coordination bonds with amidoamine groups of the sorbent.



Romanovskaya A. A., Nikandrov V. N.
Plasminogen and streptokinase regulation of glioma C6 and neuroblastoma IMR-32 cells proliferation. pp. 57--60

Summary: It is demonstrated in vitro that plasminogen and its activator streptokinase are able to sustain the vital functions even in a serum-free medium and have mitogenic effects on the cells of rat glioma C6 and human neuroblastoma IMR-32 shown by the quantity of cells, cellular DNA, RNA and the protein increase. New original facts were obtained to testify the possibility of initiation of neoplastic transformation and potentiation of a tumor growth.

Ignatovets O. S., Akhramovich T. I., Feskova E. V., Leontiev V. N.
Mechanism of simazine degradation of bacteria genus Pseudomonas. pp. 61--64

Summary: In the article the results of research on degradation of s-triazines herbicide - simazine by ferment systems of bacteria genus Pseudomonas are shown. On the basis of kinetic researches the specific dehalogenase activity of the chosen strains was determined. Intermediates of simazine degradation are investigated by the method HPLC-MS.

Kozlova N. M., Garmaza Yu. M., Krutko A. G., Zubritskaya G. P., Slobozhanina E. I.
Influence of detergents on transport of GSH-conjugates from human erythrocytes. pp. 65--67

Summary: It is shown that detergents exert an inhibitory influence on the efflux of GSH-conjugates with xenobiotics from erythrocytes in submicellar low concentration. It is established that decreasing the output rate of conjugates from cells treated with different detergents is connected with changes of the physical condition of membrane lipids - a decrease of fluorescence polarization of a lipophilic fluorescent probe TMA-DPH incorporated into isolated human erythrocyte membranes under the action same detergent concentrations is revealed. It is suggested that the functional activity of membrane proteins responsible for transport of exogenous substances from cells depends on the microviscosity of a lipid bilayer.



Belugin S. N.
Membrane potential shift and excitability of DiA strained neurons from NTS at renal hypertension. pp. 68--71

Summary: Examination of the subset of NTS neurons exhibiting somatic DiA fluorescence revealed that DiA labeled neurons from 4-week hypertensive (HT) rats had a significantly shorter duration of delayed excitation (252 ± 115 ms, n = 8, P = 0.022) than in DiA labeled neurons from normotensive (NT) rats (748 ± 152 ms, n = 7). DiA labeled neurons of HT rats had showed a more depolarized membrane potential during first 50 ms in response to the stimulation than neurons from NT rats. The data suggest that 4-week hypertension reduces potassium hyperpolarizing outward currents in NTS neurons, and this contributes to the depolarizing shift of the membrane potential and reduces delayed excitation.

Beloenko E. D. †, Chernyakova Yu. M., Pinchuk L. S.
Tribiological substantiation of a chondroprotective method by means of blood serum and hyaluronates. pp. 72--75

Summary: A method of chondroprotection is proposed, which involves injection of the arthritic joint with a mixture of the patient's blood serum being completely compatible with the synovial medium of his joint, and hyaluronates. Lubricity of the mixtures of blood serum (AB, Rh+) and hyaluronic preparations like "Sinvisc", "Hyalgan", "Hya-ject" were estimated on a pendulum tribometer equipped with a permanent magnetic field source simulating the biophysical field of the joint. The friction coefficient in the support of the tribometer lubricated by the compositions studied was found to exponentially drop with time at application of the field (H ~ 1 kA/m). The dependences of the least friction coefficient values versus hyaluronate amount in the mixture pass through a minimum. In this connection, a hypothesis is proposed that complex compounds arise in the lubricating film under the action of friction and magnetic field, said compounds comprising protein and hyalortonate macromolecules plus molecules of liquid-crystalline cholesterol derivatives are analogous to the complexes found in a healthy synovia. The results obtained constitute a tribological embodiment of anew method of chondroprotection.



Konischev V. S.
Gases dissolved in the underground waters and the oil and possibilities of the sedimentary basins of Belarus. pp. 76--80

Summary: It is shown that gases dissolved in the underground waters of the Orsha and Podlesse-Brest depression s differ from gases of underground waters of the Pripyat depression and they are not tynical for gases of oil and gas bearing basins.



Rudnitsky V. A., Kren A. P., Mozgalev V. V.
Relation between the static and dynamic elasticity modulus of elastomeric materials. pp. 81--84

Summary: The necessary conditions to obtain a relation between the static and dynamic elasticity modulus of elastomeric materials are established. Using the results of tests of the filled rubbers it is shown that the main reason for a difference between the readings of dynamic and static devices is the different temperature, different test time and different relaxation processes in elastomers. It is established that the heating of the elastomers and the account of the value of viscosity allows finding a unique dependence between the dynamic and static elastic ity modulus.

Pryakhin S. S., Semashko V. I.
Kinetics of heating and cooling of the surface of soldered joints at laser diagnostics. pp. 85--90

Summary: Temperature kinetics parameters for soldered joints have been calculated using the experimentally measured values of their thermal radiation signals induced by laser heating. According to the developed kinetic model the determined parameters of the soldered joints were the values of the time scales of thermal processes relating to the internal and external temperature relaxation, and also the values of the corresponding saturation temperatures. The soldering defects among the groups of one-type soldered joints were revealed due to the anomalies of the values of their kinetic parameters and the relations between them.

Vysotski M. S., DouboIik D. A.
Efficiency of running systems of wheel vehicles. pp. 91--94

Summary: The method for quantitative estimation of the efficiency of running systems of vehicles for curvilinear motion, taking into account the deviation of vectors of driving wheels tractive forces from the direction determined by a driver by turning a steering wheel, is offered. Results of the application of the developed method for estimation of the efficiency of running systems AWD vehicle with mass and geometrical parameters, close to an off-road vehicle MZKT 79091 with the wheel formula 8 x 8, are presented.

Vityaz P. A., Kheifets M. L.
Analysis of metastable and nonequilibrium processes using the state diagrams involving the synthesis of supersolid materials. pp. 95--99

Summary: The analysis of carbon and bore nitrite diagrams has been carried out on the basis of proposed topological models according to the principles of the continuity in physical and chemical system properties and compliance of the topological model with that system.

Burya A. I., Kozlov G. V., Sviridenok A. I.
Structural aspects of the fluidity processes in the composites on the basis of phenilone with short fibers. pp. 100--102

Summary: It is shown, that the structural components of the polymeric matrix supervising process of fluidity in composites filled with fibres are clasters and interphase areas, i. e. all tightly-packing areas.

Konstantinov V. M.
Enhanced diffusion of alloying elements in iron during thermochemical treatment of powders in a rotating vessel. pp. 103--107

Summary: The phenomenon of enhanced solid-state diffusion during high-temperature thermochemical treatment (carburization, boronizing, siliconizing) of iron and steel powders in a rotating vessel is examined experimentally and analyzed theoretically. It is demonstrated that the enhancement of diffusion mass transfer during powder processing is connected with a local increase in a diffusion coefficient due to the generation of non-equilibrium vacancies during contact periodic plastic deformation. The reasons for a more substantial enhancement of diffusion of substitutional atoms in comparison with interstitial atoms are discussed.



Khoryak A. P.
Brick east-Christian temple construction in western Belarus of the first third of XVI century. pp. 108--112

Summary: Brick architecture monuments of the first third of XVI century in Synkovichy, Murovanka, Suprasl, Vilno, Novogrudok, Koden are analyzed as a continuation of the tradition of east-Christian temple constructing in the western region of Belarus. The relations with Western and Central Europe, Byzantine, eastern Slavs are considered. The transformation of Christian West and East architectural traditions is formulated as one of the features of authentic Belarusian constructing.



Tanana L. A., Amelchenko S. L., Peshko V. V.
Genetic structure of the Belarusian black-motley breed on the locus of the kappa-casein gene. pp. 113--117

Summary: Researches are devoted to studying the breeding value of bulls of various lines of the Belarusian black-montley breed and to analyzing the genetic structure of bull-producers on the locus of the kappa-casein gene. As a result of researches, it is established that the bulls of the Valerian-Blackster line (I = 9929 kg) have the highest value of milk yield and those of the Starbuk-Klaitus line (I = 4.36%) - the highest value of milk fat content. Calculation of the genetic structure of the bulls of the Belarusian black-motley breed on the locus of the kappa-casein gene testifies that 71.4% of bulls have kappa-casein genotype AA and 28.6%) of animals - kappa-casein genotype AB. Kappa-casein genotype BB was identified in none of the bulls. The study of the milk quality of the daughters of various bull-producers testifies that the highest maintenance of milk proteins is seen in the daughters of the bulls Grim 400011 and Pisar 400036. It is equal to 3.26 and 3.27%, respectively. It says that the bulls having allele B in the genotype give the posterity with a higher maintenance of milk proteins.

Dolmatov D. A., Pristchepa I. A.
Ways of root-knot nematode invasion load and a harmfullness decrease in the glass-covered ground. pp. 118--123

Summary: The results of research on determining root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.) belonging, spread and number on tomatoes and cucumbers under greenhouse conditions are presented. The influence of thermal soil disinfection on the quantity of nematodes and harmfulness change against a background of tomato and cucumber varieties (hybrids) growing with different degree of susceptibility to root-knot nematodes is studied. It is determined that growing the resistant tomato varieties after ground steaming prevents from active reproduction and soil accumulation of root-knot nematodes and raises the economic efficiency of thermal treatment. The biological and economic efficiency of nematicides (acarine, P and phytoverm, P. izapine, w. s. c.) applied against root-knot nematodes in glass-covered ground is shown.

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