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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2007, Vol.51, No.3

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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2007, Vol.51, No.3

(Doklady Natsionalnoi Akademii Nauk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Volume 51, Number 3; May-June, 2007

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Minchenko L. I., Gvozd E. N.
Interconnection of different types of the constraint qualification in mathematical programming. pp. 5--9

Summary: A constraint qualification of constant rank and metrical regularity is studied. It is proved that the constant rank constraint qualification implies the metric regularity condition.

Egorov A. D., Yanovich L. A.
Chebyshev's quadrature formulas with real nodes for special classes of functional integrals. pp. 10--15

Summary: The problem of construction of Chebyshtv's quadrature formulas with real nodes is considered. Estimates for a number of nodes are obtained, starting with which Chebyshev's quadrature formulas with real nodes for a special type of functional integrals with respect to the measures of Poisson and Wiener do not exist.

Gabasov R., Kirillova F. M.
Dual method of solution of the canonical problem of linear programming. pp. 16--19

Summary: A dual method of solution of a linear programming problem of arbitrary form based on a new notion of a base to a canonical linear programming problem with two-side direct constraints is suggested. The theorems on the support optimality and algorithm fmiteness are formulated.

Gurevsky E. E., Emelichev V. A.
Linear convolution of criteria in vector p-center problems. pp. 20--22

Summary: We investigate the possibility of application of linear convolution of criteria for finding the Pareto set in the vector variant of the well-known combinatorial p-center problem.

Alehno A. G.
Homogeneous boundary-value Rieman problem with an infinite index of specified zero order. pp. 23--28

Summary: The general solution is obtained for the Riemann problem with an infinite index of specified zero order.

Barketau M. S., Kovalyov M. Ya.
Computational complexity of the product partition problem. pp. 29--31

Summary: The product partition problem, which is a natural modification of the well-known NP-Complete subset product problem, is considered. It is shown that the product partition problem is NP-Complete in a strong sense. The product partition problem can be used to estimate the computational complexity of a wide range of problems including scheduling theory problems with item processing times linearly dependent on the start of item processing time.



Zhestkov S. V.
Possibility of propagation of unsteady-state bright solitons in two-core nonlinear fiber couplers. pp. 32--36

Summary: The theory of propagation of unsteady-state bright solitons in a two - core nonlinear fiber coupler, which is described by the system of the second-order coupled nonlinear Schrodinger equations, is developed in the present article. Necessary and sufficient conditions of existence of these solutions are obtained. The mathematical analysis of these conditions is fulfilled.

Demidchik V. I., Kouharchik P. D., Sitsko N. Yu.
Influence of the dielectric coating on the scattering characteristics of conducting fibers of arbitrary geometry. pp. 37--41

Summary: The article presents the method and simulation results of electromagnetic wave scattering on dipole-like and coil-like microfibers covered with a layer of dielectric. The method is based on solving the modified Pocklington integral equation that allows one to take into account the influence of the dielectric coating. The influence of dielectric permittivity and coating thickness on resonant characteristics, estimated using a radar cross section, was investigated.

Smetannikov A. S.
Modelling of electric discharge sources of hard ultraviolet radiation. pp. 42--47

Summary: Dynamics of acceleration and compression on the symmetry axis of cylindrical plasma shells (initial radius r0 ~ 1 cm) of current pulses with a time rise of ~ 100 ns is considered. The numerical simulation is carried out in the one-dimensional magnetic radiation gasdynamics approximation on the basis of fully conservative difference schemes in Lagrange variables. In calculation the real thermodynamic, transport and optical properties of plasma (obtained by solving the steady-state equations of charge kinetics) are used. The radiation transfer is described in the "forward - backward" approximation by angles and in the multigroup approximation by photon energy. The calculations are carried out for Z-pinch discharge in xenon (initial energy E0 = 10--30 J, maximal current 30--100 kA, density ~ 106 g/cm3). The detailed picture of the dynamics of processes in discharges is investigated and the efficiency of energy transformation in radiation is determined. It is shown that the given discharges are powerful sources of radiation in the vacuum ultraviolet range of spectrum.

Korshunov F. P., Bogatyrev Yu. V., Lastovsky S. B., Shvedov S. V., Golubev N. F.
Influence of radiation defect annealing on epitaxial silicon p-n-structures characteristics. pp. 48--51

Summary: The influence of isochronal annealing on the parameters of epitaxial silicon p-n-structures irradiated by 4 MeV electrons has been considered. It is established that as a result of radiation defect annealing at 660¸700 K, the lifetime of minority charge carriers achieves v £ 100 ns without an essential changing of the forward voltage. The dominating radiation defects (vacancy-oxygen, complexes CiOi, divacancy-oxygen), influencing the researched parameters, have been determined by the method of DLTS-spectroscopy.

Komarov F. F., Komarov A. F., Mironov A. M.
Formation of uniformly doped layers in metals and semiconductors by high-fluence polyenergetic ion implantation. pp. 52--56

Summary: A model of high fluence polyenergetic ion implantation has been developed. The model allows evaluating ion implantation parameters in order to form uniformly doped layers in metals and semiconductors. Model calculations were performed for the implantation of nitrogen ions into the iron target with the purpose of the nitride phase formation in the near-surface region.



Kisselev P. A., Schwarz D., Kisseleva S. N., Bovdey N. A., Schunck W.-H., Roots I.
Catalytic activity of human cytocrhrome P-4501A1 in the initiation reaction of the estrogen catechol-guinone cycle. pp. 57--61

Summary: The human cytochrome P-4501A1 expression in Spodoptera frugiperda cells was carried out. The high catalytic activity of the enzyme was shown for the reaction of transformation of 2-hydroxy-17b-estradiol into guinone. Physiological significance of this process for the formation and progress of chemically induced forms of cancerous diseases of estrogen-dependent organs and tissues is discussed.

Skorb E. V., Antonouskaja L. I., Belyasova N. A., Sviridov D. V.
Photoinduced bacterial properties of thin-film photocatalysts based on nanostructured titanuium dioxide. pp. 62--66

Summary: With the use of Pseudomonas fluorescens as a test culture, the UV irradiation-induced pathophysiological properties of TiO2, TiO2/In2O3, TiO2/Ag, and TiO2/Ag/Ni thin-film photocatalysts in an aqueous medium are investigated. It is shown that the highest biocyde activity is observed in the case of TiO2/Ag catalyst exhibiting the efficient generation of hydroxyl radicals which behave as a major lethal factor.

Azarko V. A., Potkin V. I., Agabekov V. E., Lysenko G. N., Petkevich S. K., Mikhailovskii Yu. K.
New rearrangement of benzazetine derivatives into azocyclohepta-l,2,4,6-tetraen. pp. 67--70

Summary: A new, previously unreported rearrangement of benz- and napht azetines containing a nitrotrihalogen propenyliden substitute into heptatomic aromatic cycloheterocumulenes -- azocyclohepta-1,2,4,6-tetraen derivatives occurred at the stage of film formation by thermal vacuum deposition has been shown for the first time using UV and IR spectroscopy.

Dubkova V. I., Krutko N. P., Solovskiy M. V., Panarin E. F., Belyasova N. A., Maevskaya O. I.
Carbon fiber material as a carrier of antimicrobic polymeric complex. pp. 71--75

Summary: The article presents the results on the influence of a carbon fiber substrate, unmodified and phosphorus-containing, on the antimicrobic properties of a biologically active polymer, as which a polymeric complex based on the hydrophilic copolymer of N-(2-hydroxypropil) of metacrylamide with acrylic acid and an antibiotic of a wide spectrum of action of gentamycin was used. It has been established that the most strongly pronounced effect for the cultures of microorganisms, which are frequently encountered at purulent inflammations of wounds, namely golden staphylococcus, pseudo-monads and a colon bacillus, was observed when using as a material -- substrate of the phosphorus-containing carbon fiber ion exchanger in salt form.



Yaronskaya E. B., Vershilovskaya I. V., Averina N. G.
Aactivity of key enzymes of chlorophyll and heme biosynthesis in barley leaves treated with gabaculine. pp. 76--80

Summary: The effect of gabaculine (GB), a specific inhibitor of synthesis of 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) at glutamate 1 -semialdehyde aminotransferase site, on the rate of ALA formation, the content of the end products of two branches of tetrapyrrole biosynthesis, chlorophyll (Chl) and heme, as well as Mg-chelatase (MCH) and Fe-chelatase (FCH) activities were investigated in etiolated and greening barley leaves. In etiolated leaves, GB did not influence both the ALA synthesis rate and the heme level. In greening leaves, GB substantially inhibited the Chl and ALA accumulation without decreasing the heme content. The results indicate that GB inhibits preferentially the formation of ALA destined for the Chl synthesis and does not affect the formation of ALA destined for the heme synthesis. Suppression of ALA formation assigned for the Chl branch is accompanied by a simultaneous reduction of MCH activity but does not influence the FCH activity in greening barley leaves. The results obtained are indicative for the existence of the mechanism that adjusts the activity of Mg-porphyrin synthesis to the activity of ALA formation destined for the Chl biosynthesis.

Nikolaichik E. A., Lagotenko A. L., Valentovich L. N., Prisyazhenko O. K., Evtushenkov A. N.
Comparative characteristics of HrpN harpins from Erwinia carotovora and Erwinia amylovora. pp. 81--85

Summary: This work compares the characteristics of two proteins of the harpin family, HrpNEc of Erwinia carotovora and HrpNEa of E. amylovora. Contrary to very close properties, including similar amino acid sequences and the ability of both proteins to induce the hypersensitive reaction in Nicotiana tabacum plants, the ability of E. carotovora cells to secrete them is quite different. While heterologous harpin HrpNEa is effectively secreted by E. carotovora, the native protein HrpNEc remains cell bound in this bacterium in all conditions tested. The data on the HrpNEc localization, the HR induction by a partially purified protein and hrpN mutant as well as our earlier data on another HR inducer (the effector protein DspE) allow one to suggest a role of HrpNEc in translocation of effector proteins from E. carotovora into plant cells.

Lukashenko T. M., Soltanov V. V., Nezhuta A. Yu., Morozova I. L.
Modulation of interoceptive reflexes in soya-fed rats. pp. 86--91

Summary: Effects of feeding with natural and transgenic soya (30% soya additions to the standard diet, for 2 months) on the reflex responses of gastric and duodenal smooth muscles and heart rate with intragastric application of 1 ml milk were studied. It was found that soya can invert the direction of interoceptive reflexes to food stimuli.

Nikandrov V. N., Pyzhova N. S., Schaptchitz N. S.
Cleavage of proteins by intracellular proteinases of Corynebacterium diphtheriae: effect of group-specific inhibitors and active oxygen scavenger LS. pp. 92--97

Summary: The effect of a number of group-specific inhibitors of proteinases and scavengers of active oxygen species on the splitting of fibrin, fibrinogen, thrombin, casein and gelatin by intracellular proteinases of four strains of Corynebacterium diphtheriae is investigated. In optimal for toxinogenesis conditions there is a pronounced reorganization of intracellular proteolysis of the given microorganism: the proteinases, which are inhibited by p-chloromercuribenzoate (cystein), have a high functional activity whereas it is a high sensitivity of the proteolysis to phenylmetylsulfonylfluoride (serine proteinases) in the conditions not optimal for toxinogenesis. Only intracellular proteinases of the high-toxigenic strain PW-8 are inhibited by aromatic compound.

Savchenko G. E., Pshybytko N. L., Kabashnikova L. F., Grzyb I., Strzalka K.
Modification of the carotenoid composition and the structural state of an etioplast membrane system under heat shock. pp. 98--102

Summary: Structural and functional changes in an etioplast membrane system under heat shock and dithiothreitol (DTT) treatment was studied. The increase of the zeaxanthin content against a background of a reduced violaxanthin amount in etiolated barley leaves under heat shock was revealed. High intensity light (1h) and DTT-treatment did not affect the carotenoid composition in heating etiolated leaves.



Belugin S. N.
Changes of potential-dependent potassium flows at the intracellular cAMP dialysis of NTS neurons of normotensive rats. pp. 103--108

Summary: The data were obtained using whole-cell patch clamp of NTS neurons dialysed with cAMP (0.1 mM). The voltage at half-maximal conductance (Vh) for the steady-state activation of transient potassium currents (TOC) was shifted rightward from -43.8± 1.6 mV (n = 25) to -39.2± 1.4 mV (n = 32, P < 0.035) in NTS neurons dialysed with cAMP. The time constant of TOC decay (t) was slower at cAMP dialysis. It the blocking effect of cAMP on noninactivating delayed rectifier potassium currents in neurons dissociated from NTS of normotensive rats was also observed . The slope factor (Vc) for the noninactivating potassium conductance was decreased (steeper slope) by cAMP dialysis. The observed changes in amplitudes and kinetic properties of the TOC and noninactivating potassium currents in NTS neurons after cAMP dialysis suggest a role of the cAMP-dependent phosphorylation in modulating effects on voltage-dependent potassium conductances and excitability of NTS neurons.



Matveyev A. V.
Regional division of Belarus by the peculiarities of recent Earth crust movements. pp. 109--111

Summary: Five first-order structures were recognized by the peculiarities of recent Earth crust movements. Each of these structures is divided into two-three second order structures. It is stated that the recent movements are principally similar to the processes that formed the major structures of the crystalline basement surface.



Lanin V. L., Tomal V. S.
Optimization of cavitation fields in ultrasonic baths of clearing. pp. 112--114

Summary: For estimation of the intensity of a cavitation pressure in liquid environments and the uniformity of cavitation fields it is offered to measure a quadratic size of a cavitation noise level in a range of its largest spectral density. Optimum temperature modes and the concentration of surfactants in ultrasonic baths of clearing are determined.

Timoshpolskiy V. I., Bakhanovich S. V., Borukhov V. T., Kabishov S. M., Tsurko V. A.
Nimerical simulation of cooling and hardening of a cotinuously cast steel ingot. pp. 115--120

Summary: The numerical method for solution of two-dimensional nonlinear heat equations is proposed. It is used in numerical simulation of cooling and hardening of steel ingot.

Sobol V. R., Mazurenko O. N., Logvinovich P. N., Belsky S. E., Blohin A. V.
Influence of the viscosity forces on the movement of a dislocation segment and the propagation of elastic oscillations in metals. pp. 121--124

Summary: The adequacy of the capability of application of a string model to the description of the movement of dislocation segments is investigated at sign-variable loading of constructional materials, including in the modes bringing into fatigue processes. Analytical consideration is made and numerical modeling of a degree of influence of inertial and viscous mechanisms on the movement of dislocations and their duplication in a field of sign-variable elastic pressure is made.

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