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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2007, Vol.51, No.4

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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2007, Vol.51, No.4

(Doklady Natsionalnoi Akademii Nauk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Volume 51, Number 4; July-August, 2007

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50 years of Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. pp. 5--6.


Savchuk V. F., Matysik O. V.
Convergence of an implicit iteration method for solution of operator equations in the Hilbert space. pp. 7--12
E-mail: matysik(at)

Summary: An implicit iteration method for solution of operator equations in the Hilbert space is proposed. Convergence of the method is proved in the case of an apriori choice of a number of iterations, error estimations are obtained. The case of nonunique solution and convergence of the method in energy norm is investigated. For the proposed method the opportunity of application of the residual stop rule and the rule of neighboring approximations is proved.

Minyuk S. A., Panasik O. A.
Theory of controllability of linear stationary differential-algebraic systems. pp. 13--18

Summary: Criteria of damping and controllability in the space Rn of linear stationary regular differential-algebraic systems are proved. The results are illustrated by two examples.

Likhoded N. A.
Functions for data distribution among processors and iterations of a parallel algorithm. pp. 19--24
E-mail: likhoded(at)

Summary: Functions for data distribution are introduced. The functions are coordinated with scheduling functions. The processors and iterations, which use the fixed data entry into statement, are determined. This allows one to obtain the initial data distribution, the information about the data volume for every processor, the structure of communications.

Vorob'ev N. N.
Separated lattices of totally local Fitting classes. pp. 25--28
E-mail: nicholas(at)

Summary: It is proved that the lattice of all soluble totally w-local Lockett classes is S-separated.

Beniash-Kryvets V. V.
Free subgroups of generalized triangle groups of type (2,4,2). pp. 29--32
E-mail: benyash(at)

Summary: The Tits alternative holds for generalized triangle groups Г = < a,b; a2 = b4 = R2(a,b) = l > , where R(a,b) = аbu1 .. abus, 0 < ui < 4 and s > 4 and s > 4 is odd.

Gaishun I. V.
Asymptotic estimation of the states of two-dimensional discrete systems. pp. 33--35
E-mail: gaishun(at)

Summary: A method of estimation of two-dimensional discrete systems is proposed.



Sukhodola A. A.
Delayed luminescence of vapors of indole and N-methylindole. pp. 36--39
E-mail: sukhodola(at)

Summary: Spectral and kinetic characteristics of delayed luminescence of N-methylindole and indole in the gas phase have been studied. N-methylindole delayed luminescence represents p-type delayed fluorescence. Its spectrum approximately coincides with a fluorescence spectrum. Indole p-type delayed fluorescence has not been recorded, however, delayed luminescence in the spectral region with a maximum at lmax = 535 nm is observed and has been interpreted as luminescence of free radicals to be formed due to the N-H bond dissociation. It is supposed that the excited states of free radicals are populated due to nonradiative energy transfer from the triplet states of indole to the doublet states of free radicals. Calculated from the kinetics of the delayed luminescence lifetimes of the triplet states of N-methylindole and indole at T = 373 K are 2.5 and 1 ms, respectively.



Kudina E. F., Pleskachevsky Yu. M.
Isolation of dispersed silica in the acidic medium at microwave heating. pp. 40--44
E-mail: kudina_mpri(at)

Summary: Dispersed silica has been obtained from alkali-silicate solutions in the acidic medium in the conditions of microwave heating. The effect of microwave heating on physical-chemical properties and the structure of the formed products has been studied as dependent on the activity of the dispersion medium used. It is shown that the use of thus obtained silica as additives to lubricating compositions ensures their durability in heavy-loading conditions.

Adrianov A M.
Determination of the conservative elements of the HIV-1 V3 loop structure in the HIV-MN and HIV-Haiti isolates. pp. 45--51
E-mail: andrianov(at)

Summary: The computer approaches, which combined the methods of 3D protein structure modeling with the mathematical statistics methods, were used to compute 3D structures of the principal neutralizing determinant of the human immunodeficiency virus of type 1 (V3 loop of the gp120 protein) in the HIV-MN and HIV-Haiti isolates as well as to compare their conformational characteristics with the purpose of determining the structure elements common for two virus modifications. As a result, the variability of the amino acid sequence was found to stimulate considerable structural rearrangements of the V3 loop. However, a greater part of its amino acid residues was shown to preserve the conformations in the virus strains of interest. The invariant structure elements of V3 appearing in the functionally significant regions of gp120 are considered as the promising targets for potential anti-HIV-1 drugs. The search for them may be realized by the molecular docking methods with posterior selection of chemical compounds suitable as a basis for design of safe and effective antiviral agents.



Shylakhotko E. A., Sapunova L. I., Lobanok A. G., Korzhik A. M., Evtushenkov A. N.
Lactose induced synthesis of xylose isomerase in Escherichia coli BL21(DE3)/pET24bxylA recombinant strain. pp. 52--56
E-mail: leonida(at)

Summary: The influence of lactose on the xylose isomerase synthesis in Escherichia coli BL21(DE3)/pET24bxylA recombinant strain with xylA gene incorporated from Arthrobacter sp. under the control of a phage T7 promoter is investigated. It is established that lactose addition at the early exponential phase of the bacterial culture growth provides 1.3 times higher enzyme productivity of recombinant strain in comparison with the isopropyl-1-thio-b-D-galactopyranoside supply. The induction effect on the enzyme biosynthesis does not depend on the concentration of a specific substrate (0.001--2%) and reaches maximum values in 4 hours after its addition into the cultural medium.

Yaronskaya E. B., Gritskevitch E. R., Averina N. G.
Kinetin and light effects on the Mg-chelatase activity in barley leaves treated with streptomycin. pp. 57--60
E-mail: yaronskaya(at)

Summary: Exposure of barley seeds to streptomycin, an inhibitor of plastid translation, induces the development of albino seedlings with undifferentiated ribosome-deficient plastids. In these plants, the activity of Mg-chelatase is reduced by 77--87% as compared to control seedlings. The decreased enzyme activity has been already detected in etiolated plants with undifferentiated plastids, indicating that the plastid signal activity does not depeund on the light. Whereas the activity of Mg-chelatase in control seedlings was stimulated upon light and kinetin exposure, these stimuli did not affect the enzyme activity in the white tissue of streptomycin-treated plants. Application of antibiotic did not cause a modification of endogenous levels of cytokinins in etiolated and greening barley seedlings. Almost two-fold higher cytokinin content was demonstrated in streptomycin-treated light/dark grown plants as compared to control. Based on the results obtained, we propose a close interaction of a plastid-derived signal, light and cytokinins when regulating the Mg-chelatase activity.

Sarnatsky V. V.
Zone and typological forecast of periodic mass drying of spruce forests. pp. 61--64
E-mail: sarnatsky(at)

Summary: On the basis of the revealed zone and typological regularities of mass damage of spruce stands, the algorithm is developed and parameters of continuous drying of spruce forests in the conditions of the periodic extreme manifestation of ecological factors are determined.

Shapturenko M. N., Shostak L. M., Tarutina L. A, Mishin L. A, Khotyleva L. V.
Estimation of the productive potential of sweet pepper through kinetic parameters of seed thermodestruction. pp. 65--70
E-mail: shapturenko(at)

Summary: Thermogravimeric analysis and differential scanning calorimetry of thermochemical decomposition of pepper seeds is carried out. The characteristic of kinetic parameters (Ea, Dm) of seed destruction of a line collection is given. Character expression of quantitative traits of lines is investigated, the effect of hybrids F1 heterosis is estimated. A potential use of the kinetic parameters of seed destruction is studied to predict the sweet pepper yield potential. Results indicate that despite the lack of a high correlation between the value Ea and a degree of heterosis, the thermogravimetric analysis can be used for estimation of parental diversity and for creation of heterotic groups.



Belugin S. N., Mifflin S. W.
Changes of potential-dependent inactivating potassium currents at intraneuronal cAMP dialysis of NTS neurons of hypertensive rats. pp. 71--76
E-mail: beluginsn(at)

Summary: The data were obtained using the whole-cell patch clamp of NTS neurons of normotesive (NT) and renal-wrap hypertensive rats (HT). Transient potassium currents (TOC) and their steady-state (SS) component were less expressed in NTS neurons of HT rats than in neurons of NT rats. Both NT and HT neurons with cAMP dialysis (0.1 mM) showed delaying kinetic of TOC inactivation (slower decay) and increasing SS currents. Absolute and normalized values of SS currents were higher in cAMP dialysed neurons of HT rats than in cAMP dialysed neurons of NT rats. Changes of TOC in NTS neurons of HT and the more prominent effect of cAMP on TOC inactivating kinetics in neurons of HT suggest a particular role of the cAMP-dependent phosphorylation in modulating effects on TOC and neuronal excitability in NTS after long steady hypertension in comparison to the normotensive state.



Sergienko V. P., Kupreev A. V., Bukharov S. N.
Triboengineering processes on contact surfaces of oil-cooled friction pairs. pp. 77--80
E-mail: sergienko_vp(at)

Summary: Tribological processes occurring on the oil-cooled frictional contact in transient friction regimes have been studied. Wear mechanisms and structural changes in the rubbing materials along with the phenomena of heat and mass transfer in the friction zone have been analyzed.

Artioyukhina N. K.
Theoretical bases of aberration correction in four-mirror objectives. pp. 81--85
E-mail: art49(at), art4913(at)

Summary: The theory of Seidel aberration calculation of four-mirror objectives is described. The aplanatic and anastigmatic correction methods of mirror objectives with catoptric lens are given. Different variants of designs possessing the increased field angles and high aperture are found. Results of calculation can be used for development of new optical devices using mirror optics.

Kiselevsky O. S., Kazachenko V. P.
Fourier analysis of untrasmooth fractal surface profiles. pp. 86--88
E-mail: kvp(at)

Summary: Numerical simulation of surface profiles with stated fractal dimension was carried out. The dependence of the Fourier-spectrum profile behavior on fractal dimension D and codimension H of the surface was investigated. An empirical exponential formula of the dependence of Hurst-parameters on the power-spectrum steepness of the profiles was proposed.

Azharonok V. V., Bazylev N. B., Gorzhanova T. N., Lavinskaya E. I., Filatova I. I., Fomin N. A.
Digital laser monitoring of changes in the structure of printing paper after its treatment by RF discharge. pp. 89--93
E-mail: fomin(at)

Summary: The article presents a novel technique for diagnostics of microstructure changes in diffusing media based on still digital camera recordings and statistic analysis of speckle fields generated by laser probing of these media. Histograms and autocorrelation functions of intensity distributions in the investigated areas of the speckle-field prove to be one of the appropriate forms for result presentation. Parameters of these functions can be accepted as simple criteria which characterize quantitatively changes in the microstructure of paper samples after their treatment by plasma of RF discharge.

Yausei A. U., Prokopchuk N. R.
Structure and properties of composite materials on the basis of recycled poly(ethylene terephthalate)-thermoplastic mixtures. pp. 94--99
E-mail: evs-andj(at)

Summary: The dependence of the basic physical and mechanical characteristics of a polymeric mixture of recycled poly(ethylene terephthalate)-thermoplastic on its structure is considered. The interaction of mixture components and the influence of a polymeric modifier on the glass-filled poly(ethylene terephthalate) properties are described.

Dyakonov O. M.
Methods of calculation of heat and mass transfer at metal chip heating. pp. 100--108

Summary: The main calculation methods of heat and mass transfer in porous heterogeneous media have been considered and the evaluation of the possibility of their application for calculation of metal chip heating and drying has been given. It is shown that the description of transfer processes has its specific character stipulated by a difference between thermal and physical properties of chip material and lubricant-coolant components at chip surfaces. It is determined that the known expressions for effective transfer coefficients can be used as a basis in the approach of mutually penetrating continua. The mathematical description of heat and mass transfer in the chip medium could be a basis of the mathematical model, numerical solution and parameter optimization of these processes.



Karabanov A. K, Motuzko A. N., Pisanenko A. D., Rylova T. B., Sanko A. F., Khursevich G. K, Yakubovskaya T. V.
First find of the remnants of the fossil elephant of the genus Palaeoloxodon matsumoto in the territory of Belarus. pp. 109--114
E-mail: kar(at), motuzko(at)

Summary: The information on the first finding of the remnants of the forest elephant Paleoloxodon antiquus (Falconer et Cautley) in Belarus when constructing the Underground line in Minsk is given in the article. Bedding conditions and environmental surroundings of the existence of animals during the Muravian (Eemian) Interglacial are described.



Kulak M. I., Nichiporovich S. A., Trusevich N. A., Mironchik E. S.
Methodological approaches of the formation of the structure of the organizational life cycle as a polydynamic system. pp. 115--120
E-mail: kulak_m(at)

Summary: The article is devoted to the development of methodology of research of the life cycle for the organization by its quantitative modeling. The direct purpose of the work is the determination of the system of economic factors that are significant for the description of the life cycle for the organization as a polydynamic system. The developed technique allows one to calculate resources of all factors that describe the life cycle of the organization. The article gives an example of modeling of the life cycle of the organization for a particular printing enterprise.



Tanana L. A., Daskevich M. A., Doroshko A. A.
Meat efficiency of bulls of black-motley breed of different origin. pp. 121--124

Summary: When studying the parameters of the meat efficiency of bulls of the Belarusian black-motley breed of different origin the authentic distinction on daily average gains between animals of Holland and Golshtin origins is not revealed. During the age periods of 6--9, 9--12 and 12--15 months the animals of Holland origin have higher relative gains, whose dynamics testifies to their ability to keep a high growth rate for longer time. Studying the morphological structure of half-carcasses of experimental animals shows that authentic distinctions on an output of pulp in the half-carcass have been observed in shoulder-blade and hip parts (P < 0.05).

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