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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2008, Vol.52, No.4

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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2008, Vol.52, No.4

(Doklady Natsionalnoi Akademii Nauk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Volume 52, Number 4; July-August, 2008

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Minyuk S. A. †, Panasik O. A.
Theory of modal controllability and stabilizability of linear stationary differential-algebraic systems. pp. 5--10
E-mail: zhuk(at), panasikolga(at)

Summary: Criteria of modal controllability and stabilizability of linear stationary regular differential-algebraic systems are proved.

Lomovtsev F. E.
Mixed problem on the many-dimensional linear KDV equation with the piece-constant boundary conditions. pp. 11--16
E-mail: lomovcev(at)

Summary: The existence and uniqueness theorems of weak solutions of a new mixed problem for the many-dimensional KdV equation with the piece-constant boundary conditions are proved.

Metelskii A. V., Karpuk V. V.
Degeneracy regulator for a linear autonomous controllable system. pp. 17--21
E-mail: ametelski(at)

Summary: A procedure of feed-backing of an ordinary controllable system is proposed. The closed-loop system is point-wise degenerated in the directions of phase variables of the initial system and turns to be asymptotically stable.

Burichenko V. P.
2-cohomology of finite orthogonal groups of large degree over F3. pp. 22--27
E-mail: goim(at)

Summary: The commutator subgroup W(n,q) of the finite orthogonal group in odd characteristic is considered. The 2-cohomology of this group with coefficients in its natural module is found. This cohomology group is nontrivial precisely for W = W(3, q), q ¹ 3, W- (4, 9), W(5, 3), W(7, 3), and W-(8, 3). This corrects the earlier result of Kusefoglu. The case, where q = 3 and n = 2m + 1 ³ 9, is discussed in detail. For the general case the proof will appear elsewhere.

Romanchuk T. A.
Classification of all resonance cases for Schrodinger operator with 8-potential. pp. 28--33
E-mail: tanromanchuk(at)mail.ree

Safonov V. G., Shemetkov L. A.
Sublattices of the lattice of totally saturated formations of finite groups. pp. 34--37
E-mail: safonov(at), shemetkov(at)

Summary: All groups considered are finite. It is proved in the article that for any subgroup functor t, the lattice of all t-closed totally saturated formations is a sublattice of the lattice of all totally saturated formations. Thus, we give an affirmative answer to Question 4.1.15 proposed by A. N. Skiba in his monograph "Algebra of Formations" (Minsk, Bel. Nauka, 1997).



Kolyada A. A., Chernyavsky A. F.
The general technology of calculation of integral characteristics of a modular code. pp. 38--44
E-mail: razan(at)

Summary: Theoretical bases of the general technology of calculation of integral characteristics of a modular code on symmetric ranges are developed, the original methodology of optimization of not modular procedures is described. The principle of minimally redundant modular coding makes its basis, and also interval-index characteristics.



Kudryashov V. V.
Quarkonium model with a spherical metric of a relative space. pp. 45--48
E-mail: kudryash(at)

Summary: In the proposed quarkonium model a relative space possesses a spherical metric that modifies kinetic energy. The explicit form of metric is fixed by equating the generalized Coulomb potential to the Cornell potential. The mass formula for triplets is derived with account of the spin interactions. The presented numerical results reproduce the known bottomonium experimental data.



Makarevich N. A., AfanasievN. I., Palamarchuk L. A., Boitsova T. A., Lichutina T. F.
Complexation in the lingosulfonate-chitosan system. pp. 49--51
E-mail: nikma(at)

Summary: The modification of sodium lignosulfonate by complexation with chitosan as a practically attractive agent has been studied by IR spectroscopy. Using the viscosimeter method, dependence of critical concentration of sedimentation of a complex on a molecular mass, the of chitosan is determined.

Vakulchik V. A., Khmyl A. A., Kushner L. K.
Periodic phenomena at electrodeposition of composition tin-based coatings. pp. 52--55
E-mail: vakvasa(at)

Summary: Two types of the self-oscillatory processes observed in the galvanostatic conditions of tin deposition from standard sulphate electrolityc baths in the presence of surface-active agent OS-20 and particles of ultradisperse diamond are established. The originating of damped oscillations is explained by stirring with emitted hydrogen. The undamped oscillations are explained by the adsorption features of surface-active agents.

Krut'ko N. P., Opanasenko O. N., Ostrovskaya E. F., Ovseenko L. V.
Influence of cationic surfactants on the change of the surface properties of powder-like granitic material. pp. 56--61
E-mail: ionch(at)

Summary: The change in the surface properties of powder-like granitic material treated with cationic surfactant solutions was investigated. It was established that the modification of a mineral material surface by cationic surfactant leads to the hydrophobization of a surface and reduces their free energy, which proves the presence of strongly adsorbed layers of a cationic surfactant on the surface of powder-like granitic material. It is shown that octadecylpropylendiamine strongly interacts with the active centers on the surface of granitic material as compared with less surface-active ammonium quaternary salt. The investigations on the changes in the nature of the surface of mineral materials interacting with cationic surfactant allows developing the means of reagentic regulation of structure formation processes in emulsion-mineral systems.



Hihiniak Yu. G.
Definition of the number of broods of sea and freshwater crustacean. pp. 62--65
E-mail: giginiak(at)

Summary: The way of definition of the brood the number of sea and freshwater Crustacea during a reproductive period is offered based on the knowledge of the ratio of the maximal length (Lmax) of oviparous female in the given population to the minimal one (Lmin). Each subsequent laying of female is more than in the previous, on the average, by 30%. For the overwhelming majority of sea and freshwater Crustacea the value of the ratio of the maximal length to the minimal length of oviparous female is; on the average, 1.5--1.6. The given parameter shows that for the period from the first to the last female laying the length of a female body, on the average, increases one and half time and is capable to give about 4--6 broods. For monocyclic species this ratio is within the limits 1.1--1.2.

Yarmolinsky D. G., Hryshkevich V. V., Panyush A. S., Shtaida A. A., Semashko T. V., Michailova R. V., Kartel N. A.
Development of a vector construction with the gene gox Penicillium Funiculosum for genetic plant transformation. pp. 66--70
E-mail: anastasia.sh83(at)

Summary: An agrobacterial plasmid with gene gox isolated from Penicillium funiculosum and cloned under the control of strong constitutive promoter 35S of cauliflower mosaic virus was created for this gene expression in potato plants (Solanum tuberosum L.). As a result of transformation, 78 kanamicyn-resistant plant lines were obtained. The transgenic nature of the developed lines was demonstrated using PCR and glucose oxidase activity assay.

Titok V. V., Leontiev V. N., Laikovskaya I. V., Feskova E. V., Zharsky I. M., Khotyleva L. V.
Heterogeneity of linseed cultivars for the lignan content in seeds. pp. 71--74
E-mail: v.titok(at)

Summary: An analytical method for isolating lignans from a degreased fraction of seed coat, for their alkane hydrolysis followed by the quantification of secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (SDG) was developed by high-effective liquid chromato-mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS). Genotypic heterogeneity was revealed for the SDG content in seed coats of linseed cultivars of different origin. Linseed cultivars with the highest specific content of SDG and a high content of unsaturated fatty acids in oil were selected during investigation. They are planned to be used as raw materials for producing a phytoagent exhibiting an antiallergenic and antioxidant activity.



Malinovskiy G. F., Sydenko N. N.
New variant of the microsurgery operation of primary open-angled glaucoma at the early stage. pp. 75--77
E-mail: grigoriy.m(at)

Summary: The improvement of tonographic results and the absence of complications in all operated patients during observation period up to one year testify a pathogenetic trend and the efficiency of the offered surgical technique.

Nosova E. S., Titov L. P.
Adhesive properties and determination of the presence of adhesins genes of enteropa-thogenic Klebsiella strains. pp. 78--82
E-mail: nosova2002(at), leonidtitov(at)

Summary: Adhesive properties frequently correlate with the pathogenicity profile. The distribution of 3 fimbrial adhesins and other adhesion genes among Klebsiella isolates recovered from the patients with intestinal dysbacteriosis were illustrated. Clinical Klebsiella strains were defined by biotype assayed for adherence to Hep-2 and KB cells and for expression for several adhesins. The distributions of type 3 fimbriae (mrkA and mrkD), cf29K, and ompA adhesin-encoding genes were determined using PCR. There was a difference between the adherehce to Hep-2 and KB cells. Klebsiella isolates reacted with cf29K and mrkD genes showed high adhesive ability (P < 0.05).



Plaksa D. P.
Introduction of vertebrate zonal scales into the stratigraphic chart of Devonian deposits of Belarus. pp. 83--88
E-mail: agnatha(at)

Summary: The study of Devonian vertebrates in Belarus allowed substantiating 18 zones distinguished from the fish fauna remains in terrigenous and carbonate-terrigenous deposits of the Upper Emsian-Frasnian of the Orsha depression, Latvian saddle, Zhlobin saddle and North-Pripyat shoulder that well correlate with the corresponding divisions of the adjacent regions of the East European Platform, firstly, of the Main Devonian field Two new local fish fauna zones were recognized: Astreolepis estonica in the deposits of the Osveya and Gorodok horizons of the Eifelian stage of the Middle Devonian and Psammolepis undulata in deposits of the Zhelon horizon of the Fras-nian stage of the Upper Devonian. All the zones distinguished from the agnathan fish and fish remains were included in the regional part of the new Stratigraphic Chart of Devonian deposits of Belarus, 2005 as an independend column. So, the fish fauna data can be used for detailed stratigraphic subdivision of deposits into horizons and layers in the cases, when there are no data on orthostratigraphic groups of invertebrates used as a basis of zonal international scales and will be of advantage in the geological survey and prospective works.

Karataev G. L., Karagolina O. I.
Magnetic declination characteristic in the territory of Belarus and practical aspects of its monitoring. pp. 89--93

Summary: The magnetic declination in the territory of Belarus is a non-stationary process and inhomogeneous on the area. It varies in time (for last 30 years), on the average, by 3--3.5 minutes a year; on the area it tends to increase in the east direction. It depends essentially on the intensity and sizes of an anomalons magnetic field. It can change the values of magnetic declinations by 100% and more relative to the background. Practical application requires instrumental measurement of magnetic declinations (monitoring).

Beskopylny V. N.
Potential of oil production in Belarus. pp. 94--98
E-mail: geo(at)

Summary: It is shown that an active use of the methods of increasing the oil rewvery can increase the oil production in Belarus by a factor of 2.7. Maximum oil extraction from the depths must be a leading concept of development of the oil producing industry of the Republic.



Kuzey A. M.
Formation of the quasi-electric structure during superrapid cooling of Al-33.3 mass% Cu melt. pp. 99--104

Summary: The effect of thermal treatment on the micro structure of a rapidly quenched Al-33.3 mass% Cu alloy has been studied using the methods of electron scanning microscopy and complex thermal and X-ray analyses. It is found that Cu-Al2 phase fibers have a heterogeneous structure in the nanometric range and contain interlayers of solid solution and particles of the phases Cu9Al4. The formation of the quasi-eutectic structure is shown to be determined by the heterogeneous structure of the melt.

Vityiaz P. A., Iliuchenko A. F., Kheifetz M. L., Svirsky D. N., Golubev O. P.
Algorithms of the laminate synthesis and the assembly of complex composite material products. pp. 105--108
E-mail: mlk-z(at)

Summary: The algorithms for products decomposition during their laminate synthesis are offered. The algorithms allow choosing the rational methods for rapid prototyping and manufacturing according to the geometrical parameters of a formed surface quality. It is marked that problems of laminated shells modeling should take into account the designing features of products and the technological conditions of their manufacturing.

Karabanov A. K, Yaroshevich O. I, Zhuk I. V, Lipnitsky L. V., Bortnovsky V. N., Vasilevsky L. L., Lukashevich J. A.
Equivalent equilibrium volume activity of radon in the indoor air in different regions of Belarus. pp. 109--113

Summary: Equivalent equilibrium volume activity of radon was investigated in more than 1800 dwellings and public and industrial buildings chosen from the analysis of distribution tectonic faults and other geological data of the territory of Belarus. Measurements of indoor radon concentration were carried by the solid state nuclear track detector technique. Annual effective doses of irradiation of the population caused by the inhalation of radon and its daughter products in premises were evaluated. Results of investigation are analysed.



Vertinskaya T. S.
Development of towns and cities in Belarus in the context of forming the Belarusian model of sustainable innovative and socially oriented development. pp. 114--118
E-mail: vert.region(at)

Summary: Theoretical and methodological approaches to the regulation of the social-economic growth in towns and cities in Belarus in the context of realization of sustainable innovative and socially oriented development are determined.



Klimov N. N.
Realization of the genetic potential of black-motley cattle of a different linear accessory. pp. 119--124
E-mail: klimau(at)

Summary: The results of the analysis of the milk parameters of an experimental livestock of cows testify that among all appreciated animals in breeding agricultural organizations "Krasnaya zvezda" and "Ross" the cows the Dutch lines surpassed those of the Holstein lines by 0.02--9.29% were characterized by higher values and in breeding agricultural organization "Korelichi" a higher level of the milk efficiency of individuals of the Holstein selections was marked (by 0.01--8.31%). Thus, in the conditions of the analysed breeding agricultural organizations the cows belonging to the lines of Dutch selection successfully realize the genetic potential and do not concede to the animals of the Holstein lines in milk efficiency indices.

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