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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2008, Vol.52, No.6

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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2008, Vol.52, No.6

(Doklady Natsionalnoi Akademii Nauk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Volume 52, Number 6; November-December, 2008

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To the 80th Anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences. pp. 5--9
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Beniash-Kryvets V. V., Hua Xiuying
Decomposing generalized tetrahedral groups into a non-trivial free product with amalgamation. pp. 10--16
E-mail: benyash(at); huaxiuyingnihao(at)

Summary: It is proved that a generalized tetraedron group with the presentation of G = áa,b,c, am = bn = ck = R1l(a,b) = R2f (a, c) = R3g (b, c) = 1ñ where one of the integers m, n, k, I, f, g is zero, is a non-trivial free product with amalgamation.

Hoika U. I.
Existence of a conjugated class of injectors in finite groups. pp. 17--22
E-mail: stage(at); goiko(at)

Summary: This article has prooved the presence of n (p, q)-injectors in arbitrary finite groups and has researched the basic properties of these injectors: a conjugacy, the conditions of existence of these injectors in finite groups, the presence of n (p, q)-injectors in the subgroup of the finite group n (p, q) is the class of finite groups without minimal not p-nilpotent subgroups of the order pmqn, was introduced by P. Hermann, p, q -- different prime number).

Guo W., Skiba A. N.
Finite groups with the given s-embedded and n-embedded subgroups. pp. 23--26
E-mail: wbguo(at); Skiba(at)

Summary: Let G be a finite group and H a subgroup of G. Then H is said to be s-permutable in G if HP = PH for all Sylow subgroups P of G. Let HsG be a subgroup of H generated by all those subgroups of H which are s-permutable in G and HsG the intersection of all such s-permutable subgroups of G which contains H. Then we say that: (1) H is s-embedded in G if G has an s-permutable subgroup T such that TÇH £ HsG and HT = HsG; (2) H is n-embedded in G if G has a normal subgroup T such that TÇH £ HsG and HT = HG. This article considers finite groups with given systems of s-embedded or n-embedded subgroups.

Erovenko V. A., Gulina O. V.
Stability of the essentially regular operators and the corresponding Saphar spectrum. pp. 27--32
E-mail: erovenko(at); gulina_o(at)

Summary: Bounded essentially regular operators in Banach space are discussed as a generalization of Fredholm operators. The article is devoted to the investigation of the stability of the Saphar essential spectrum under different perturbations.

Gaishun I. V.
Observability conditions for differential systems over a differential ring. pp. 33--35
E-mail: terekhovich(at)

Summary: Some conditions of observability for linear differential systems over a differential ring are obtained.

Stelmakh E. I.
Direct and inverse theorems on the best rational approximation of the Hardy spaces in the half-plane. pp. 36--41
E-mail: stelmakh.e(at)

Summary: Direct and inverse theorems on the rate of decreasing the best rational approximation for functions from the Hardy--Sobolev spaces in the half-plane are proved in the article. Similar results for the disk have been obtained by E. P. Dolzhenko, A. A. Pekarskii and H. Stahl.



Boriskevich A A., Tsviatkou V. Yu.
Method of visual image encryption on the basis of the optical moire effect. pp. 42--48
E-mail: anbor(at); vtsvet(at)

Summary: A new image encryption method based on using visual features of the optical moire effect is proposed. The method is similar in features to deterministic chaos and provides a high security rate of a halftone image due to the large key moire pattern quantity and accounting of image perception singularity of the visual human system. Modeling results show that the method is characterized by low computational complexity, high cryptographic security, and doesn't multiply errors occurring in moiregram communication via the noise channel in its deciphering.



Zhestkov S. V.
Constructing the soliton-like solutions of the Zakharov system with the power law of nonlinearity and with the law of doubled power nonlinearity. pp. 49--53
E-mail: zhestkov_s(at)

Summary: The method of constructing soliton-like solutions of the Zaharov system with the power law of nonlinearity is developed.

Goncharenko A. M.
Spatial-temporal separation of light beams at full reflection. pp. 54--55
E-mail: ifanbel(at)

Summary: The full reflection of the light is considered. It is shown that there is the spatial-temporal separation of different polarization raise.



Lishtvan I. I., Maiko L. P. †, Strigutsky V. P, Thariouk T. Y.
Physical-chemical fundamentals of synergism of the protective properties of low-soluble surfactants. pp. 56--62
E-mail: ipnrue(at)

Summary: It is established that the synergism of the protective properties of low-soluble surfactants is caused by intermolecular or chemical interaction of components of colloidal structures with the formation of labile systems which are able to make absorp-tion-chemisorption interaction with metal surface.

Adrianov A. M.
Computational design of the potential inhibitors of the HTV-1 reproduction based on the analysis of the structural complexes between immunophilins and the V3 loop of the virus envelope gp120 protein. pp. 63--69
E-mail: andrianov(at)

Summary: The model of the structural complex between cyclophilin A, belonging to the immunophilins family and the HIV-1 gp120 V3 loop presenting the virus principal neutralizing determinant as well as the cell tropism and syncytium formation determinants, was built. Starting from the conformational and energy characteristics of the simulated complex, the molecule capable of the efficacious blockade of the functionally crucial sites of the HIV-1 V3 loop was designed. Based on the combined analysis of the results obtained with those derived previously, the composition of the peptide cocktail offering the promising anti-AIDS therapeutic agent was developed.



Flyurik E. A., Leontiev V. N.
Thioloxidase activity of microorganisms. pp. 70--75
E-mail: leontiev(at)

Summary: This article presents the results of investigation of the bacterial growth of ДM-8 and fungal T. viride strains, producers of endogenic thioloxidase. It is shown that the method of cultivation of strains does not influence a componenta composition of endogenic proteins, but results in the change of the concentration of these proteins. Molecular weights of thioloxidase of bacterial strain DM-8 -- 47 kDa and fungal strain T. viride -- 48 kDa are found.

Sapunova L. I., Kovalenko G. A., Lobanok A. G., Perminova L. V., Tamkovich I. O.
Properties of biocata-lyst obtained by entrapment in SiO2-xerogel of Arthrobacter nicotianae bacteria producing cell-bound glucose isomerase. pp. 76--80
E-mail: leonida(at)

Summary: The original technique for immobilization of Arthrobacter nicotianae cells having glucose isomerase activity was developed, and biocatalyst by entrapment of bacterial cells into silica xerogel was obtained. It was found that the rate of the enzymatic reaction of monosaccharide isomerization was not limited by both internal and external diffusion of substrate to immobilized bacterial cells. For biocatalyst the values of Michaelis constant, half-life time at different temperatures and temperature coefficient for the enzymatic reaction of monosaccharide isomerization were established. The obtained results can be applied to develop a modern technology of glucosefructose syrups production using immobilized glucose isomerase.

Dolmatovich T. V., Malyshev S. V., Voylokov A. V., Sosnikhina S. P., Kartel N. A.
The development of AFLP linkage map for a localization of the sy10 desynaptic mutant gene in rye (Secale cereale L.). pp. 81--86
E-mail: dolmatovicht(at); s.malyshev(at); n.kartel(at)

Summary: In order to map the sy10 desynaptic mutant gene, AFLP and SSR techniques were used. The developed molecular linkage map of rye genome includes 115 marker loci and spans 878.7 cm. Our results indicate that the sy10 gene is located in the long arm of 5R chromosome. It was flanked by the two molecular markers loci Xe31m57-186 and Xscm179 with a distance of 6.1 cm and 12.6 cm, respectively.



Akalovich S. T., Kotlinski K. V., Doroshenko T. M., Kotlinskaia Y. V., Kirkovsky L. V., Sholukh A. M., Chaly Y. V., Voitenok N. N.
Detection and immunochemical characteristic of the soluble form of human CXCR2 receptor for interleukin-8. pp. 87--92
E-mail: svkoleda(at)

Summary: Interleukin-8 (IL-8) belongs to the CXC family of chemokines and plays a central role in neutrophil chemotaxis and activation. To explore whether the soluble form of CXCR2 (sCXCR2) receptor for interleukin-8 may be generated in the process of proteolytic cleavage from phagocytosing neutrophil leukocytes (NL), we produced a panel of mouse monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and rabbit polyclonal antibody to various fragments of N-terminal extracellular portion of CXCR2 and developed a competitive enzyme-linked immunoassay using solid phase mAbs and biotinilated synthetic N-terminal peptide of CXCR2 sequence. It was shown that incubation of purified NL with opsonized S. cerevisiae or TNF caused a sharp decrease of CXCR2 on NL membrane and appearance of soluble CXCR2-antigen in supernatants of activated NL. We also demonstrated the presence of sCXCR2 antigen in normal human urine. NL-derived sCXCR2 and urine-derived sCXCR2 showed identical profiles of recognition by a panel of anti-CXCR2 antibodies, the same elution profiles on size-exclusion chromatography corresponding to a molecular weight of 40 kDa, demonstrating the structural similarity of leukocyte-derived sCXCR2 and sCXCR2 generated in vivo.



Sokolik G A., Ovsiannikova S. V., Voinikava E. V., Popenia M. V.
Distribution of uranium and radium radioniclides in the "solid phase-interstitial soil solution" system and their migratory properties in ecosystems. pp. 93--97
E-mail: sokolikga(at); svetlanaosv(at); sokolikga(at)

Summary: The background content of the main alpha-emitting radionuclides of uranium and radium in the soils of the south-east territory of the Republic of Belarus has been established. The reserve of migratory active species of uranium and radium in the soils has been determined using the data on the content of the radionuclides in the interstitial soil solutions, which are the most important chain of geochemical and biological migration of the chemical elements in ecosystems. The values of radionuclides distribution coefficients in the "solid phase - interstitial solution of soil" system were estimated. It was shown that the migratory ability of uranium in the investigated soils is higher than that of radium. A direct correlation between the contents of organic components and uranium in the soil solution has been revealed. The used approach to the investigation of the uranium and radium behavior allows comparing their abilities to the migration in dependence of the soil medium peculiarities.

Kudelsky A. V.
Water conditions and hydrophysical zoning of the lithosphere of large tectonic forms of Belarus. pp. 98--104
E-mail: kudelsky(at)

Summary: A model of hydrophysical zonation of the lithosphere was constructed with a due consideration given to the water conditions under various thermobaric environments of the Earth's interior. Some large tectonic forms of Belarus have been divided into zones with their hydrogeological and fluidogeological peculiarities considered, which provides new possibilities for research of the spatial distribution and tectogeochemical conditions of formation of ore and non-ferrous minerals.



Shapovalov V. M., Timoshenko V. V.
Mechanism of reinforcing secondary polyolefms with high-dispersed silicon dioxide. pp. 105--108
E-mail: twadim(at); v.shapovalov(at)

Summary: High level of strength characteristics (commensurable to original polyolefins) of extruded composites based on a combination of the organic sol of silicon dioxide and a mixture of secondary polyolefins is attained first of all by a more uniform distribution of filler particles within the polymer bulk avoiding any agglomeration, secondly, by forming molecular cross-links in the composite system due to intense oxidative reactions that initiate the aforementioned process during processing of secondary polyolefins and, thirdly, as a result of activation brought about by a combined effect of the normal and tangential stresses on the composite system accompanying the real extrusion process.

Mazalov J. A., Vitjaz P. A., Iljuschenko A Ph., Sudnik L. V.
Production of hydroxide nanopowders by alumina-hydrogen technologies. pp. 109--115
E-mail: lsudnik(at)

Summary: Investigations reaction kinetics of aluminium powders oxidation with water in the closed volume in the range of temperatures 300--350 °C and pressures 11--18 MPa. are carried out. High rates and completeness of reactions of oxidation which result in nanocrystalline aluminium hydroxide-boemite are obtained. The process of direct oxidation of aluminium powders for hydrogen and thermal energy manufacture can be used.



Saskevitch P. A., Tsyganov A. R., Gurikova E. I.
Efficiency of application of natural growth regulators when cultivating spring rape. pp. 116--119
E-mail: kancel(at)

Summary: The high efficiency of using plant growth regulators of natural origin raststim and larixin when cultivating high productive sowings of spring rape for oilseeds has been revealed. Optimum application terms of raststim and larixin preparations are double spraying of spring rape crops in the phase of rosette and blossom at a rate of 120 ml/ha, allowing an increase of theseed yield by 2.9--3.4 centners per ha in comparison with control. A positive influence of growth regulators on fruitforming and qualitative seed indices has been studied and their fungicide activity to disease pathogenic organisms in spring rape plants has been revealed.

List of publications in the Journal "Doklady NAS Belarus" for 2008. pp. 120--124.

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