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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2009, Vol.53, No.1

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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2009, Vol.53, No.1

(Doklady Natsionalnoi Akademii Nauk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Volume 53, Number 1; January-February, 2009

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Gabasov R., Kirillova F. M., Kuzmenkov D. S.
Optimal control of a thermal process. pp. 5--9
E-mail: kirill(at), d_kuzm(at)

Summary: A problem of optimal control of a thermal process in the rod by changing a temperature of a medium on one of its ends is considered. The parabolic-type differential equation describing the process is approximated by large-scale differential equations. This problem is solved by a method of quasidecomposition, the algorithm of operation of the optimal regulator forming in real time current values of an optimal feedback is described.

Demenchuk A. K.
Irregular periodic problem with commutation of coefficients of a reduced system. pp. 10--14
E-mail: demenchuk(at)

Summary: The existence and stability sufficient conditions for periodic irregular solutions are given for ordinary differential systems with small periodic perturbations in the case of commutative coefficients of a reduced system.

Vorob'ev N. N., Skiba A. N., Shemetkov L. A.
Laws of lattices of partially saturated formations. pp. 15--18
E-mail: vornic2001(at), skiba(at), shemetkov(at)

Summary: It is proved in the universe of finite groups that for any nonnegative integer n and a set of primes w every law of the lattice of all t-closed formations is fulfilled in the lattice of all t-closed w-saturated formations.

Tanyhina A. N.
Analogs of the Hicks theorem for the open Leontiev -- Ford model. pp. 19--26
E-mail: anast-minsk(at)

Summary: The analogs of the Hicks theorem for the open Leontiev -- Ford model are proved. In particular, the criterion of diminishing residual damages in the environment is obtained.

Suprunenko I. D.
Unipotent elements from subsystem subgroups in the representations of the classical groups with large highest weights. pp. 27--32
E-mail: suprunenko(at)

Summary: The behaviour of unipotent elements from proper subsystem subgroups in the irreducible modular representations of the classical algebraic groups in a positive characteristic is investigated. Lower estimates for the number of the Jordan blocks of the maximal dimension in the images of such elements in the irreducible representations of these groups with highest weights large enough with respect to the characteristic and a fixed element are obtained. The class of large weights is defined in terms of the values of a certain function determined by a relevant element.

Bakhtin V. I., Gorokhovik V. V.
Secondorder optimality conditions in vector optimization problems with geometric constraints. pp. 33--38
E-mail: gorokh(at)

Summary: We present new second order optimality conditions for vector optimization problems with nonsmooth objective mapping and geometric constraints.

Orlovich Yu. L., Gordon V. S., Blazewicz J., Zverovich I. E., Finke G.
Independent dominating and neighborhood sets in triangle graphs. pp. 39--44
E-mail: orlovich(at), gordon(at)


Korzyuk V. I., Cheb E. S., Shirma M. S.
Classical solution of the first mixed problem for the equation of the string vibration. pp. 45--49
E-mail: korzyuk(at)

Summary: Using the method of characteristics, the analytical solution of the first mixed problem for the wave equation is under construction. Conditions for coordination of initial and boundary condition are derived.



Tolkachev E. A.
Stability groups and dual transformations of space-time noncommutativity matrices. pp. 50--54
E-mail: tea(at)

Summary: Using the biquaternionic formulation of the commutative analog of the non-commutative Maxwell theory provided by the Seiberg--Witten map it is shown that there are two subgroups of SO(1.3) that remain the space-time coordinates commutation relations invariant: SO(2) Ä SO(1. 1) or T2 depending on the distinct values of the non-commutativity matrix invariants. It is demonstrated that corresponding non-linear equations are also invariant under discrete but not continuous dual transformations.

Gaponenko S. V., Guzatov D. V.
Rationale for single molecule detection by means of Raman spectroscopy. pp. 55--58
E-mail: s.gaponenko(at)

Summary: A consistent quantum electrodynamical description is proposed of Raman scattering of light by a molecule in a medium with a modified photon density of states. Enhanced local density of states near a metal nanobody is shown to increase a scattering rate by several orders of magnitude, thus providing a rationale for experimental detection of single molecules by means of Raman spectroscopy. For an ellipsoidal particle 1014-fold enhancement of the Raman scattering cross-section is obtained.



Yurkova I. L., Shadyro O. I., Kisel M. A., Arnhold J., Huster D.
Formation of phosphatidic acid in mitochondria under the conditions of modeling oxidative stress. pp. 59--63
E-mail: shadyro(at), kisel(at), Juergen.Arnhold(at)

Summary: It is established that phosphatidic acid is formed in mouse liver mitochondria under the conditions of Fe2+ -mediated hy-droxyl radical generation. The MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry analysis of phospholipid molecular species has revealed that this newly formed phosphatidic acid was derived from cardiolipin. The findings are evidence of the formation of phosphatidic acid via an HO-radical induced fragmentation taking place in the polar moiety of cardiolipin.

Kozlov N. G., Agabekov V. E., Bondarev S. L., Basalayeva L. I., Kadutskiy A. P.
Synthesis of carbonyl-containing heterocyclic compounds and their fluorescent and nonlinear optical properties. pp. 64--67
E-mail: loc(at)

Summary: Quinolines and quinolinediones were synthesized by the reaction of 2-naphtylamine with arylmethylenediones or arylmethylenetriones obtained by condensation of aromatic aldehydes with tetronic and barbituric acids. Compounds with nonlinear optical properties were found.

Krul L. P., Belov D. A., Butovskaya G. V., Shishonok M. V., Polikarpov A. P., Selevich K. A.
Crystal structure peculiarities of amosphous and semi-crystalline polylactide mixtures. pp. 68--73
E-mail: hmc(at)

Summary: A phenomenon of over-additive increasing of the crystallinity degree of stereoregular poly-L-lactide during film casting from solutions of its mixtures with atactic noncrystallized poly-D,L-lactide has been revealed for the first time. The phenomenon observed seems to be dealt with the formation of the poly-L-lactide metastable crystal phase due to intermolecular interaction of poly-L-lactide and poly-D,L-lactide chains which are identical in chemical composition and close in molecular-mass characteristics. The development of biodegradable polymeric materials with the given mechanical and thermal properties and a controllable biodegradation rate based on mixtures of amorphous and semi-crystalline polylactides has been shown to be very promising.

Lakhvich F. A., Antonevich I. P., Katok Ya. M., Nesterova S. V.
Synthesis of oxiranylcyclopentanisoxazolines. pp. 74--78
E-mail: ipantonevich(at)

Summary: The oxiranylcyclopentanisoxazolines have been synthesized via epoxidation of cyclopentenisoxazolines by 3-chloroperbenzoic acid. The reaction proceedes with high chemo- and stereoselectivity.

Shutova I. V., Gribovskaja O. V., Tsyganova V. P., Golubovich V. P.
Designing of low-molecular peptide compounds -- synthetic analogs of antigenic determinants of human thyroid peroxidase. pp. 79--84
E-mail: shutova(at)

Summary: Computer-aided designing, synthesis and in vitro investigations of the novel peptides -- synthetic analogs of antigenic determinants of human thyroid peroxidase were carried out. The high activity of some of these peptides allows their use as a new reagent for constructing immunodiagnostic systems, a ligand for immunosorbent and a potential therapeutic agent modulating immune responses.



Starodubtseva M. N., Kavalenka A. I., Cherenkevich S. N.
Structural dynamics of peroxynitrite-activated neutrophils. pp. 85--89
E-mail: marysta(at)

Summary: The analysis of peroxynitrite-activated neutrophils after their interaction with glass surface and chemical fixation was carried out using atomic force microscopy. The classification of peroxynitrite-activated neutrophils was put forward and the classification parameters characterizing the shape and the structure of neutrophils interacted with a substrate were determined. The neutrophil types differ in the geometrical parameters (diameter and height) as well as in the sizes of the granules on their surface and fractal dimension of lateral force maps (scanning area sizes of 4 x 4 µ m and 1 x 1 µ m). A new path of neutrophil activation with peroxynitrite was revealed. It appears morphologically through degranulation and formation of neutrophil extracellular traps (NET path).

Reuzkij V. G., Rodionov P. A.
Specific features of the water motion in the apoplast -- cell system. pp. 90--93
E-mail: waterreg(at)

Summary: It is experimentally established that aquaporins of a plasma membrane of higher plants mesophyll cells make, at least two functions: work as a pump which injects water from the apoplast to the cell, and a water channel via which water moves from the cell to the internal evaporating surface of the leaf. The motive force of the last stream is a hydrostatic pressure of cytoplasm and capillary forces of apoplast, including those of cellular walls. In the aggregate, these data suggest that plant cells are not ideal osmotic structures. A new model of water exchange of a cell is accordingly offered.



Zorina T. E., Dalidovich A. A., Marchenko L. N., Kravchenko I. E., Savitsky V. P., Petrov P. T., Zorin V. P.
Mechanisms of laser therapy with photosensitizer Photolon in ophthalmology. pp. 94--98
E-mail: zorinate(at)

Summary: The reaction of vasculature on sensitized by chlorine e6 and Photolon photoirradiation was studied. The dynamics of microvascular collapse and blood cells damages were compared. It was suggested that the principal cause of irradiation-dependent blood stasis was the photosensitized damage of blood vessel endothelium. Studies were also carried out to evaluate the therapeutic effect of photodynamic treatment with photosensitizer Photolon of patients with neovascular macular diseases. The data obtained showed the proven benefit of photosensitized laser irradiation for the treatmentage-related macular degeneration and myopic maculopathy.



Garetsky R. G., Karatayev G. I.
Tectonic-geodynamic cluster in the center of the East European Platform. pp. 99--103
E-mail: german(at)

Summary: The Sloboda tectonic-geodynamic cluster was discovered in the center of the East European Platform as a peculiar tectonic element. The magnetic and gravity anomalies converge there forming a fan-shaped cluster. There are evidences that the cluster was formed by deep-seated mantle plumes. The cluster was generated as a result of articulation of the basic segments (Fennoscandia, Sarmatia and Volga-Ural) and convergence of early aulacogens shaped as a camomile -- flower.



Shapovalov V. M., Bochkaryov D. I., Juravel N. G., Tychonuk V. V., Pleskachevsky Yu. M.
Investigation of the kinetics of the processes of the technological superposition of fuses of the composites "bitumen - polymer modifying additives". pp. 104--108
E-mail: mpri(at)

Summary: Using the analytical and empirical methods the time of the technological superposition of fuses of composites "bitumen --polymer modifying additives" was determined. The hypotheses about the changes in the rheological characteristics of bitumen are stated in the context of the kinetics of the processes of its technological superposition with polystirol.

Lynkov L. M., Krishtopova E. A., Borbotko T. V.
Synthesis and structure of copper-bearing powdery shungite-based materials. pp. 109--111
E-mail: katy_a(at), kafzi(at)

Summary: Results on the chemical composition and radio absorbing properties of copper-bearing powdery shungite-based materials synthesized by chemical reduction of copper from water solutions on the surface of powdery shungite are presented. The technique of synthesis of copper-bearing powdery shungite-based materials by chemical copper reduction over the temperature range 60--65 ° C is proposed It is shown that the obtained materials contain metal copper of cubic modification, chemical compound silicon with copper (Cu5Si) and sulphide of copper (Cu2S). It is shown that the value of the transfer coefficient decreases by --7 dB with increasing the value of the reflection loss by 0.5--1.5 dB by synthesized copper-bearing powdery shungite-based materials in the frequency range of 8--12 GHz in comparison with powdery shungite, which indicates the growth of the absorption of electromagnetic energy incident on the sample owing to the creation of the distributed structure obtained from carbon and copper in the volume of synthesized copper-bearing powdery shungite-based materials. It is obvious that by changing the conditions of chemical reduction of copper on the surface of powdery shungite it is possible to obtain materials for electronic techniques with required radio absorbing properties.



Nikitenko P. G., Platonova L. A.
Semantic approach to the competitiveness of the economic system. pp. 112--118
E-mail: platonova.larisa(at)

Summary: The existing scientific approaches to the concept of the competitiveness of some scientific and international organizations are presented. Their critical analysis is offered. The new competitiveness theory based the systematic approach and synerget-rics is proposed.



Sheiko I. P., Timoshenko T. N., Shiman T. L.
Estimation of duroc sows beed by selection indices. pp. 119--123
E-mail: belniig(at)

Summary: Creating pig breeds of intensive type is one of the factors for labor productivity increase. Only genetically highly productive animals will let us to decrease a prime cost of products and to increase profitability of the branch. The aim was to calculate selection-genetic parameters, weight indices and construct selection indices for different sex-age groups of duroc breed pigs on their basis depending on the linear affiliation. Selection indices constructed depending on linear affiliation are the most objective model for animals' genotype estimation and usage for selection of animals for creation of highly productive lines and herds.

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