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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2010, Vol.54, No.6

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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2010, Vol.54, No.6

(Doklady Natsionalnoi Akademii Nauk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Volume 54, Number 6; November-December, 2010

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Zverovich E. I.
Solution of the hypersingular integro--differential equation with constant coefficients. pp. 5--8.

Summary: A linear integro-differential equation with constant coefficients is examined. The Cauchy kernel and its derivatives are the kernels of the integral operators. The integrals are understood as the Hadamard finite part. Conditions for solvability of this equation are found. Its general solution is constructed in explicit form.

Shenets N. N.
Information ratio of modular secret sharing schemes. pp. 9--12.

Summary: The perfectness criterion for modular secret sharing schemes over polynomial rings is obtained. It is proved that only threshold modular schemes are ideal. The information ratio for modular realizations of some non-threshold access structures is evaluated.

Borukhov V. T., Gireiko E. V.
Solution of time optimal and deadbeat control problems for linear discrete homogeneous dynamical input-state systems. pp. 13--17.

Summary: In this article two time optimal functionals for linear discrete dynamical system input-state are defined. Belonging of the functionals to the class of Lyapunov-Bogdanov functionals and coincidence of spectral families of the functionals with state space flags are proved. Some properties of linear discrete homogeneous dynamical input-state systems are studied. Time optimal and deadbeat control problems for linear discrete homogeneous dynamical input-state systems are solved.

Minchenko L. I., Aktanarovich S. V., Tarakanov A. N.
Relation between well-posed week regularity conditions in constrained optimization problems. pp. 18--23.

Summary: The article deals with the relation between the quasi-normality and the error bound property in constrained optimization problems. We prove that the M.R. Hestenes quasi-normality condition implies the error bound property in optimization problems with equality and inequality constraints.

Rodionov A. A., Shemetkov L. A.
Product of several nilpotent subgroups. pp. 24--26.


Kharin Yu. S., Voloshko V. A.
Stationary time series forecasting based on the small-parameter Bloomfield model. pp. 27--32.

Summary: Forecasting of stationary time series based on the Bloomfield model is considered. The mean-square risk of forecasting is analyzed for the situation with a known spectral density of observed time series.



Komarov F. F., Kamyshan A. S., Pilko V. V.
Peculiarities of swift proton transmission through tapered glass capillaries. pp. 33--37.

Summary: A study of the (150-300) keV proton beam transmission through glass (borosilicate) tapered capillaries with different diameters of the input and output of the capillary was performed. The focusing effect was observed. The areal density of the transmitted beam was enhanced approximately 20 times. It was shown that changing a taper angle from 0.5 deg to 1.7 deg evidenced an increase of the transmission coefficient more than 300 times keeping the initial energy spectrum of ions.

Ovsiyuk E. M., Red'kov V. M.
WKB-analysis of a quantum mechanical oscillator in the spaces of Lobachevky H3 and riemann S3. pp. 38--45.

Summary: It is shown that in the spaces of Lobachevsky and Riemann, similar to the case of Euclidean model E3, in WKB-theory for harmonic oscillator potential special WKB-series can be constructed such that only two first terms give a non-zero contribution to the Bohr -- Sommerfeld quantization condition providing us with an exact energy spectrum in all three models E3, H3, S3.

Tsimochshanka E. V., Yurevich V. A.
Superradiative transformation of optical pulses at reflection by a surface nonlinear layer. pp. 46--51.

Summary: The problem of transformation of the shape and a Fourier spectrum of the optical p-pulses reflected by a thin layer of resonant atoms is theoretically solved. The occurrence of high-frequency self-modulation structure of reflected signals intensity is predicted. Results of research can be useful by carrying out of methods of nonlinear properties diagnostics of submicronic planar layers on the basis of materials which used in nonlinear optics and the laser physics.



Skorb E. V., Makatun V. N., Bildukevich A. V., Antonovskaja L. I., Belyasova N. A., Branitski G. A., Plisko T. V.
Surface modification, structure and properties of polysulfone hollow fiber membranes. pp. 52--56.

Summary: This article deals with surface modification of polysulfone hollow fiber membranes by SnCl2 and AgNO3 solution treatment. Modification was proved to influence the morphological. structure, transport properties and biocidal properties of polysulfone membranes It was shown that silver salts solution treatment gives an opportunity to make polysulfone membranes resistant to biofouling.

Dikhtievskaya L. V., Shewtsuk W. W., Krutko N. P.
Development of the technology for producing granulated potash fertilizer with improved physicochemical and mechanical properties. pp. 57--61.

Summary: The reasons having a negative effect on the properties of flotation potassium chloride granules and ways to overcome them by using inorganic and organic modifiers have been considered. The technology for producing granulated potash fertilizer with improved physicochemical and mechanical properties has been developed.

Serchenya T. S., Vashkevich I. I., Sviridov O. V.
Hormone binding properties of human alpha-1-microglobulin. pp. 62--67.

Summary: It has been found for the first time that alpha-1-microglobulin (AIM), a member of the lipocalin family, possesses the natural ability to specifically bind low molecular weight bioregulators -- steroid and thyroid hormones. By the methods of gel-chromatography and native electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel, the fact of hormone binding and a reversible character of the complex formation were established. A luminescent analysis, involving fluorimetric titration of AIM and competitive displacement of bound fluorescent hydrophobic probe from protein by the studied steroid and thyroid hormones, showed that the hormone binding occurred at a single site inside the hydrophobic cavity of b-barrel in the AIM molecule, and the values of association constants fell into the range from 104 to 106 M-1.



Guzenko E. V., Lemesh V. A., Sakovich V. I., Orlovskaya O. A., Nikolaichik E. A., Prisyazhnenko O. K., Yevtushenkov A. N., Khotyleva L. V.
Agrobacterium transformation of long-fibered flax of genetic construction with the aroA gene providing resistance to herbicide glyphosate. pp. 68--71.

Summary: The article presents the results of fiber flax transformation by Agrobacterium tumefaciens plasmid containing the aroA gene, providing resistance to herbicide glyphosate, and the selective marker nptll gene, providing resistance to kanamicin. Transformant breeding was carried out on media containing kanamicin at a concentration of 100 mg/l. The precultivation stage was revealed to be required in conducting agrobacterial transformation of fiber flax. The transgenic origin of the obtained regenerants was verified by PCR using specific primers for both 35S promoter and nptll gene.

Rizevsky S. V., Kurchenko V. P.
Cercariacidal properties of several plant essential oils. pp. 72--76.

Summary: The research of new perspective substances with cercariacidal properties is a significant problem because of the existence and development of active focus of human cercarial dermatitis in the Naroch Lake region. The cercariacidal activity of several essential oils was investigated The association between terpenoid compounds of essential oils and their cercariacidal effectiveness was revealed . Essential oil of clove (Syzygium aromaticum) shows the maximal cercariacidal activity due to the presence of 84 % of terpenoid alcohol eugenol. Essential oils with a lower mass content of terpenoids (Juniperus communis, Pinus sibirica, Abies sibirica) were not so effective. The original method of quantitative valuation of cercariacidal properties based on the oxygen consumption registration is proposed . By the example of eugenol the cercariacidal activity was determined, and the effective concentration was revealed.

Al-Shammary F. J., Titok M. A.
Organisation properties of degradation genes of naturally naphthaleneutilizing bacteria. pp. 77--81.

Summary: We performed the analysis of genetic determinants nahAc and nahG, coding for key enzymes in naphthalene catabolism (large subunit of naphthalene-1,2-dioxygenase and salicilate-1-hydrolase, respectively) using 102 strains of naturally occurring naphthalene--utilizing bacteria isolated from oil-derivative contaminated soils in Belarus. Apart from the previously known nucleotide sequences (types AN10, C18 and A88 of the gene nahAc and types NAH7, AN10, pDTG1, KF715 of nahG), for the first time the polymorphism inside C18--type of the gene nahAc was shown (designated as C18_V1, C18_V2 and C18_V3), and a new, not described before, sequence of nahG was identified (designated as NL26). For 35 strains we had shown that the restriction profile of the type of nahG bore a resemblance with type A88 in the case of restrictase Mspl and with type NAH7 in the case of restrictase Rsal (designated as A88-NAH7). The data obtained let us suggest that genes nahAc and nahG occur in unique matches (the exception is type AN10 of nahAc, which is found in combination with two types of nahG), so we can speculate about correlated changes of DNA sequences of given determinants.



Hancharou A. Y., Titov L. P., Ramanava I. U., Drakina S. A.
Characteristic expression of costimulatory and adhesion molecules of myeloid and plasmacytoid dendritic cells in patients with multiple sclerosis. pp. 82--88.

Summary: The aim of the current investigation was to assess the immunophenotype of myeloid and plasmacytoid dendritic cells (mDC and pDC) derived from blood of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). The decrease of the absolute mDC and pDC count in the blood of patients with MS was shown, supposing accelerated migration of dendritic cells (DC) into peripheral tissues and inflammation sites. pDC from MS patients were characterized by increased intensity of CD80, CD86 and CD54 expression, therefore capable of maintaining the immunoinflammation. Further investigation of gene expression by DC derived from MS patients using DNA-microarray are required to estimate its role in the immunopathogenesis.

Melic-Kasumov T. B., Molchanova A. U., Ulashchik V. S.
Effect of millimetre electromagnetic irradiation on receptor functions of skin. pp. 89--94.

Summary: In acute experiments on anaesthetized rats the influence of extremely high frequency irradiation (EHFI) on receptor activity of skin and threshold of nociceptive reaction was studied . It was found that EHFI change the receptor activity of skin depending on wave length. While using EHFI with 7.1 mm wave length the most expressed inhibiting effect (including analgesia) was occurred.



Konishchev V. S.
Sedimentology and gas-oil hazard of undersalt and intrasalt complexes of saltdome sedimentation basins. pp. 95--99.

Summary: It is shown that undersalt and intrasalt complexes of saltdomes basins contain most oil and gas pools in carbonate reef deposits.

Mikhailov N. D., Laptsevich A. G., Vladykin N. V.
Sr and Nd isotopic composition of the Upper-Devonian igneous rocks of Belarus. pp. 100--104.

Summary: The distribution of the Sr and Nd isotopes in alkali igneous rocks of the Pripyat graben and the North-Pripyat magmatic region including the Zhlobin saddle, the North-Pripyat shoulder, and the Gomel structural dam is discussed. The studied alkali rocks in their isotopic composition are divided into two groups. The mantle source for rocks of the first group -- effusive and hypabyssal rocks of the Pripyat graben, alkali basaltoids of the North-Pripyat shoulder palaeovolcanoes, foidites of the southern part of the Gomel structural dam and effusive and hypabyssal rocks of the southern part of the Zhlobin saddle was determined to be correspondent in SSr-£Nc values to the slightly enriched mantle. By these values the studied rocks supplement to some extent a trend of effusive Palaeozoic alkali rocks of the Kola Peninsula. The second group involves rocks of volcanic pipes of the Zhlobin saddle, basaltoids of the Gomel structural dam, lamprophyres of the Vetkhino structure of the Pripyat graben, whose mantle source corresponds in SSr-£Nc values to the enriched mantle EM 1. This group of the studied alkali rocks is much similar to the diamond ferrous kimberlites of the Arkhangelsk province in their isotopic composition and simulated age, which suggests some promises for discovering diamondiferous rocks in the Palaeozoic alkali formation of Belarus.



Pesetskij S. S., Zhdanok A. S., Krauklis A. V., Bordanovich S. P., Buyakov I. F., Golubovich V. V.
Specific features of the structure and properties of polyetheleneterephthalate containing added carbon nanofillers and chain extension. pp. 105--110.

Summary: Compar
E-mail: otdel5mpri@tut.byative analysis is made of the molecular structure, relaxation and mechanical properties of polyethyleneterephthalate (PET) and its composites containing added carbon fillers (nanotubes, technical carbon) as well as chain extension (CE). It is shown that the reactions resulting in extending the chain proceed actively in the presence of carbon nanofillers. At the same time the crystallization inhibition of PET, which occurs affected by CE, is graded in the presence of carbon nanofillers; in doing so this effect manifest itself more clearly in the composites containing nanotubes.

Vitiaz P. A., Kheifetz M. L., Koreshkov V. N., Alekseeva T. A., Liakhovich A. K.
Management of quality parameters of manufacturing processes using the statistical and structural analysis. pp. 111--116.

Summary: It is shown that the technology of automated designing of control systems of dynamic objects on the basis of using diagrammes consists in accomplishing the sequence of stages: the analysis of a class of commitments subject to the decision, developments of program modules, modelling of dynamic object, calculation of concrete parametres of model, the analysis of results of modelling, decision-making on applicability of the developed system.

Drozd E. S., Chizhik S. A.
Evaluation of the elastic modulus of high-elasticity materials in nanoscale by indentation and detachment of a spherical indenter. pp. 117--122.

Summary: This work is devoted to the experimental determination of the elastic modulus of highly-elastic materials, including biological objects using atomic force microscope. A new method of elastic modulus evaluation is proposed. This method is applicable for contacts characterized by relatively low hardness and high adhesion forces, and improves the accuracy of the elastic modulus of highly-elastic materials. In addition, it is concluded that the application of the different models provides information about the level of changing single cells mechanical properties: the changes of the local elastic properties of the membrane, of the cytoskeleton or the membrane and the cytoskeleton at once.

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