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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2011, Vol.55, No.2

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Doklady of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 2011, Vol.55, No.2

(Doklady Natsionalnoi Akademii Nauk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Volume 55, Number 2; March-April, 2011

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Lazakovich N. V., Yablonski А. L., Khmyzov A. K.
Cauchy problem for systems of differential equations with generalized coefficients in the direct product of algebras of mnemonic functions. pp. 5-9.

Summary: The Cauchy problem for systems of differential equations with generalized coefficients is investigated. Associated solutions of the given problem are considered in the direct product of algebras of mnemonic functions.

Vorob'ev N. N., Skiba A. N., Tsarev A. A.
Laws of partially composition formations lattices. pp. 10-14.

Summary: In this article it is proved that for any infinite set of primes w and for any non-negative integers m and n, the law systems of the lattice of m-multiply w-composition formations and the lattice of n-multiply w-composition formations coincide.

Yadchenko A. A.
Irreducible linear groups of q-power where q is a prime odd number. pp. 15-21.

Summary: In this work it is established, that degree 2|A| + 1 of the irreducible complex linear group with the group A of coprime automorphisms of odd order is the power of a prime number and is proved, that if degree 2|H| + 1 of p-solvable irreducible complex linear group G with p-Hall TI-subgroup H is not the power of a prime number, then H is abelian and normal in G.

Likhoded N. A., Sobolevsky P. I.
Information structure of grained algorithms with homogeneous dependences. pp. 22-26.

Summary: Tiling for algorithms with homogeneous dependences is considered. The proposition for obtaining global dependences beetween tiles and the proposition for determining sets of dependent operations are stated and proved.

Erovenko V. A., Gulina O. V.
About perturbation of the essentially regular operators under small in norm operators. pp. 27-31.

Summary: The article is devoted to the stability properties of the essentially regular operators in Banach space under the small in norm perturbations. An additional condition on a perturbing small in norm operator, which is necessary for the preservation of the stability property of the essentially regular operators, is revealed.



Goncharenko A. M.
Theory of optical solitons in anisotropic media. pp. 32-34.

Summary: Some properties of the optical solitons in the anisotropic media are considered. It is shown that solitons preserve the main specific features of light beams in crystals that manifest themselves in the difference of directions of energy and phase propagation.

Ronassi A. A., Fedotov A. K.
Photoconductivity relaxation in a single crystalline CdTe doped with Sb. pp. 35-39.

Summary: Persistent photoconductivity (PPC) in a single crystalline CdTe doped with Sb has been investigated in detail. It has been found that the decay of PPC in time after lightening for CdTe<Sb> follows the power-like function that is evidence of the dispersion character of photo-induced carrier transport. The observed effect is attributed to random fluctuation of the local potential in the doped. samples.

Komarov F. F., Vlasukova L. A., Milchanin O. V., Dunets B. S., Wesch W., Mudriy A. V., Karpovich V. B.
Effects of temperature regimes of ion-beam synthesis of GaSb nanoclusters on structural and optical properties of silicon matrix. pp. 40-46.

Summary: In this work, we present the results of structural and optical characterizations of GaSb nanocrystals (NCs GaSb) synthesized by high-fluence ion implantation in Si. (100) Si wafers were implanted subsequently with Sb and Ga ions. The ion energies were 350 keV for Sb and 250 keV for Ga and the fluence was 5 × 1016 cm-2 for both species. The implantation was carried out at 500 0C. Afterwards, the samples were annealed at 700, 900 and 1100 0C in an inert ambient medium using ordinary furnace annealing and RTA. The depth distributions of Ga and Sb in the implanted samples were evaluated by means of RBS/C. It has been found that "hot" implantation with the following annealing is accompanied by the significant diffusion redistribution of embedded atoms. The diffusion of both species towards the surface as the most effective sink for structure defects is predominated. The diffusion into the bulk of Si crystal is observed, too. The structure-phase transformations within the implanted layers and the influence of annealing regime on the size and depth distribution of GaSb nanocrystals have been investigated using TEM/TED technique. The optical properties of samples have been characterized using low-temperature photoluminescence (PL) and Raman spectroscopy. It has been shown that modifying the regime of annealing may provide a way to control the optical and structural properties of Si layers with synthesized GaSb nanocrystals. A broad band at 0 9 eV has been registered in PL spectra of (Sb+Ga)Si samples annealed at 900 0C. An annealing temperature growth up to 1100 0C leads to disappear of the band at 0 . 9 eV and rearrangement of Si - NCs GaSb layer structure.

Gusakov V. Ye.
Quantum chemical analysis of the specific features of diffusion in Si1-xGex alloys. pp. 47-52.

Summary: In the present work, the results of theoretical analysis of the process of diffusion of covalently bonded atoms (interstitial oxygen atoms) in Si1-xGex alloys are presented. The diffusion coefficient (activation energy and pre-exponential factor) was calculated by means of quantum chemical simulations (NDDO PM5) and the dependences of the activation energy and pre-exponential factor on Ge atoms concentration (x) were analyzed with the use of the percolation theory It is shown that a significant decrease in the diffusion coefficient of interstitial oxygen atoms in Si1-xGex (x = 0.05) compared to the value in pure silicon is caused not only by changes in activation energy but also by a decrease of the pre-exponential factor The alloy-induced decrease in the pre-exponential factor is associated with removal of the degeneracy of the number of equivalent diffusion paths . The dependences obtained describe well the experimentally observed changes in the diffusion coefficient of interstitial oxygen atoms and in the formation rate of oxygen-related thermal donors in Si1-xGex alloys.



Potkin V. I., Rudakov D. A., Zelenkovskii V. M.
Synthesis of 11-bromine(iodine)-9-clorine-7,8-dicarba-nido-undecaborates tetramethilammonium salts. pp. 53-57.

Summary: Tetramethilammonium salts of 11-bromine-9-clorine-7,8-dicarba-nido-undecaborate and 9-clorine-11-iodine-7,8-dicar-ba-nido-undecaborate were synthesized with preparative yields under the action of halogenation agents: N-bromosuccinimide or iodine, respectively. The structure of compounds obtained was confirmed by the data for NMR 1H and 11B spectra and quantum chemical calculations.



Rupasova J. A., Reshetnikov V. N., Garanovich I. M., Shpitalnaya T. V.
Influence of abiotic factors on the biochemical composition of cornelian cherry (Cornus mas. L.) fruits of Ukrainian selection sorts introduced in the conditions of Belarus. pp. 58-62.

Summary: On the basis of the comparative analysis of the variation coefficients (V) of 32 biochemical composition parameters of fruits of 6 Cornus mas. L. taxons - its natural wild form and 5 sorts of Ukrainian selection introduced in the conditions of Belarus (Vladimirsky, Vydubetsky, Eugenia, Lukianovsky, Radost) - averaged in a two-year cycle of observation, the parameters and taxons having the greatest and the smallest dependence on the complex influence of abiotic factors have been revealed.

Mikhailova M. E., Belaya Ye. V.
Influence of polymorphic variants of somatotropin cascade genes bGH, bGHR and bIGF-1 on milk productivity traits in Holstein cattle. pp. 63-69.

Summary: Polymorphisms of genes of growth hormone bGH, receptor of growth hormone bGHR and of insulin-like growth factor-1bIGF-1 were tested in a Belarusian population of Holstein cattle. It was noted for AluI-polymorphism of gene of growth hormone bGH that animals with the genotype bGH-AluILL are superior to animals with the genotype bGH-AluILV in the total milk yield and the protein content. For GHR-SspI-polymorphism of insulin-like growth factor-1 gene significant positive correlation was revealed between genotype and trait, namely, a rare allele bGHR-SspIY is more preferable. For bIGF-1-SnaBI-poly-morphism it was noted that animals with the genotype bIGF-1-SnaBIAA are superior to animals with the genotype bIGF-1-SnaBIBB in all the tested parameters.

Sechenikov A. A., Titok M. A.
Functional analysis of the rep-region of Inc-P9 plasmid pBS267 controlling caprolactam degradation. pp. 70-75.

Summary: The mini-replicon of IncP-9 group plasmid pBS267 (g-subgroup) controlling caprolactam degradation has been cloned for the first time. It has been determined that minimal replicon containing rep-gene and oriV-site was characterized by the instability of inheritance in bacteria Pseudomonas (in 12 species of Pseudomonas were investigated). Using mutagenesis in vitro the variants of mini-replicon, whose stability of inheritance in bacteria Pseudomonas was increased up to 100 %, have been obtained. The sequences analysis of mutant plasmids has allowed detecting transitions (substitutions of guanine for adenine) in rep-gene and oriV-site region It has been determined that the mutant variants have been characterized by increase of copy numbers in the cells of bacteria P. putida. The obtained results can serve as a basis for studying the replication mechanism of IncP-9 plasmids, and the obtained constructions can be used for creating vector systems for molecular cloning in a broad range of gram-negative bacteria.



Konoplya E. F. , Morozova A. А.
Experimental evaluation of the effficiency of use of bioadditive „Dopinat" as supplimentation to daily food ration. pp. 76-82.

Summary: The experimental evaluation of bioadditive "Dopinat" at different doses of its introduction as supplementation to daily food ration was conducted . It was found that the introduction of BAA to food "Dopinat" to daily food ration in an amount of no more than 2% is optimal. This amount of bioadditive was not only scientifically proven, but also experimentally shown.

Vismont A. F., Lobanok L. M.
Role of liver arginase in detoxication processes and its participation in body temperature regulation during endotoxinemia. pp. 83-87.

Summary: In experiments on rats and rabbits it has been found that the liver arginase activity is of significance for detoxication processes, generation of thyroid status and thermoregulation reactions of organism after bacterial entotoxin introduction. The development of endotoxin indices fever in rats under the action of arginase inhibitor Nw-hydroxy-nor-L-arginine (10 mg/kg, i.p., daily, during 7 days) in organism is accompanied by more pronounced changes in detoxication, concentration of triiodthyronine and a less significant rise urine level in blood and body temperature.



Kliuts V. Y., Lahutsik O. V.
Differential method for calculating the trajectories of a seismic ray in the space of layered media. pp. 88-93.

Summary: A differential method for calculating the trajectories of seismic ray and time of reflection, taking into account the space refraction at the interfaces between layers with different acoustic properties, is described.



Tyutyuma V. D.
Centripetal effect in a viscous medium. pp. 94-98.

Summary: On the basis of the wave concept of the development of hydrodynamic processes in flows of a viscous compressible medium, the problem of an air media flow and heat and mass transfer in a gap between rotating and stationary co-axial disks has been considered . The centripetal Reiner effect is shown to be of the wave nature and be related to peculiarities of the course of mechanical and thermal processes under the conditions of the wave mechanism of elastic interactions.

Demenchuk A. K., Krasovskii S. G., Makarov E. K., Osyaev V. A., Polevoda I. I.
Rapid method for evaluation of harmful factors of fire in premises on the basis of integral model. pp. 99-104.

Summary: A simple method for rapid estimation of harmful factors of fire in premises is proposed. The method is based on the use of the integral model of fire.



Korop V. V.
Economical growth modeling of the Republic of Belarus based on the monetary indicator dynamics of business and economic activity. pp. 105-109.

Summary: In the article, econometrical models of analysis and economic situation short-term forecasting are developed on the basis of empirical data of quarterly and monthly GDP dynamics of the Republic of Belarus and the index of number of payments within the settlement system as the monetary indicator of business and economic activity during the period of 2003-2009.

Gruzinskaya Ye. V.
System position of formation of the order of crediting. pp. 110-116.

Summary: Definition of crediting, which expresses the necessity, is given not only to organize the process of crediting, but also to supervise the external influence of economic categories on the system of crediting. The analysis of a credit portofolio of legal persons of the bank in a section of credits of various ways of distribution, kinds of currencies, sources of credit resources, patterns of ownership, organizational -- legal forms is submitted, to a branch belonging borrowers which has shown a deviation of size of rates under credits for various groups of borrowers. The system position of development of the effective order of crediting which assumes acceptance of administrative decisions on the basis of a wide spectrum of covered questions is offered and should form the order of crediting as the program of the actions regulating the bases of acceptance of administrative decisions.

Kulak M. I., Nichiporovich S. A., Trusevich N. A.
Phase trajectories of life cycles in economy. pp. 117-120.

Summary: The article is devoted to working out the methodology of research of recurrence of economic processes on the basis of quantitative modeling. The work's purpose is the construction of the defining differential equations for functions of life cycle of various economic processes. Examples of modeling of concrete types of functions of life cycle are presented.

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