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Published by the The Joint Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Aсademy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus

Prof. Sergei V. ABLAMEYKO

Commenced publication January 2004
Online since March 2004

Publishing quarterly
Articles in Belarusian, English and Russian. Summaries in English and Russian

Associate Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Aleksandr V. TUZIKOV

Editorial Board: Vladimir V. ANISHCHENKO, Anatolii I. BELOUS, P.N. BIBILO, S.I. VERESHCHAGIN, Arkadii D. ZAKREVSKII, Semyon P. KUNDAS, Vladimir A. LABOUNOV, Vladimir I. MAKHNACH, Mikhail M. MAKHANIOK, Pyotr P. MATUS, Aleksandr V. PRIBYLSKII, Aleksandr A. PETROVSKII, Yurii N. SOTSKOV, Yurii S. KHARIN, Aleksandr F. CHERNYAVSKII

Editorial Board Secretary: Mrs. N.A. RUDAYA

Aims and Scope:
The Informatics publishes scientific papers on automation of designing, processing of signals, images and speech, mathematical modeling, information safety, recognition of images, system and devices, parallel calculations, space information technologies and geoinformatics, intellectual systems, applied information technologies. The information on practical developments, Russian-Belarusian and national programs in the field of informatics, conferences announcements and reports, book reviews, etc. are also published.

Address of the Editorial Office: Room 305, 6 Surganov Str., Minsk BY-220012, Republic of Belarus
Telephone: +375 (17) 284-26-22. E-mail:

Instructions for Authors (In Russian)

Current Tables of Contents with Summaries

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