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Trenie i Iznos

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Journal Cover   TRENIE I IZNOS (Friction and Wear)
International Scientific Journal

Published by The V.A.Biely Institute of Mechanics of Metal-Polymer Systems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Gomel, Belarus

Prof. Anatolii I. SVIRIDYONOK, Research Center of Resource-Saving Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Grodno, Belarus

Publishing bimonthly
Articles in Russian. Summaries in Russian and English

ISSN 0202-4977
Commenced publication 1980

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Irina G. GORYACHEVA, Russia
Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Nikolai K. MYSHKIN, Belarus
Executive Secretary: Dr. R. A. SHULDYKOV, Belarus

Editorial Board: Aleksei V. BELYI (Belarus), Bharat BHUSHAN (USA), Marat A. BRONOVETS (Russia), Avtandil V. CHICHINADZE (Russia), I. Crudu (Romania), Nikolai F. DMITRICHENKO (Ukraine), Yurii N. DROZDOV (Russia), Friedrich FRANEK (Austria), Isaac I. GARBAR (Israel), Aleksadr F. ILYUSCHENKO (Belarus), H. Peter JOST (Great Britain), Vladimir I. KOLESNIKOV (Russia), Yurii M. PLESKACHEVSKII (Belarus), Albert K. POGOSYAN (Armenia), Stanislaw PYTKO (Poland), Erich SANTNER (Germany), V. A. Smurugov (Belarus), Pyotr A. VITYAZ (Belarus), Sergei M. ZAKHAROV (Russia)

Editorial Advisory Board: V. M. Aleksandrov (Russia), N. Antonesku (Romania), V. N. Antsiferov (Russia), V. A. Balakin (Belarus), V. F. Bezyazychnyi (Russia), P. Blashkovich (Slovakia), P. N. Bogdanovich (Belarus), A. I. Burya (Ukraine), I. A. Buyanovsky (Russia), S. G. Chulkin (Russia), N. B. Demkin (Russia), M. N. Dobychin (Russia), A. H. Dzhanakhmedov (Azerbaijan), A. A. Evtushenko (Poland), M. V. Golub (Belarus), A. Ya. Grigoriev (Belarus), B. Ivkovich (Serbia), О. V. Kholodilov (Belarus), A. V. Kolubaev (Russia), A. P. Krasnov (Russia), Yu. M. Luzhnov (Russia), Yu. K. Mashkov (Russia), V. V. Meshkov (Russia), F. I. Panteleenko (Belarus), L. S. Pinchuk (Belarus), J. Podgurskas (Lithuania), L. J. Pogodaev (Russia), M. Scherek (Poland), A. P. Semenov (Russia), G. M. Sorokin (Russia), Ya. Sukhanek (Czechia), A. G. Suslov (Russia), E. Valitcky (Poland), Veimin Liu (China)

Audience: All specialists of research institutes, higher education institutions, design and project organizations, factory laboratories.

Aims and Scope:
The journal Friction and Wear is the most complete in CIS countries a source of the information about a state of scientific research in the field of friction, wear, greasing and practical applications of these research. In the journal the results of research on the following subjects are covered: the theory of friction and wear process; physico-chemical processes with friction; the mechanics of contact interaction: the theory of lubricant action and development of lubricant materials and additives to them; friction and wear in corrosive-active environments, vacuum, with a radiating irradiation, high pressure, speeds and temperatures, in artificial bodies of biological objects etc.; account and designing friction interfaces; methods and devices for an estimation tribotechnical characteristics; foundations of friction material science; technological methods of management of wear resistence of machines; economic aspects of a problem of wear resistence in an industry. The journal contains the information on major events of scientific life in area tribology in the countries of a CIS and abroad; the bibliographic reviews and reviews of the new books; the information on the new effective decisions in the field of reduction of losses on friction both wear process and increases wear resistence of machines. The Friction and Wear publishes advertising the equipment, devices, technologies new of materials, methods of tests and packages of the applied programs for the decision of a wide circle of tasks connected to increase of reliability and durability of machines and mechanisms.

Available also in English as Journal of Friction and Wear (ISSN 1068-3666), republished by Allerton Press, Inc. (USA), a division of Pleiades Publishing Inc., and is available online.

Editorial Board Address: 32a Kirov Street, Gomel BY-246050, Republic of Belarus
Telephone: +375 (232) 77-46-40. Fax: +375 (232) 77-52-11. E-mail:

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