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Proc. of the Natl. Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Ser. Biological Sci., 2006, No.2

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Proc. of the Natl. Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Ser. Biological Sci., 2006, No.2

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
(Vestsi Natsiyanalnai Akademii Navuk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Number 2, 2006

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Torchik V. I., Antonyuk E. D.
The peculiarities of season growth and development of ornamental forms of Pinus mugo Turra. in Belarus. pp. 5--8

Summary: The typical peculiarities of ornamental form of Pinus mugo Turra are earlier beginning or coincidence of the phenologi-cal phases of season development by comparison with the main genus in the conditions of Belarus.

Shabunya P. S., Lenets H. A., Spiridovich H. V.
Influence of the short-time shock on the chloplast protein composition of winter rye seedlings (Secale cereale L.). pp. 9--12

Summary: Accumulation of greater number of heat shock proteins with low and high molecular weights was observed under the short-time heat shock in stroma of chloroplasts of tetraploid winter rye seedlings on the stage of first true leaf in comparison with plastids of younger seedlings.

Zadvornova J. V., Alekseichuk H. N., Laman N. A., Khripach V. A., Groot S. P. C.
Influence of brassino-steroids on germination of cabbage seeds (Brassica oleracea L.) with different maturation in accelerated aging conditions. pp. 13--17

Summary: Epibrassinolid and homobrassinolid infused into dry white cabbage seeds had a protective influence under unfavourable conditions of accelerated aging. Treated by that substances seeds shown higher germination rate and total germination. It has been established that one of the mechanisms responsible for protective influence of exogenous brassinosteroids are stabilization of cell membrane.

Petrykova J. M.
Modern condition phytocenosis Picea abies (L.) Karst. in forest island sites (the Belarus Polesye). pp. 18--23

Summary: The summer of 2004 had been carried out researches of island fir groves of the Belarus Polesye. For last 40 years of 7 islands have been stopped of existence. The analysis natural succession of processes occurring the phytocenosis in fir grove is given. Specific features of change of fir groves in each concrete case are marked. Sharply there is a problem of preservation of a biological variety in Polesye. It is connected with increased in pressure of the anthropogenesis factor at a condition and development of natural complexes.

Yanchevskaya T. G., Kopylova N. A., Makarova T. B., Olshanikova A. L.
The growth regulators influence on tuberization and attractive capability of potato mini-tubers (Solanum tuberosum L.). pp. 24--28

Summary: The action of growth regulators on attractive capability and mini-tubers formation in regenerant hafts of potato was investigated. It was exhibited, that regenerants from apical and basal hafts customs are the most adaptive to action of growth regulators. Significant increasing of tuber attractive capability is provided by poteitin, agrostimulin, chlorcholinchlorid, P-224 (for regenerants from apical and basal hafts), Dnepro M (for regenerants from middle customs).

Goncharenko G. G.
Genetic, systematic and phylogenics of larches the Siberian-Fareastern region. pp. 29--38

Summary: Natural populations of four larch species of the Palaearctic: Larix sibirica Ledeb, L. sukachevii Dyl., L. dahurica Turcz and L. kurilensis Mayr. were analyzed by gel electrophoresis method with using 20 allozyme loci. Nei's distance coefficient (DN) was used for estimation of the level of genetic differention between larch species. Close genetic structure was revealed between L. sibirica and L. sukaczevii with Nei's distance coefficient DN = 0.015. The obtained value of Nei's distance coefficient allows us to consider L. sibirica and L. sukaczevii only as morphologically separated populations of one species Larix sibirica Ledeb. Low genetic differention between L. sibirica and L. dahurica confirms an intensive hybridization and exchange of genetic material between this two geographically connected species. High values of genetic polymorphism of L. sibirica, L. dahurica and L. kurilensis have been established, while L. sukaczevii has the lowest level of genetic variability among observed species.

Bliznjuk L. G. †
Using of mutageneses in vitro culture at the creation of red clover genetic diversity. pp. 39--42

Summary: The possibility of changed red clover forms receiving in a process of microclonal reproduction in vitro culture at genotypes with the presence of a direct regeneration attribute was studied. As the explants epicotyls of germs by gamma irradiated seeds were taken. The substratum for microclonal reproduction -- B5 + 10 gr/l benzyladenine as an inductor of the direct regeneration. The cultivation conditions in vitro allow to use all the seeds survived after irradiation. Sublethal dose of gamma-rays (100 kR) on the background of exogenous phytohormone was defined. Survived genotypes had a high coefficient of the microclonal reproduction (420). During two years 28 clones had been evaluated in field conditions. A plenty of morphological changes including in generative organs was noted. A higher spectrum of variability in comparison with irradiation of intact plants was observed. The clone with a high seed productivity, fast-ripening and resistance to root rots and sclerotinia crown of clover was selected.

Bykova N. K., Ermolenkova G. V., Kukharchyk T. I.
Peculiarities of vegetation synantropization of flood-plain peatlands within urbanized territories. pp. 43--49

Summary: Flood-plain peatlands preserved within urbanized area can be characterized with mosaic structure of plant cover, rich diversity of plant associations and flora species. The dependence of plant association synantropizations on growth conditions and factors of influence are established. Slight transformation of high watered sites is revealed. The greater extent processes of syn-antropization in contact zones subjected to anthropogenic influence are occured.

Shakhbazau A. V., Panyush A. S., Chernin L. S., Kartel N. A.
Transformation of Belarus potato cultivars with PR-protein encoding genes. pp. 50--54

Summary: Quick progress in genetic engineering technology and molecular characterization of plant defense mechanisms have provided effective strategies of plant genome improvement in order to reduce damage from pests and diseases. Many of these strategies imply constitutive overproduction of certain plant defense system components, in particular PR (pathogenesis related) proteins. We used in our research microbial endochitinase chiA, cloned from a soilborne Pantoea agglomerans, and radish defensin Rs-AFP2. Both genes were cloned into plant expression vectors and used for agrobacterium mediated transformation of Belarus potato cultivars Delfin and Zhivitsa. Transformation effectiveness varied markedly for different systems, with up to 0.6% for pGreen-based constructs and over 7% for pBI121-based construct. Both transgenes showed noticeable pathogen growth inhibition according to in vitro protocol. Transgenic potato lines obtained will be further tested in greenhouse and field conditions to estimate their in vivo resistance and maintenance of agriculturally important properties compared to original cultivars. Promising forms will be used for future selection, since pathogen resistant potato is strongly required by Belarus agriculture.

Bazhanov D. P.
Application of Rep-PCR for identification of rhizosphere nitrogen-fixings bacterium Burkhold-eria sp. 418 reisolates. pp. 55--58

Summary: It was shown that use of a primer ERIC IR1 for Rep-PCR fingerprinting allowed to confirm identity of rhizosphere nitrogen-fixing bacterium Burkholderia sp.418 reisolates to the original strain.

Gordei S. I., Gordei I. A.
Peculiarities of P-tipe («Pampa») CMS genetic systems expression under sterility fixation and fertility restoration in winter diploid rye (Secale cereale L.). pp. 59--62

Summary: Peculiarities of CMS and self-fertility genetic systems expression for the pollen fertility in F1 hybrids were studied. Pollen fertility restoration index in F1 hybrids was established to depend on both male and female component.

Pundik A. N., Gapeeva T. A., Volotovski I. D.
The construction of inverted repeats of plant phospholipase C genes frayments. pp. 63--66

Summary: The scheme for the construction of DNA inverted repeats was suggested. The inverted repeats of tobacco phosphilipase C genes were created and inserted into cloning vectors. The presense of the insertion was confirmed by PCR analysis of ligation sudstrates and products.

Viazova A. A., Lukyanenko L. M., Slobozhanina E. I., Pasiukov V. V., Svirnovski A. I.
Fluorescence study of physical state of lipids in the membranes of lymphoblastoid cells. pp. 67--70

Summary: Multidrug resistance (MDR) means tumor cell resistance to different anticancer drugs that have no common structure. A common feature of MDR is the overexpression of P-glycoprotein, an ATP-dependent membrane efflux pump encoded by the MDR1 gene. The intimate association of both P-glycoprotein and its substrates with the membrane suggests that its function may be associated with biophysical properties of the lipid bilayer. The physical-chemical state of membrane lipid bilayer of drug resistant cell subline IM-9/Vcr by using fluorescence probes TMA-DPH and laurdan was studied in this work.

Yaronskaya E. B.
The control of tetrapyrrole biosynthesis and distribution between chlorophyll- and heme-syn-thesizing branches in the albostrians mutant of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). pp. 71--78

Summary: The activity of tetrapyrrole biosynthesis and their distribution between chlorophyll- and heme-synthesizing bifurcations were investigated in the white leaves of the barley mutant albostrians contained undifferentiated ribosome-less plastids. The presented data illustrate that the perturbed chloroplast development had striking effects on tetrapyrrole biosynthesis. The drastic differences between green and white primary leaves of the barley mutant albostrians with respect to the expression of nuclear genes and enzyme activities of tetrapyrrole biosynthesis resulted in channeling of tetrapyrroles into the formation of heme rather than chlorophyll. The data support the idea that the initial steps of Mg-porphyrin synthesis contribute to plas-tid-derived signaling toward the nucleus for coordinating transcription in both organelles. The barley mutant albostrians proved to be a valuable system for studying an regulation of tetrapyrrole biosynthesis and their involvement in the plastid-nucleus communication.

Kuptsov V. N., Mandrik M. N., Kolomiets E. I.
Approach to creation the biopreparation displaying complex protective effect towards legume crops diseases. pp. 79--82

Summary: The aim of this work was to select active microorganisms expressing high antagonistic effect towards lupin and soya pathogens. In vitro and in vivo experiments showed destructive influence of screened antagonists onto pathogen growth and its ability to infect host plant. Complex phytoprotective effect has been demonstrated in monoculture (Bacillus sp. M-1) and associations of bacteria-antagonists (B. subtilis БИМ B-377 + S. griseoviridis БИМ B-264; B. subtilis БИМ B-377 + P. fluoresceins БИМ B-152) against gray mould, anthracnose of lupin and bacterial burn of soya.

Moroz I. V., Mikhailova R. V., Lobanok A. G., Kuzmina O. N.
Production of catalase by Penicillium piceum F-648 in submerged culture. pp. 83--86

Summary: Effect of quality and amount of the inoculate and aeration of nutrient media on production of extracellular catalase by Peni-cillium piceum F-648 was studed. It was found that optimal conditions for catalase biosynthesis in fungal submerged culture were provided with 1% (v/v) 48 h inoculums, agitation of rate 150 ppm and aeration 2.5 l/l•min.

Astapovich N. I. †, Golovnyeva N. A., Shchetko V. A., Grel M. V.
Influence of growth conditions on bacteriocins production by p. Bifidobacterium. pp. 87--91

Summary: Production of bacteriocins by bacteria of genus Bifidobacterium under laboratory conditions and in fermenters depending on physical-chemical parameters -- pH, temperature, composition of the growth media was investigated. Bacteriocins generation were increased 2-4 fold on lactose limited media and under constant pH of 6.8-7.2 conditions. Correlation of antibacterial peptides accumulation with media acidity and lactose concentrations was established for bifidobacteria! culture in fermenters. Bacteriocins production were maximal under conditions not favorable for bacterial growth.

Konoplya E. F., Vereshchako G. G., Khodosovskaya A. M.
Effect of kasoline on male rats reproductive system in control and after irradiation in low dose. pp. 92--95

Summary: It was studied morphofunctional status of reproductive system and several haematological parameters of male rats after administration of kasoline without any another treatment or before following irradiation in low dose (1 Gy). Kasoline is biological active substance obtained from castoreum. In intact animals this medical drug heightened relative weight of testis, epididydimi-sis, prostate gland and seminal vesicles; number of mature sex cells, extracted from epidydimisis and DNA contents in testiculare tissue. Kasoline possesses specific radioprotective properties that resulted in restoration of leukocytes number in blood, in grown number of spermatozoids, extracted from epidydimisis, and considerable increase of DNA value in the testis tissue. Obtained effects were more prominent at 30 and 90 days after irradiation.

Vinokurova G. G., Ivanov E. P., Shuvayeva L. P., Tolochko G. V. †, Melchacova N. M., Gapanovich V. N.
Children's morbidity and mortality from hemoblastosis in Mogilev region before and after Chernobyl accident. pp. 96--104

Summary: The epidemiological analysis of Children's morbidity and mortality from hemoblastosis (leukemia, lymphoma) in Mogilev region before and after Chernobyl accident during three seven-years periods (the 1st before Chernobyl -- 1979-1985, the after Chernobyl -- 1986-1992, the 3rd after Chernobyl -- 1992-1999) granting age, gender and place of residence: city/village was presented. Resuets were analyzed as for the whole region as for aech of the six most contaminated by radiation areas.

Yakimovich M. N., Yakimovich N. N., Maksimova N. P., Mojarova I. V., Kuvaeva Z. I.
The influence of some physical and chemical factors on the biosynthesis of L-isoleucine by the mutant strain Corynebacterium glutamicum. pp. 105--110

Summary: The influence of the important physical and chemical factors such as temperature, pH, concentration of the dissolved oxygen, ox-red potential and concentration of the factors of growth on the biosynthesis L-isoleucine by the new mutant strain C. glutamicum 17, were investigated. The best (optimal) values of parameters which are provide accumulation in fermentation media 33.0-35.0 g/l of L-isoleucine for 60-65 h of cultivation were determined.

Moroz M. D., Czachorowski S., Lewandowski K., Buczynski P.
Insects (Insecta: Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, Odonata, Heteroptera, Trichoptera) the aquatic of flood plain of oak forest in the Prypatski National Park. pp. 111--116

Summary: The fauna of aquatic insects of the flood plain of oak forest in the Prypatski National Park was studied. The 97 species of them were found belonging to 5 orders: Ephemeroptera - 8 species; Plecoptera - 2 species, Odonata - 30 species, Heteroptera - 28 species and Trichoptera - 29 species. It was concluded that the fauna of aquatic insects is rich and represented by a number of species rare in Belarus and Europe.

Maisak N. N.
The species diversity of rotifers and crustaceans in periphyton in lakes of different trophic state. pp. 117--121

Summary: The periphytic rotifers and crustaceans of three species of macrophytes were investigated in lakes Naroch, Myastro and Batorino. Species composition differs in periphyton of three species of macrophytes: the least similarity between species composition of rotifers on Potamogeton lucens and Nuphar luteum, for Crustacea - between Potamogeton natans and Nuphar luteum. The tendency of decreasing of species diversity with increasing of lake trophic state strongly marked for rotifers. Such tendency didn't for Crustacea.



Volotovski I.D., Kolomiets E.I., Lobanok A.G., Golovnyeva N.A., Stefanovich L.I.
In memory of Natalia Ivanovna Astapovich. pp. 122--123
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