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Proc. of the Natl. Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Ser. Biological Sci., 2009, No.3

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Proc. of the Natl. Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Ser. Biological Sci., 2009, No.3

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
(Vestsi Natsiyanalnai Akademii Navuk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Number 3, 2009

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Bulda O. V., Alekseichuk H. N., Klochkova O. S., Laman N. A.
The dynamics of content and composition of carotenoids in the process of ripening rapeseeds (Brassica napus). pp. 5--9

Summary: The study of composition and content of carotenoids in canola seeds collected at different stages of maturation and from different layers of the parent plants allowed to examine the relationship between the degree of seed maturity, content of them carotenoids and oils. It has been shown that seed vigor was inversely correlated with the content of chlorophyll and carotenoids. It was suggested that the criteria of content of carotenoids as natural antioxidants may be used in evaluating the source material in the breeding and sorting of canola seeds.

Pshenichnaja L. A., Shukanov V. P., Volynets A. P., Gryb S. I.
The action of physiological active substantions on the resistance to preharvesting of germination the seeds of triticale (x Triticosecale Wittmack). pp. 10--13

Summary: Availability of a-NAA, K-salicilat and esculetin usage as a retarding agents for seeds of triticale germination to prehar-vesting were demonstrated.

Kontsevaya I. I.
The effects of carbenicillin and cefotaxime on organogenesis from leaf explants of karelian birch (Betula pendula Roth var. carelica Merckl.) in vitro. pp. 14--18

Summary: The interrelationship between the regeneration capacity of leaf explants of Karelian birch (Betula pendula Roth, var. carelica Merckl.) and the presence of carbenicillin and cefotaxime in induction regeneration medium, lamina orientation at the surface of the medium and the clone the explant belongs to have been investigated.

Bely P. N., Golubkov V. V.
New data about distribution of Heterodermia speciosa (Physciaceae, Lichenes) in Belarus. pp. 19--22

Summary: During the fieldwork in Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve in 2007--2008 some material on Heterodermia Trevis. genus was collected. One species was identified -- Heterodermia speciosa (Wulfen) Trevis. The species was considered to be probably extinct on the territory of Belarus. Morphological description of the species and the data on its ecology, distribution in Belarus and worldwide are given. Since the repeated lichenological research of this species locality indicated by G. K. Kreyer failed to give positive results, to date the locality of Heterodermia speciosa in Berezinsky reserve can be considered to be the only reliable one for Belarus.

Sauchanka U. K.
Evolutionary dynamics of species genomes in the biosphere. pp. 23--30

Summary: The species genome represents the flexible and permanently changing associative genetic system. The coding part of that system is changing in time through a new gene mutation, gene silencing or loss, and a new gene acquisition. The species genome is a system and its evolution is based on generation of genetic diversity and subsequent use that diversity for building of adaptation to the biotic and abiotic environment. Natural selection act not directly on gene but through selection and conservation of adapted phenotypes. The species genome self-organisation is resulted from genetic entropy. The genetic disorder is feeding the genetic order within genome. Genome variability and genome consistency is connected with genome fitness and the species genome organisation. Conventional factorial genetics is nowadays transforming into associative genetics with its focus not on a single gene or genome but on their functional associations within gene or genome networks. Associative genetics already uses an integrative and system approach to study associative actions and interactions within the hierarchically organised genetic system of the biosphere. That field belongs to a post-genomic era and is well fitted to study of genetic diversity and complexity at different levels organisation of the genosphere.

Bogdan T. M., Polonetskaya L. M., Bogdan V. Z., Golub I. A.
Combining ability in linseed (Linum usitatissimum) cultivars of different ecological-geographic origin for seed productivity traits. pp. 31--37

Summary: The genotypic variability potential in seed productivity traits of linseed cultivars (Lirina, Gold Flax, Rucheek, Bison, Glenelg, Su-6-15, Nebesny) was studied in diallel crosses (Fl, F2), with the results of early assessment of linseed parental forms and new breeding material value being given. The linseed cultivars with high combining ability for seed productivity traits (Gold Flax, Nebesny, Glenelg, Su-6-15, Lirina); high-productive hybrid combinations, sources of transgressive forms (Gold Flax x Su-6-15, Glenelg x Nebesny, Su-6-15 x Nebesny, Gold Flax x Glenelg, Glenelg x Bison) have been selected.

Letkevich L. L., Sheyko I. P., Hanja A. I., Racovich E. D., Simonenko V. P.
Bovine oocyte in vitro fertilization. pp. 38--42

Summary: Condition of oocyte-cumuli complexes of cows, their correlation with morphofunctional peculiarities of ovaries and invito fertilization ability were studied. Ovaries at follicular and lutein stages of sex cycle as well as with marks of fresh ovulation contained 60.0--54.4% of oocyte-cumuli complexes good for in vitro cultivation that let us get 50.9--24.0% of cleaving cells and 15.5% of morul-blastocysts.

Bakakina Y. S., Kolesneva E. V., Dubovskaya L. V., Volotovski I. D.
Cold stress modulates endogenous level of NO and cGMP in Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings. pp. 43--46

Summary: The involvement of nitric oxide (NO) and cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) in cold stress-induced signaling pathway in plants was shown for the first time. Kinetic and inhibitory analysis showed the correlation between alteration dynamics of NO and cGMP contents in Arabidopsis. Cold stress was shown to induce an increase in endogenous content of NO produced by nitrate reductase and followed by the activation of guanylyl cyclase and cGMP synthesis.

Zhornik E. V., Emelyanova V. P., Baranova L. A., Volotovski I. D.
Expression of TNF-a, IL-1b and IL-8 genes in lymphocytes at presence of carbon nanotubes. pp. 47--50

Summary: The changes in expression of TNF-a, Il-1b and Il-8 genes in human lymphocytes after short-term action of mufti-walled carbon nanotubes at 100 (µg/ml concentration was investigated to assess the potential risks of using the artificial nanostruc-tures. The expression of TNF-a, Il-1b and Il-8 genes was determined by real-time polymerase chain reaction. The increase in the expression of TNF-a, Il-1b and Il-8 genes in time-dependent manner and the decrease in survival rate of cells in comparison with control samples were shown. It is supposed that the increase in the expression of TNF-a gene leads to the activation of NF-kB, AP-1 transcriptional factors, which regulate the activity of proinflammatory cytokine genes, such as Il-1b and Il-8 and other mediators of the inflammation to induce the programmed cell death.

Melnikov S. S., Manankina E. E., Budakova E. A., Samovich T. V., Shalygo N. V.
Development of a nutrient medium for cultivation of Spirulina on the basis of waste the PC "Belaruskaliy". pp. 51--56

Summary: The new culture medium for photoautotrophic cyanobacterium Spirulina (Arthrospira) platensis Geitl. containing clay-solt wastes of "Belaruskalii", baking soda, mineral fertilizers, organic sources of carbon and modified solution of microelements (simplified structure of microelements) are created and experimentally tested. Spirulina grows more intensively on these nutrition media and the content of protein and carotenoids is increased on the average on 26 and 23% in comparison with standard nutrition media Zarrouk accordingly.

Radyuk M. S., Domanskaya I. N., Shcherbakov R. A., Shalygo N. V.
The influence of low temperature stress on generation of activated oxygen species, content of antioxidants and activity of peroxidase specific to phenols in green leaves of Barley (Hordeum vulgare). pp. 57--63

Summary: The influence of low temperature stress on generation of activated oxygen species (AOS), content of ascorbate, glutathione, phenol compounds and activity of peroxidase specific to phenols (FPR) in green barley leaves were investigated. It was shown that in stress condition the content of AOS is accompanied by increasing content of reduced forms of glutathione and ascorbate. The content of reduced glutathione and reduced ascorbate increased as during stress period so the first day after. The content of reduced ascorbate under influence of low temperature stress increased the most (4.4 time) compared to increasing amount of reduced glutatione (1.3 time). It was shown that near to zero (- 2°C) temperature results in increase of content of the water-soluble phenols and decrease of FPR activity. In condition of more low subzero temperature (- 5°C) the decreasing phenols content and increasing FPR activity was observed. The obtaineng data indicate that the content of phenols depends inversely on the activity of FPR. The data obtained indicate the important role of reduced ascorbate in the defense of plant cells from low temperature stress.

Shcharbin D. G., Palecz B., Bryszewska M.
The binding of hippuric acid to cationic PAMAM by dendrimers. pp. 64--67

Summary: The binding of hippuric acid to cationic PAMAM G3, G4, G5 and G6 dendrimers was studied using isothermal titration calorimetry and equilibrium dialysis. In bidistilled water the constants of binding (Kb, (mol/l)-1) and the number of molecules of hippuric acid bound by one molecule of dendrimer (n) were: 2.4 ± 1.4 • 104 and 12 ± 3 for PAMAM G3 dendrimer; 3.5 ± 0.6 • 104 and 25 ± 6 for PAMAM G4; 3.3 ± 0.8 • 104 and 50.2 ± 7 for PAMAM G5; 1.74 ± 0.7 • 104 and 109 ± 12 for PAMAM G6 dendrimer.

Mazhul V. M. †, Halets I. V., Charnavets T. S., Shcharbin D. G.
The intramolecular dynamics and conformational state of concanavalin A under the action of detergents. pp. 68--71

Summary: It was shown that the structure of concanavalin A had a comparatively high conformational rigidity with moderately restricted fast and slow intramolecular dynamics (ID). It was found that ionic detergents (sodium deoxycholate, sarcosyl) in concentration range of 0.2--0.6 mM were able to restrict fast and slow ID of Con A. In contrast, the action of non-ionic detergent digitonin results in enchancement of fast and slow ID.

Shcherba V. V., Babitskaya V. G, Puchkova T. A., Osadcaya O. V., Chernook T. V., Filimonova T. V.
Variation of physiologically active compounds content during storage of multi-component biologically active food supplements. pp. 72--76

Summary: It was shown that during 15 months storage of multi-component formulation on the basis of 2 fungi (Lentinus edodes and Ganoderma lucidum) the composition of physiologically active compounds practically doesn't change. At the same time there are a decrease in the maintenance of carotenoids content and lipids oxidation leading significant changes of fatty acids composition on storage of multi-component formulation on the basis of 3 fungi (Lentinus edodes, Ganoderma lucidum and Laetiporus sulphureus) reduction have been demonstrated.

Nadolnik L. I., Lupachik S. V., Chumachenko S. S.
Effect of a month short-term stress exposure on iodide metabolism in the rat thyroid. pp. 77--83

Summary: It was shown that a consequence of the effect of daily 20-min 4-week combined stress is disturbed iodide metabolism in the rat thyroid gland (TG). Elevated thyroid concentrations of total (1.97-fold), protein-bound (1.67-fold) and free (3.10-fold) iodide were found. The 1.92-fold increased free iodide to protein-bound iodide ratio and the 1.18-fold decreased ratio of protein-bound iodide to total iodide (P < 0.05) indicate stress-induced impairment in TG iodide organification. In this situation, 19.8%-increased TBARS concentration and 11.4%-decreased catalase activity (P < 0.05) were noticed. The morphological examination showed partial destruction and depletion of individual follicles, desquamation of thyroid epithelium, microfocal or pronounced lymphocyte infiltrations, with the extent being dependent on the stress duration (1--4 weeks). The mechanisms of the regularities found out laws are of interest for disclasing of the stressfull component to the development of thyroid pathology of various genesis. The authors suggest the disturbances by stressfull in TG function can be the basic component of its ageing and impaired thyroid status.

Litvjak V. V., Moskva V. V., Melsitiva I. V.
The comparative research of structure of natural and physically modified starch. pp. 84--88

Summary: The comparative research of morphological structure of natural (corn and potato) and physically modified (extrusion and swelling or preliminary trausformed into paste) starch have been carried out. It is found as a result of hot extrusion of corn and potato starch there is a basic change of initial morphological structure. The extrusion destroys grains of natural starch with formation of large morphologically uncertain particles. The surface of extrusion starch has a expressed relief. The surface of extrusion corn starch has more advanced structure, than a surface extrusion a potato sample. Rolled potato starch possesses with a porous structure with a non-uniform relief of a surface.

Ryzeuski V. K., Pljuta M. V., Leshchenko A. V., Yermalayeva I. A.
A new fish species in the ichthyofauna on Belarus -- whitefin gudgeon Romanogobio albipinnatus. pp. 89--93

Summary: Reliable differences of the morphometric features of gudgeon Gobio gobio (L.) and whitefin gudgeon Romanogobio albipinnatus (Lucasch), first recorded in the fauna of Belarus, was shown on the basis of the analysis of six meristic and twentyseven plastic features.

Zubei A. V.
The food fish species of the subfossil collection of the archaeological monument Roguchov (r. Dnepr). pp. 94--99.

Summary: Was given species composition of fishes (20 species) on the basis of research of the osteological material from the dig of the settlement Roguchov. The age for 16 species of fish was defined. It was established, that the basic food species for inhabitants of the archaeological monument of ancient town were the Perca fluviatilis L. (27,6% from the general number of scales), Pelecus cultratus (L.) (25,2%) and Esox lucius (L.) (16,7%). Such high share of the subfossil scales of Pelecus cultratus (L.) in the collection of the archaeological monument Roguchov first recorded in the archaeo-ichthyological researches on the territory of Belarus. The fish trade in XV--XVI century basis on older age groups of fish (from 5+ to 14+), in contrast to trade in XX century, when trade load mainly fall on younger age groups of fish (1+ -- 3+).

Roshchina N. N., Khmeleva N. N. †
The diversity of parameters in families of Artemia franciskana Kellog (Crustacea, Anostraca) depending on density of population. pp. 100--103

Summary: Experimental data on diversity of quantitative developmental parameters in the clones of Artemia franciskana Kellog at two stocking densities are presented. Individuals from the same clones have a similar genetic basis and the same age different on the level of variability analyzed parameters. Cumulative characteristics are the most variable. A variation of some of them increases at higher densities. The role of parameters diversity in families as units of a population is discussed. A variability of parameters is one of the mechanisms providing stability of hydrobiont populations in extreme environmental conditions. Results of the study may be used in the development of the Artemia culture.

Sysova E. A.
Phitoperiphyton on Potamogeton natans in different trophy lakes. pp. 104--108

Summary: Layers of phytoperiphyton on Potamogeton natans L. were studied. Tightly and loosely attached periphyton layers don't vary in different trophy lakes. Diatom algae are the basic of tightly and loosely attached phytoperiphyton layers on Potamogeton natans in different trophy lakes. Tightly attached layer is the basic of phytoperiphyton. The same families of algae are dominated in tightly and loosely attached phytoperiphyton layers in mesotrophic and mesoeutrophic lakes.

Sedlovskaya S. M.
Influence ecdysome agonists on the growth and development of Antheraea pernyi. pp. 109--115

Summary: It was established when treating Antheraea pernyi G.-M. caterpillars with 0.1 and 1% solution identified is the toxicity of ecdysone agonists of the group of hydrazines 1,2-bis-(2-metoxybenzoil)-1-threth-butylhydrasine (R-211) and 1-(2 metoxybenzoil)-2-(3-metoxybenzoil)-1-threth- butylhydrasine (R-213). The toxicity is revealed through the total-lot death of specimens within the Ist age. Comparison of the death rates point out the higher toxicity of R-211 and toxicity intensification of 1% solution of both agonists. The l,2-bis-(4-metoxybenzoil)-l-threth-butylhydrasine (R-210) agonists of the same concentration is less toxic. The survived caterpillars are characterized by slower pace of development and zoomass accumulation.

Voronova N. V.
"Open-field" test behavioral profile in rats subjected to neonatal handling or unstressed stimulation of maternal care. pp. 116--120

Summary: During the investigation of the neonatal handling influence on the white rats behavioral profile in the open-field test, the significant lowering of the test animals stress reactivity has been detected. This has been found along with the augmented expression of the exploration behavior with a general rise in moving activity. It was shown that it is possible to reproduce behavioral effects of the neonatal handling by unstressed stimulation of maternal care.



Slobozhanina E. I., Yaronskaya E. B.
15 years to the Belarus public association of photobiologists and biophysicists. pp. 121--122

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