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Proc. of the Natl. Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Ser. Humanitarian Sciences, 2000, No.4

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Proc. of the Natl. Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Ser. Humanitarian Sciences, 2000, No.4

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
(Vestsi Natsiyanalnai Akademii Navuk Belarusi)

Published by The Belaruskaya Navuka Publishing House, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Number 4, 2000

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Stepanishin S.A.
Employment and unemployment during transition to market economic principles. pp. 5--9

Summary: The most pronounced tendencies in the transformation of the Belarus labour market are tracked from the data of social-economic research conducted in 1995--1998. The most effective directions of labour market regulation are defined during analysis of western economic systems. The theoretical model is presented for the structure of manpower streams within labour market.

Baranaw M.P.
Phenomenon of extreme situations: perception of essence and evaluating criteria. pp. 10--17

Summary: The article provides the analysis of essential process characteristics of extreme situations in connection with existential problems of human lite activity. The model of the criterial system eveluating practical extreme incidents is presented.



Korshuk S.M.
Development of land private property legislation in the Republic of Belarus. pp. 18--22

Summary: The formation and development of land property legislation is analyzed in the article. The most important legal acts that fixed land private ownership are discussed: the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus (1996); the 1993 land property law amended in 1997; the land Code of the Republic of Belarus issued in 1999 and some other acts. Special attention is paid to the legislative mechanism of land privatization. The necessity to stipulate in Constitution of the Republic of Belarus the right of citizens to own land plots is substantiated in the article.

Guida A.P.
Functioning of compromise commissions set up by National Assembly of Belarus. pp. 23--29

Summary: The machine of considering and adoption of bills has great importance to the question of increasing quality of laws. The procedure of second considering of bills denied by the Council of the Republic is scrutinized. To solve the disputes between the houses of Parliament there are agreed comission. Specialities of the procedure of considering of bills in agreed comissions of National Meeting is investigated to as well as different ways of solving. The problems of agreed procedures in some foreign countries. Statements on further development and improvement of agreed parliamentary procedures are considering.

Losew S.S.
Copyright law in Civil Code. pp. 30--34

Summary: The article investigates norms regulating copyright relations in the new Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus. It is an attempt of a comparative analysis of the new Civil code norms with the respective provisions of the Law on copyright and related rights in order to reveal new tendencies in modern Belarusian copyright legislation.

Tamashewsky K.L.
The notion and definition of transfer in labour law. pp. 35--39

Summary: The concept and definition of transfer in labour law is analysed. The author considers different points of view on this problem and proposes his own ideas and definitions of transfers. The paper discriminated between transfer, relocation, changing of essential work conditions, business trip and other of labour law categories.



Taranava T.I.
The role of innovative foundations in realizing national modernization strategy. pp. 40--45

Summary: One of significant factors for economic stabilization is development of innovative investment policy. The relevant for Belarus problems related to state support of innovative activity via investment foundations have been raised. Analysis of ministerial/agency foundation reports in 1996--1998 resulted in specific recommendations on pooling and allocating subsidies for National innovative foundation and branch funds.

Tachitskaya I.E.
Principles of elaborating regional export policy. pp. 46--52

Summary: The article substantiates the necessity of improving the status of the region in the system of international competitive relations. The peculiarities of creating the model of regional development based on competitive advantages of territory are examined. Proposala related to regional policy of export development are formulated.

Saladownikaw S.Yu.
Methodological basis of social class category in modem economic concepts. pp. 53--56

Summary: Methodological principles underlying application of social class notion in modem economic theory are analyzed. Social class relations have been characterized. Definition of class atructure in the society is provided and its major constituents are described.



Golovnyov A.I.
Victory of multinational Soviet people in World War II. pp. 57--58

Summary: The article is devoted to 55th anniversary since V-day of Soviet people in World War II.

Myatelsky A.A.
Luchitsy region in XV- XVIII centuries: territory and settlement. pp. 59--66

Summary: The article traces development of the territory and settlement in Luchitsy region of Grand Duchy of Lithuania in XV- XVIII centuries.

Panyutich V.P.
Taxation of Belarusian peasantry in 60s-- 90s of 19 century. pp. 67--73

Summary: In the article the absolute and relative sizes country duties, methods of their distribution and collection, sources of settlement duties, magnitude of arrears of the state taxes from the peasants of Belarus per 60--90 years of 19 centuries on broad statistical, published and archive facts are considered. The reduced datas bear, that the incidence of taxation was in this period huge and excessive for a matrix material of peasantry.



Lewkavets M.M.
The images of dawn and sunset glow in Belarusian charm tradition. pp. 74--81

Summary: The anthropomorphic images of dawn and sunset-glow in Belarusian folk charms are investigated in eastern Slav context.

Rabets T.D.
Specific images of East Slavonic charms. pp. 82--86

Summary: The article, examines different views of ancient people on the diseases, their causes and, in this connection, the ways to prevent them, which is reflected in the images of East-Slavic' charms.

Batyaev V.F.
Agricultural associations of Belarusians in early 20th century. pp. 87--92

Summary: The process of development of agricultural public associations on the territory of Belarus in the first desades of the 20th century is analysed. Their forms, structure, functions, managing bodies, role and place in everyday life of Belarusians are considered.

Sharaya V.M.
Concept of "rod" (gens) in spiritual culture of East Slavs. pp. 93--97

Summary: The concept "rod" (genus) is examined on different levels of its manifestation in the spiritual culture of the Eastern Slavs. The principles of "rod" community are shown as the firml established elements of a traditional ritual. It is proved that images (symbols) of plants in the Eastern Slavonic traditional spiritual culture represent "rod" not just like some static form but also express the principles of its functioning in the wider social environment.



Freud A.I.
Agiagraphy and pilgrimage literature in XVI -- first half of XVII century. pp. 98--101

Summary: Analysis of genre peculiarities of agiagraphical and pilgrimage literature proved that these forms generated new Belarusian literary genre of XVI -- first part of XVII century -- prose memoirs.

Lyawshun L.V.
Outlook of Staphan Zizany. pp. 102--109

Summary: The article attempt to rehabilitate heritage of Stephan Zizany (Kukol) (?--1600). His theological doctrine later claimed as heretic by Noagrod Sinod in 1596 has been analyzed; cultural, historical, social, political reasons behind condemnation of this innocent man have been presented. He entered into annals of Belarusian and Ukrainian cultures as religious freethinker and the time has substantiated his views.

Andreykavets N.Z.
Dramatized story "Anton" by M.Garetsky: man as psychological phenomenon in Belarusian literature. pp. 110--114

Summary: The dramatized story "Anton" by M. Goretsky is regarded as the writer's response to sharp need of Belarusian literature at the beginning of the 20-th century in deep grasp of national life, nature and human essence, insight into the mistery of national character.

Brazgnnow A.U.
West European Romance and genye peculiarities of its Belarusian translations in XVI century. pp. 115--118

Summary: The article examines the genre attribution of the chivalrys romance and its transformation in Belarusian literature of XV--XVI centuries. The author draws a deduction about identity of the terms "Romance" and "tale, story" as applied to the old Belarusian literature.



Germanovich I.К.
Mikhail Romanovich Sudnick as a linguist (To 90th anniversary of his birthaday). pp. 119--123

Summary: The article is devoted to 90th year jubilee of outstanding Belarusian linguist Mikhail Romanovich Sudnick.

Yarmolenka E.V.
Graphical and spelling characteristics of "Chronicle" by M.Stryjkowsky. pp. 124--129

Summary: The article deals with script and orthography of "The Chronicle" by M. Stryjkovsky (early XVII century). Special emphasis is laid on analysis of the graphic means as well as certain graphemes, diacritical and punctuation marks of the literary piece. Orthographic peculiarities of the work are also considered. It is stressed that the language of the chronicle was strongly influenced by the traditional orthography of that time. It is also noted that presence of mixed spelling variants to convey certain sounds and phonetic features reveals the process of gradual substitution of etymological/morphological principle of spelling by the phonetic scheme.

Hartanovich L.G.
Verbal synonyms in "Palesye chronicle" trilogy by I.Melezh. pp. 130--133

Summary: Contextual synonyms of verbs denoting speech have been analysed in the trilogy "Palesye Chronicle" by I.Melezh. Synonymous lines have been presented. We can state that the main condition of verbal synonymization is the context.



Vasilevich R.A.
Victar Ivanavich Semyankow (To 75th anniversary). pp. 134--135
here to read this article in Belarusian (Win1251)

Storazhaw M.V., Semyankow V.I.
Valery Gurievich Tikhinya (To 60th anniversary). p. 136
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Fyadosick A.S.
Historiography of ethnological investigations of Belarusians. pp. 137--138

A list of papers published in the journal "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Humanitarian Sciences Series", 2000. pp. 139--140.

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